Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mail find, scape crazy, and lid-less blender!

Hello everyone!!

How are you doing this hump day? Wait!! What's that in the sky? NOTHING...but the sun:)
It is officially summer here in BC. Seriously, it's about time. It literally went from 17-20 degrees to 28-30 degrees overnight! It's crazy hot but I'm loving it! I love getting my tan on in the summer. Yet, Ontario is in a major heat wave right now so I feel for you guys. Hope you get relief soon:)

I was so lucky to receive a package in the mail the other day that was just so full of love!

I was one of the lucky winners of the giveaway from the gorgeous Nelly!! I've heard such great things about this book and so I'm super excited to try it all!! I've been reading it from the beginning because I don't want to miss anything. Let's face it, I'm a newbie and Ani's a super pro raw foodie, so she has a lot to teach me! Ry has already eyed the pancakes and I've eyed the quinoa pilaf..yet, every recipe sounds amazing. Maybe I should just start making the recipes in order?? I would be eating amazing raw food FOREVER!! Ahh..bliss! I've only read the intro section and it feels like she is talking to a friend. She speaks so humbly and with such gratitude that it really made me realize we are so lucky over here in the Americas.

Thank you Nelly:) PS she is having another amazing giveaway so check out her super blog!

This week my work had to harvest the garlic scapes in order to force the garlic to put more nutrients into the bulbs:) (PS we are trialing some organic soils so we have a huge veggie garden..I know its pretty amazing!) So, that meant I got to take a bunch home to play around with in the kitchie! I happen to know another lovely lady is scape crazy too! So, I took some inspiration from her and fried up the scapes

I had the quinoa already cooked so I just fried the scapes for a couple minutes in some coconut oil. Then I added some sea salt and pepper. They were super yummy! I want to try Angela's approach and chop up the skapes in a processor and add them to vegetable broth and cook it along with the quinoa. I loved Angela's scape photo's so I decided to join in and take a few of my own!

I call this the "scape"-tooth!!

I love this photo. I'm no pro photo taker so when a pictures turns out so clear it makes me want to know how I did it HAHA! Oh well, the experimentation continues!

Have you used garlic scapes before? What did you make? I find the flavor is a lot milder compared to the bulbs. So if you find garlic too powerful this may be just for you!
Lately for lunch I've been making a green smoothie. During the holiday last week I took my blender home and made smoothies over the weekend. Well, I was in a hurry on Monday and I put all the blender parts in a bag and rushed out the door. I got to work and discovered I missed a vital part of the whole smoothie equation - the lid! Now, because I only brought alone ingredients for a smoothie I was determined to make it work so I wouldn't have to skip lunch. I first thought putting just a simple lid across it would be alright but oh boy was I wrong. I splattered semi-processed spinach everywhere -the carpet, drawers, microwave. Not fun! Then my brain finally clicked in and put this contraption together:

A simple ziplock bag with some elastics.

A rather ugly looking contraption but it kept my smoothie IN the blender and that's all that mattered.

Have you had a lid-less blender experience? Do tell!

Have a wonderful day!! I'm going to check out my local farmer's market and hopefully I'll pick up some interesting goodies:)

Question of the Day

Do you spend a set amount of money at the market? Or do you take out $100 and see what happens? I would love to be the latter but I have other responsibilities besides food (bummer!) and so its $20 spending money for me!


bitt said...

Omg, how clever of you to rig that up!

I do tend to spend more based on the season. Like when berries are available I go to town. I usually bring between $20-30 and spend most of it. I refuse to pay more than I would at the grocery store though. So I will hold out for better prices.

Nelly said...

i love're gorgeous my girl!!!

did you get a tan that quickly??? haha!!! you look super it!!!

i truly hope you love the book!!! it's pretty amazing...i should actually take a pic of mine it's filled to the brim with pink post its...

i've never tried the garlic scapes...haven't had the pleasure of crossing paths with them...but if i do...i'll pick some up...

you are sooooo lucky to work where you do...i went to this organic veggie wholesaler the other day and i was given a tour of the place, hair net and all...and i was just so envious of these guys...they get to work with such beautiful veggies everyday...and in the heatwave (ontario) working in a fridge ain't so bad, right??? hehe!

anywho have a BEAUTIFUL night my love...

Melissa said...

Hey Bit!! - Te you know what to do if you lose the!
I totally agree about paying more compared to the grocery store. Sometimes I can find the same organic produce for cheaper which I don't think should be the case at the markets but oh well!

I sat out in the sun for around 20 minutes..yep, I tan super fast!
Post-its..that's what I need!! I can see that happening in my future for sure:)
Organic wholesaler? Cool! Oh I know..there is something so special about quality, organic definitely gives off great vibes! Yes!! A fridge would be perfect LOL.
Have a beautiful day too lovely!! stay cool.

aletheia said...


Your blender looks like it's in major distress. AHAHAHAHA. You know you're desperate to blend when... :P
However, a green girl's gotta do what a green girl's gotta do, right? <3

I LOOOVE Ani Phyo (the asian bias, I'm afraid) but have yet to get my hands on any of her books! Ack! I've only heard good things though. :D

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of your Ani Phyo book! I am truly a newbie in terms of creativity with raw foods. I eat my raw foods but in the simplest form ie: raw fruits and veggies. I would love to experiment a little more! I have been meaning to pick up the Ani books...I will do so soon. Can't wait to see what you make!

And no, I don't spend a set amount of money at the market. I'm so bad with money. I don't even look at prices and I end up spending WAY more than I intended to, which really hurts me in the end financially...I have to work on that!

HiHoRosie said...

Congrats on your Ani win! So cool! She has so many awesome recipes I want to try all at once!

Nice lid. :) Hey, whatever works is what I say. I haven't lost a lid but have worked w/o one by accident. Made a mess too. whoopsie!

Haven't tried garlic scapes. We garden at a community garden and I see them in just about every other plot. I should ask for some. ;)

kelli said...

mmm that quinoa salad looks delish! love the photo of you too.=)

the farmer's markets around me don't sell too much organic, so i don't spend much when i'm there. i paid a lump sum for the organic csa i joined back in the winter. it felt like a lot of money at the time, but now i just fill my basket and go! it's great!