Friday, February 25, 2011

Digging a little Deeper

Howdy folks!! Happy Friday. I do not remember Mon, Tues, or's all a blur. It is fun when the end of the week feels like a Tuesday:)

I'm not just crazy at work, I've got my organic chem final in two weeks. Eek!! I'm trying to start early and avoid the major cram sessions that I usually ended up doing in university. It's good practice as I will not be cramming for ND school.

Being organized is a big help too!! I took a couple of hours and organized everything into this binder for easy access. I love it already! I'm not done "tabbing" everything yet but once I'm through it's going to be perfecto!! Hopefully this will lead to a near "perfecto" final:)

This is a whole different ball game. People's HEALTH are at stake and so I really need to get into a habit and a studying flow that works for me. I have a few things in mind already and so once it gets closer ( only 193 days!!! Yes, I checked:) to the start I'll lay out my plan!

Alrighty so today I wanted to share some food goodies with you and have a chat about my blog content.

Wa-bam!! Yes, this thing is actually edible! It's a breakfast cookie from the lovely fitnessista. This breakfast rocked my world. You're probably thinking, that big blob got your all riled up? Why yes, it's true.

I love the consistency (you know that's a big deal) and how customizable it is. Oh and it's delish too:)

My cookie :

1/3 cup buckwheat groats, ground into a flour
1 full scoop chocolate hemp protein powder
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 banana
1 tbl raisins
1 tbl chia seeds
unsweetened coconut

I'm excited to try out different combos! Have you ever made Gina's breakfast cookie?

These beauties were made on Valentine's attempt #2!! As you can see I was impatient and didn't wait until it was completely frozen. Yum!!

The filling had almond butter, chia seeds, bee pollen, half scoop protein powder, unsweetened coconut. These were divine.

I know Nelly made some chocolate love too. Hi doll!!

Brain food!! I love mixing my foods together. I'm the one at the table on thanksgiving mixing the corn, peas, sweet potatoes, and whatever there is into one big mess..amazing!

The above has kale, cucumber, peppers, peas, avo, chickpeas, pickled beets, sauerkraut, and left over roasted veggies. I topped it off with an interesting dressing, if you want to call it that.

Trust me it's delicious! Just mix a tablespoon tahini with 1/2 cup salsa. I love it with salads (plus a dash of balsamic!) and with roasted veggies.

Dessert was protein pudding! 1 avocado, 1/2 cup blueberries ( I used frozen), carob or cacao to your liking, 1/2 scoop protein powder, stevia, water, and a touch of Cinnamon. Topped with shredded coconut and cacao nibs:)

There you have it, a sugar-free dessert to try out this weekend!! I guarantee you will love it:)

Now for some green!!

What's that under those paper towels?

Or under the grow light at work:)
 I work in the horticulture industry just in case you were wondering!

Wheatgrass babies!!! I am so ready for some fresh wheatgrass juice.
I did a post on the easy process to grow your own grow light required! Check it out!

PS I am quite amazed at the difference in growth between the wheatgrass grown under natural light (sunlight) versus the grow lamps. The wheatgrass under the grow lamps is double the size to that of the natural light babies. Interesting hey?

Watching these sprouts take off has me itching to start gardening again!  Or maybe it's all the seeds we just received for the garden at work.

All organic or heirloom seeds...sigh:)

This Weeks Goal

I've been bodyrockin' this week and it's been fun. Yet I feel sometimes that it's not enough. I don't have the strength that Zuzana and so I can't get in a ton of reps. I know it is still rocking my body pretty hard but I think the workouts need to be included along with a resistance program that uses some weights. That's my opinion, anyways. Also I'm a little nervous during her workouts as there is a lot of jumping and it's a lot of impact on my knees. I've been pretty good lately but a couple months back when I was only doing bodyrock workouts consistently for weeks my left knee starting going out again. When I was doing resistance training with weights along with HIIT, I rarely had an incident. So, I think the bodyrock workouts aren't a good workout for me to do everyday. But they definitely will be in my workout arsenal.

