Friday, July 30, 2010

Kale chipies plus fruit overload

Happy Friday!

I am so happy for the weekend!! I'm planning on doing some blueberry picking with my mom and some of my aunts, some gardening, kitchie time, and just all around chillaxing! What's this weekend hold for you? In Canada it's a long weekend but I'm actually going to be working on the Monday in exchange for next Monday. My SIL wants to make a trip up to the Okanagan so we did a little switharoo with the holiday. Anywho, today I wanted to share with you my kale chips that I made the other day. You saw my kale forest, right? So, ya I've been on a mission to keep up with its crazy growing cycle! I don't have a dehydrator so I'm making them in my oven on the lowest setting with the door open. It works pretty good but ultimately I would love to have 9 trays all going at once:) I used two different recipes just to get a "feel" of the flavors. The first was Meghan Telpner's Spicy Thai Ginger Chips except I made them without the ginger because I forgot to pick some up and I used soy sauce(didn't have any tamari! Oh boy these were amazing..yum! I love the thicker almond butter coating that was on the chips..Mmm. Need to make more for sure!!!

Oh baby!! If you have a veggie-hating member of your family. Feed them these..they will beg for more!

I think kale chips are beautiful? Is that weird. It's something about them that reminds me of leaves in fall (which I LOVE)..sorry to say the "f" word already LOL!

For the second variety I went with a more basic recipe from Susan at Rawmazing which involved olive oil, garlic, and thyme. These were okay but I felt like the flavors weren't as strong as I would have liked them to be. If you like mild flavored chips, these are for you.

What are your go-to kale chip recipes? I have a ton of kale so I can't wait to try every variety of flavor possible! Except BBQ or ketchup, they don't turn my flavor crank:)

I did go picking raspberries yesterday! It was hot but oh so worth it. Are you sick and tired of hearing about my love affair with local fruit? I hope not because we are just getting more into tree fruit season. I mean berries touch my soul but peaches...oh man it's another level! So check out my stash that ended up at my house last night.

Of course I went with the standard rule....2 in the mouth, 1 in the bucket. Oh so yummy! This farm doesn't use any sprays so I was a happy camper:) These babies are going into my smoothies and into my freezer for the winter months. My freezer is slowly getting fuller..its almost time for one of those stand alone freezers. The hubby laughs when I say I need one for all the blueberries and other fruits I want to I'm quite serious!

Mom picked me up some of the biggest cherries I have ever seen! She is down to pick blueberries for herself and some of my family back home. Yes, the blueberry obsession is in the genes! I knew it!

It filled up the whole camera screen!!!

Last , but definitely not least, the beautiful, juicy...Mrs. Peach!! Oh how I have been waiting for you to visit:)

These are certified organic peaches!! So delicious:) Yes, I eat them with the "fuzz" on!

The whole gang! I picked all those raspberries (with my mom and aunt's help) and they came out to $16. Perfect! The peaches were $20 and the cherries $18. Considering they don't last long and I'm going to be preserving them for the winter, I think it's a great deal!

Have the most beautiful weekend everyone!!

PS The awesome Katie is having an amazing giveaway. Check out her blog. Especially if you are a lover of P90x and Insanity...she has quite the humorous tale to tell about these workouts!

Here's a fun song to get you in the mood for the weekend!


bitt said...

everything looks so delicious!!! yum.

kelli said...

i looooove kale chippies! you're right - everyone loves them! my favorite way to make them is with a little olive oil, agave, and salt. my second fave way is nelly's nacho cheeze recipe. they were a big hit with the omnis and i just can't stop eating them. they're only 2nd because they require more work on my part!=)

love all your fruit - great deal for all that organic produce!

have a fabulous weekend girlie!


evergreen said...

This post is making me hungry! My favorite kale chip is the popular 'cheesy' version...can't get enough of those babies:)

Have a great weekend, even though you are working Monday!

Nikki said...

Yes, kale chips are so beautiful! And I will never tire of photos of local fruit. What a nice haul you made! Keep it coming :)

aletheia said...

You know what I actually love doing?

Making kale chips -- aka the dressing, and massaging it into kale -- and then NOT dehydrating it. Lol. I guess they're not really chips then, but just a really, really really tasty salad. Hahahah. Delish!!

xoxo Aletheia

HiHoRosie said...

Yummy yummy! Love peaches! And cherries! And everything! I've got Averie's cheezy kale chips in the D now. I have a 9-tray so I was going to do two kinds at once but the kale is so fluffy to start I can only do one at a time or after it shrinks a bit I'll do the next one. Can't wait to eat them!!!

Nelly said...

ohhhhhhh i need kale chippies...NOW!!!! love your you!!! i would say my version with chipotle powder is divine...

love you, hope you're enjoying your monday and i hope you had a lovely weekend!!


Lori- what runs lori said...

Wow. Those fruits look amazing! I love summer for the fresh fruits/veggies alone! Yum.
Those kale chips look stunning, by the way, love them!
And the song... I'm totally into him right now- at least his newest songs. I really like them. Totally gets you in the mood to dance! Can't go wrong with that!

shesarunner said...

I love kale chips too! My favourite way to make them is either cheesy (which seems to be very popular...) or sea salt and vinegar. Both very good!
Your fruity pictures are making me drool. I could live off of just fresh fruit right is so good at this time.

Maggie (livingfoodjunkie) said...

Wow, those are great deals for the fruits! I've been wanting to find a u-pick farm around my area, since the one I used to go to was sold and no longer u-pick :( You totally encouraged me to go find another though! :D