Thursday, July 8, 2010

Market Finds and salad frenzy!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Phew! It's another hot one here today. At 7AM it was 19 degrees! Yet, you know how cool and crisp the summer mornings are? I really love this time - for running, working out, reflection, whatever really. I think there is something about the morning freshness that makes me feel empowered (especially knowing I better get moving because in a couple of hours I'm going to be a sweaty mess LOL).

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to check out my local market, and I did!! It's pretty small but it still had some great vendors.

I bought a lot of produce from this vendor. The farm is essentially a coop. You pay (a lot) and become a member/part owner of the farm and you get all the veggies you could eat.

Organic beets, organic carrots, cucumbers, mini-bell peppers (hothouse),
tomatoes, local clover honey

Mmmm raw honey:)

And these two organically grown plant babies. Some more kale because apparently 12 plants isn't enough for this household!! And chamomile because I love adding different herbs to the garden. I want to make chamomile tea and maybe some beauty products!

Not bad for $20! I found some of the vendors were a bit unrealistic in their pricing. Especially when a vendor just down the way had the same produce for a lower price. Oh well, their loss I guess. I did talk to a few raspberry vendors and one said to call to see about bulk pricing. I called her when I got home and she said that she would call me if there were some left from the market. In the mean time, I created 3 salads for dinner.

I heard so much great stuff about the massaged kale salad that I decided to give it a go. I went with Gena's recipe as I did it on the fly and her recipe came up on my google search. I know she is a trusted resource for yumminess:)
Baby kale from the garden:)

This salad was pretty good. It needed something though and I'm not sure
if it was more avocado or more spice!
What is your go-to massaged kale salad?

Next up is one of my favorite salads, especially when its scorching outside.
Tomato, cucumber, onion, and sprouts (optional) drizzled with some EVOO and vinegar (I used rice) and topped off with some sea salt and pepper. Mmmm!!
The third salad you have seen already but its so good that I thought I should put it the spotlight again!

Tabouli!! I just love this salad. It is summer in a bowl!
After eating up all this fresh goodness, I got the call saying there were some berries left if I was still interested. Well, I jumped in my car lickedy-split and headed over to their farm (5 minutes away) and scooped up 5 lbs of raspberries and 5lbs of blueberries. I'm in HEAVEN!! I love fresh berries so much:)


They are so delish and not sprayed!! Wahoo! I plan on getting a ton more for freezing over the winter. Why not? They are literally in my back door and cheaper than buying the frozen stuff every week!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!! I'm going to the okanagan for a weekend of digging my feet in the sand and soaking up the rays. Hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend! I may be back to post tomorrow, if not I'll talk to you all on Monday!



aletheia said...


I just went to a farmer's market today and bought the most beautiful romaine lettuce evah. I know romaine is not too fancy schmancy, but when it's local, it's ALWAYS super good. Right? :-)

xo Aletheia

Kelsey said...

i made a salad SO similar to that, i'll probably post it tomorrow!

i ALWAYS pick up honey at the market- its the best kind isnt it!! they always make the most delicious :)


Anonymous said...

Your market finds look so delicious! I am in love with berries...I might marry them. I think they would make better husbands than most of the men I've dated. (haha)
In all seriousness though...
I love all your fresh fruits and veggies! I need to make a trip to the farmer's market stat. And your salads look delicious.
I hope you are having a great week lovely. <3

Cosmic said...

mmm mmm yummy!


evergreen said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful market finds! Everything looks delish.

My favorite kale salad is the one with creamy chipotle dressing, tomato and hemp from Russell James:)

HiHoRosie said...

Wow, everything looks so delicious!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE farmers markets!!!! Everything looks soooooo good! Especially the honey! Mmmm!

kelli said...

yummmm! i love massaged kale salad. i add olives and pickles to mine - it's heaven!