Besides that I've been enjoying my week and have discovered one of my favorite exercise combos to date:

Rollover Comando pushups

I'm amazed at how much stronger I am now compared to a few months ago. Progress, baby!!

Blog Content

Okay I want to be completely honest, I feel like I've been just going with the motions and have not really pushed my little blog to the place where I envisioned it to go. I'm not talking about being "famous" on the sphere, I'm talking about creating content that is more than my weekend or endless salad combos. I want conversation, I want to share new things with you that I learn, talk more about issues that I'm truly passionate about (besides food that is:). I know right now it's a crazy busy time for me but in a few weeks my exam will be over and work will have settled down into a more manageable pace.
So watch out folks, I'm going to be digging a little deeper in regards to content and getting my creative juices flowing again. It will always be fun though because that's the way I want it to be!

PS Katie shared this super cool website today on her much fun! It's called Wordle. have to check it out. I've been looking for something like this as wall art using my wedding vows:)

Here's mine after I entered in my blog URL:

Fun hey? I used "organic carrot" for the colors and "grilled cheese BTN" for the font! I see myself spending some quality time on this site for sure:) Yes, it's free folks!

Love you guys!!

Hope you have a rocking weekend and do tons of fun stuff.

I'm off to visit my grams and some other family. Then Saturday is all business, chemistry business that is. Sunday I have a baby shower to go to but I'm sure I'll be fitting in some fun stuff in between:)

It's March next week...yay!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend swag and goals!

Hello all!!

        Hope you have had a great week so far! I'm smokin' busy this time of year as this is when we experience our big orders at work. Days are flying by which is nice:)

But I wanted to share with you the experience and swag I received at The Wellness Show on Sunday. I was quite impressed by the show! Lots of great vendors and even better, lots of samples! I didn't take any photos. It was super busy and I was focused...on sampling lol!

Some of my faves were :
Larabar, Choices Market, Vega, Mumm's sprouting Seeds, Manitoba Harvest, Denman Island Chocolate, Salba Seed, and Hemp Bliss. 

Some interesting products/companies were: 
Grounding technology, naturopathic spa company, vibrating fitness equipment, and chia seed oil

Do you like attending big tradeshows with a bunch of vendors under one roof? I love seeing the public exposed to plant-based foods and natural products that they would not likely buy on their own. Products that can really help people become healthier!!

So what did I pick up? sprouting seeds and chocolate:)
 I learned from the mumm's representative that I was soaking my broccoli sprouts for too long and that's why I wasn't getting the full growth out of them. 4 hours max for those little guys!! Want some more info on broccoli sprouts and sprouting in general? Check out an older post here. I LOVE sprouts.

Super easy, super cheap, super nutritious. What more could you ask for?

These are lentil sprouts that I'm "greening" on my window sill. When I say "greening" I mean exposing the sprouts to the sun which will help these little guys develop chlorophyll. It just means more nutrition for me:) Yipee!

Now it's chocolate time...

Denman Island Chocolate is amazing stuff. I've tried their chocolate before and really love it. Denman Island is one of the Gulf Islands located between the mainland and Vancouver Island. So, it's pretty local!! 

At the show we tried their raspberry and rosemary varieties. I thought the rosemary and chocolate combo  wasn't too bad. I think it's a flavor that would actually grow on me the more I tried it. The raspberry was awesome. We ended up buying a raspberry and a mint bar. I simply can't pass up a mint chocolate bar it is my weakness favorite.

What's the strangest chocolate flavor you have tried?

Some of the swag from the show!

Salba Seed, Sunbutter Sunflower seed butter, organic shampoo and conditioner. Products like the Old Dutch potato chips, chicken stock, and the Et Tu Caesar pack aren't really health foods in my books. Yet you can't be choosy with sway bags unfortunately!

