Monday, June 13, 2011

A quick hello!

Hello Beautiful people!!

                   How are you all doing? I've missed my little community here but I really needed the time away. I've done a ton of reflecting about me and I found I really haven't resolved some serious issues with my thoughts and my self confidence.

So, I finally made the time to contact someone to help me truly come to a place of peace. I found an EFT master in my area and have started getting to the root of my negative self image. The first session blew me away as we started to "peel the onion" of my thoughts! I'm very eager to continue digging deeper into my thought pattens because I KNOW these are what I use to hold me back from multiple joys in my life.

So what does this mean for the blog? This means I'm changing my focus. I want to focus more on the deeper stuff, the thoughts (good and bad), the actions (or lack thereof), and the feelings. I want to motivate you to take the journey of healing with me.

I also will be focusing more on fitness as it is a great love in my life. Training will begin in July for a half marathon in October and I want to share that journey with you.
Hey, let's train for something amazing together!

I will not be featuring food as often. Food blogging was a trigger for negative thought patterns.I didn't want to admit it but it was. I've cut down reading a lot of blogs that only feature food because it's too much for me right now. I still love you all though, don't forget that:)

So, that's my "quick" update! The format is also going to be changing. I'm going to try vlogging as I really like talking but not so much writing:). Phew! It's going to be interesting for sure!!

I plan to be back in full swing in a couple of weeks. I have one more exam to study for and I need all my mental focus for it.

Thank you for your support and hope to see you all in July!! XOXO