Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living in the moment!

Happy Thursday beautiful people!

I'm doing one of my 24hour fasts (started at 8AM) and so I'm feeling super productive and reflective. Yes, that's what no food does to me:)....not bad, hey? I have around a week left of my 12 week transformation challenge with Craig's Turbulance Training. And I'm giving it all I've got!!! Then you get to see a picture of me in a bikini the suspense!!!

Craig is so fantastic, he posts encouraging quotes every day on his facebook fanpage and on his members forum. They are oozing with inspiration, tough love, and reality checks! Seriously, they have kept me going when I doubted myself, was bathing is self pity, wanted to quit, diverted from my goals, felt like I wasn't enough etc etc.

Here is one that he posted recently that I think is so profound and something that I don't do enough in the moment.

"The Secret of Health in both body and mind is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." Buddha

I'm a worrier, plain and simple. But I have gotten 100 times better being with Ryan because he takes on this philosophy without even knowing it, and it has finally rubbed off on me!

Still I find that if I don't nip it in the bud, my mind and emotions wander and I start thinking about the future (and the past) - work, babies (not preggers), school, money, my body, what's for dinner on Friday nigh and on and on it could go! Yet, I have this precious day of which I do not cherish enough and am either trying to hurry time along or to reverse it. I'm not saying I won't set goals or have ambitions, I'm just going to focus more on what I can TODAY to get me there, versus worrying about tomorrow or a week from now (or what I could have done a week ago).

It's not going to be easy for me but I think this will greatly change my perspective and make me see how grand life really is:)

I recently started watching (haven't finished yet) The Age Of Stupid (watch the trailer here) and they featured a girl in Africa who had been devastatingly affected by the work of Shell. She so badly wanted to get out of Africa and move to America to wear "nice clothes" and get an education. Then she said something like If I lived in America I would never want to die. She was referring to the bounty of EVERYTHING we have here in the Americas. And she's right.

So then why do I worry? Because I'm not living in the moment and grateful for this amazing life.

So...RIGHT NOW I'm grateful for:

Coffee - I have access to amazing organic coffee (helping me get through my fast)

Craig Ballentyne - for being so dedicated to helping people succeed in fat loss and to just becoming a better person

Internet - I can literally get a degree from all the amazing information out there and it has benefited my life in extraordinary ways

My body - For being able to carry me through life so effortlessly - even when I torment it or don't love it unconditionally.

***I'm always grateful for my love, my family, my health..I'm just living in the moment and those are what came to me right then and there.

PS I have this spare room that is probably going to be vacant for awhile so I was thinking of loading the walls with inspirational quotes and pictures. It's going to be my vision WALL! What do you think?
PPS I thought I would finish this post with some beautiful sweet pea blossoms that I picked from my work garden. They are so vibrant and fragrant. The area around my desk smells so yummy:)

Have a wonderful day...and let's try to live in the moment:)


evergreen said...

The sweet pea blossoms are so beautiful! Good luck with your fast, and the plan for the spare room sounds beautiful!

Kris | said...

You are gorgeous inside and out! Your body is going to love your fast and you will feel so connected ;) Lol, who am I to talk, I have never done one!

What organic coffee do you drink??


Nelly said...

i truly from the bottom of my heart admire you...and wish you lived i would love to hang out with you...

i too am a worrier...i worry about everything...feel guilty about everything...and just think too much!

have a beautiful weekend my friend...and can't wait to see the bikini pics... ;)

Melissa said...

Hey Angela - Thank you hun! I can't wait to get started. The hubs is working tomorrow so maybe while he is gone I'll "decorate" it..te he!

Hey Kris - Thank you lovely!! You are too sweet! Fasting totally makes me connected. You should try it:) lol! I know, I know I wouldn't want to too if I had access to chocolate covered goji's :)
PS I drink Oso Negro coffee-the stuff from Nelson. We picked up a bunch before we left...getting low now though and just found out you can order online...yay. (just search Oso Negro in google)

Hey Nelly - so I'm not the only worry wart:) I would love to hang out too!! Have a wonderful weekend too!!

Laury @The FitnessDish said...

I love this post. The idea of filling a space with inspirational quotes is so great! If I tried to fast, I would be cranky as heck, haha...but I wish you the best, I hope you are doing it as safe as poss! Look forward to hearing about it!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a worrier as well. I often wonder about all the time I waste as I sit and overthink every miniscule detail of my life. I worry about everything and I've always been that way, even as a little kid. Thanks for this post- I will try to live in the moment. Although it is easier said than done. I have a lifetime's worth of practice of worrying!

I love your idea of a vision wall. I think I might do something like that in my apartment! First I am going to clean it top to bottom, and then I am going to make a vision wall. It could be tricky, because I'm a renter not an owner...but I'll find a way.

Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you have a great weekend xo

bitt said...

love the blossoms. they do always smell lovely.

being sick has helped me live in the moment. i enjoy things when i feel well and try not to stress about the future.

kelli said...

wow, those blossoms are so pretty! flowers help me live in the moment. must be why i have a toughter time in the winter!=)

aletheia said...

Sweet pea is one of my favourite scents! Bath and Body works makes an incredible sweet pea scented line. <3

Best wishes for the TT contest -- ahhh! Exciting :D AND yes, I'm all for living in the moment ;)

xo Aletheia