All in all, I had a great time at the show.
I was able to sample some new products too which is always a great!
I feel it's really important for me to keep up on what's new and exciting in the field of health and wellness.
I will soon enough be emerged in the field and want to be able to pass along the info to my future patients:)
Goal for this week

I am setting mini-challenges for myself and this week's challenge is to complete one week of workouts and exercise challenges! I already goofed up and started on an exercise challenge day when it should have been a full workout day. Oops. Today was the Quantum of Sweat workout. Awesome!! This mini-challenges are not just challenges on their own, they are part of a bigger goal to see my abs by August! I think it's more fun and more motivating to break up a big goal into smaller "bites." This way you feel like you have achieved something amazing every week.

Anyone have a goal this week??

Have a great night!! I'm off to finish watching Biggest Loser. I know, great television, right?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Why you should bathe in salt!

Oh baby should you ever bath in salt. But hold it right there! Don't start pouring your precious truffle salt or Himalayan salt into your bath water. For once there is a cheaper option available!

I'm talking about MgS04, magnesium sulfate, or best known as, Epsom Salt! The name came from the town of Epsom in Surrey, England where the salt was distilled from springs.

So let's break it down and see why Epsom salt is pure amazing-ness!


1. An electrolyte, helping to ensure proper muscle, nerve, and enzyme function
2. Needed for the proper use of calcium in our cells
3. Lowers blood pressure
4. Protects the elasticity of the blood vessels
It is heart month after all:)

5. Increases the effectiveness of insulin
6. Reduces inflammation and relieves pain


1. Needed for the formation of brain tissues, joint proteins, and mucin proteins that are lining the digestive tract
2. Stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes
3. Helps to detoxify the body's residue of medicines and environmental contaminants

Here I thought these salts were only for sore muscles!


Magnesium can be absorbed through the digestive tract but many foods, drugs, and medical conditions can interfere with it's effectiveness. The best method of delivery has been found to be through soaking in water. Here's a great excuse to take a bath!

Sulfates have a similar problem, they do not absorb well from our diet. Yet, a highly effective method of delivery is through the skin.

Uses and Applications

Relaxing Bath - Draw a bath and add in 2 cups of epsom salts. Enjoy!

Foot Soak - A great way to soothe sore feet, get rid of odor, and soften the skin. Get a good size bucket that will fit your tender tootsies, add in 1/2 cup epsom salts and maybe some of your favorite essential oils.

Splinter Removal- Soak in an epsom salt bath and it will draw out the splinter.

Skin Exfoliator - Massage a handful of epsom salt over the entire body and then take a bath or shower to rinse.

Plant Love - As we are entering spring, epsom salts even has some uses in the garden. It produces more flowers and chlorophyll. It also helps seeds germinate faster. I'm going to try this and report back to you!

I picked up some epsom salt this past weekend and I'm going to use it tonight after my workout!
Have you tried epsom salt before? Have I convinced you to take a good soak in the tub?

Have an awesome weekend everyone! I'm off for a run and then I'm going to try Zuzana's exercise challenges. Then I'm taking a bath!!
I'm also going to the big Wellness show downtown too which will be a ton of fun. I'm excited to talk to the reps of my favorite products!

Lots of love, Melissa!!

Epsom Salt Council

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take Two

Happy Tuesday all,

          How was Valentine's night? Mine  was, well, blah. We ended up having a little "tiff" and so it wasn't the most happiest night ever. But hey, that's life and you grow from it. It's all good now, just in case you were wondering:)

We are having dinner #2 tonight and who can argue against that:) Besides I'm excited to try some different recipes tonight anyways. Plus I'm so making another chocolate dessert which in itself is worth it right there lol!

Take 1...

A simple salad with dried cranberries, apples, sunflower seeds, spinach, cucumber, NOOCH, and hemp seeds served with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Angela's 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. This was okay but I screwed up by mis-reading the recipe. I thought I was supposed to cook the sauce when in fact I was only supposed to put all the ingredients in the food processor. Oops! I think I cooked most some of the flavor out of it so I'll have to give it another try sometime.

The other half of the pasta went into a standard tomato sauce...from a jar...eek!! It was good and together with the avo pasta it was quite tasty.

Dessert was banana softserve with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. The cookie dough balls were good but I used quinoa flour which was a bit too strong for this cookie. I think dipping them in chocolate would have made them amazing. Should have gone with my gut haha!

Now for some interesting eats! My mom just returned from Kona, Hawaii and brought back some pressies:)

Macadamia nuts!!!

These babies sure do have a hard shell. Ry tried to crack one with the nutcracker but nearly got a sprain lol! A hammer is indeed a requirement

I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it's going to be awesome!

If you look closely you can see that it contains 21.5 grams fat per 28 ounces.
This one is definitely an "in major moderation" butter")

Macadamia Nut Blossom honey:)

I'm not a big fan of energy shots or whatever other names they come up with, but I'll try a sip.

I'm going to go for a run today after work! How are you moving your body today?
PS I tried Jillian's 30 Day Shred Level 2 yesterday and it was awesome!

Have a great rest of your day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

7 lives

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

            I know its a commercial holiday, but it doesn't hurt to have more love in the world right? I think Valentines should be more than giving your sweetheart a chocolate heart, it should be about loving ourselves and all the special people in our lives. That includes you my lovely readers♥

Ry and I don't go all out on V-day. We might go and workout together which NEVER happens so that should be fun:) I will most likely make him a meal that he loves and some kind of chocolate dessert for us to share. Time together is very precious and because it's been pretty limited lately, I'm happy with staying home and getting in some quality snuggle time:)

Anyone going big today?

I'm rather giddy today for another reason. Guess who came home yesterday?


Ryan was up at 6:30 getting ready to go to work and he opened the door to let Nemo outside and I heard this high pitched meow right after. Then heavy footsteps up the stairs. Ry came around the corner and said "look who's home" and put Oddie on the bed. It was surreal. Okay, maybe it was because I was still asleep. But you look and you look for the little guy EVERYWHERE and you almost give up hope and then BAM he's at the front door. I'm so happy!!! I did a lot of crying on the weekend which left me feeling pretty drained so I'm elated that he's home!! Oddie is fine, no injuries. He did have some black soot or oil on his neck so he most likely was hiding under a car for awhile. He ate and he ate and then had a long nap with Nemo:) I guess 5 days in the "wild" will do that to you. I tried to get in some studying last night but he just couldn't stop snuggling and giving me kisses:)

And this morning Oddie is at the vet to get snipped and to get a tattoo. I'm not messing around now that I've been given a second chance to make it right! He is now down 2 lives!! I'm coming to think that the saying, cats have 9 lives, is true.

This pict was taken in my office as he had to come with me to work before going to see the doc!

 On Sunday morning I went for a run and took down all the posters I had put up in the hood. One guy I talked to said that he was looking out for him but he was concerned because there have been quite a few coyotes in the neighborhood recently. Eeeek!

Question for all you pet owners out there. Do you vaccinate according to what the vet suggests or do you have your own schedule? The vet is requesting Nemo and Oddie get over $100 worth of shots each and I'm a little skeptical if they need that much. Also, I'm getting Oddie tattooed but Nemo has a chip. My logic tells me that people are more apt to bring an animal to a shelter if they see a tattoo. Since they cannot see the chip, they might just think it's a stray and keep them:( What are your thoughts.

Also Nemo and Oddie LOVE to be outside and so I don't think I could ever deny them that. Some people said to keep them indoors from now on but I just don't think it's fair to them especially since they are used to being indoors AND outdoors. They are inside when we are at work or on big outings but in the morning and afternoon when I get home they make their rounds. Oddie usually following Nemo which is good because Nemo stays close by.

Moving onto blog related stuff, I just wanted to thank you for reading and commenting as I know my posts have been pretty erratic and the content not too exciting. Love you all!! Lately tons of ideas for posts have been popping up in my mind so I'm going to pumping out some good reads soon. These will include, but are not limited to, new fitness ideas, gardening, crafts, juicing, running, travel, races etc etc! Of course food is going to be a topic I'll never stop talking about:)  I'm very excited!

Have a great rest of your V-day and don't forget to do something for yourself today! You deserve it:)

Coming up tomorrow: Hawaiian treats and V-day re-cap:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just when I "needed" the sugar, I go sugar free!

Howdy folks,

           I apologize for the absence as I have had an insane week. I was asked last minute to attend a trade show for two days and then yesterday I was at work from 7AM to 7:30PM working on a report. Plus there is some sad news regarding Oddie that is really tearing me apart.

Oddie has disappeared. We let him out a couple of days ago with Nemo for their morning bathroom break. We have done this for awhile now and they always hang out and come in after sniffing all the new scents in the backyard. Well, Nemo came inside but Oddie was nowhere. We have taught him to come by whistling and tried this for nearly an hour but nothing. I came home from work and whistled some more and looked around but I couldn't see him anywhere. We talked to our neighbor who said that she saw him and Nemo in the morning together. I feel terrible. I feel like a terrible owner for letting him outside in the first place as he is still intact. He was to get neutered this weekend. I feel like a terrible person for not getting him tattooed yet. Again this weekend was supposed to take care of all of that.

I do feel it is highly unusual for him to take off like that. So, it is possible that he caught the scent of a female in heat. He is also very skiddish so it's unlikely that he would just walk up to someone and they would take him in kind of thing. I have contacted every organization, vet, and website possible to get his picture and info out there. I will be printing posters today and placing them on mail boxes and telephone poles in the area.

I have read that it isn't unusual for an intact male ( AKA a Tom) to be gone for days looking for the scent of the female in heat. As much as I don't want him "spreading his seed" and causing a greater impact on overwhelming pet population, this is my biggest hope at this time. I have placed a scarf outside on our fence as I read that toms can become so overwhelmed with the scent of a female that they can get lost. I know it's long shot but I'm trying everything. I also have been leaving food outside every night. It is eaten every morning but there are tons of cats in our 'hood so who knows who/what is really eating it.

Please no haters. I feel terrible enough as it is:(

As my title indicates, I have gone sugar free this week. I was planning on making a big post about it but I just don't have the energy. Maybe later on. But we all know sugar in large quantities isn't good, right? Right!

I started on Monday and surprisingly it hasn't been that difficult. Maybe I've had a lot of distractions this week but with all the added stress I usually turn to sugar to soothe my emotions. So I guess you can say it's a victory already! Yet, the weekend is when I usually indulge more so tomorrow and Sunday will be the real test.

I have really noticed my habits lately. I eat stellar all day and then at night I just eat too much sugar! This not only makes me sluggish in the morning, it often leads to a vicious cycle where I beat myself up about it. I used to tolerate those negative thoughts but I'm becoming more and more sick of feeling like crap emotionally and physically the morning after.

I know a week without sugar seems like nothing so I think I'm going to continue for another week and re-evaluate from there. Dr. Scott Olson ND who is the author of  Sugarettes , has a free program to help you go sugar free for 30 days. Jen at Girl Heroes went sugar free for 2 years in order to conquer her cravings. Cheers to that!! Charlotte even gives some tips on Silencing The Siren Song Of Sugar.

It's very interesting and I think I'm going to read a couple of the books on the subject to get a better understanding of the whole sugar deal. I don't think I'll ever cut it out completely but I would like to come to peace with it.

What's your relationship like with sugar?
Peaceful, love/hate, full of emotion?

I sign off today with a picture of my beautiful little guy! Please send good vibes my way in hopes that he will be found safe and sound:)


Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Travels

Happy Friday!!

Friday's never get old do they?

I think that I'm going on a roadtrip today. We are waiting on my SIL's boyfriend to get off work which he says is 3:30 but he never knows for sure. We've decided that 5pm is the cut-off point. If they aren't able to make it before then well too bad. It is still winter in the mountains so I don't want to be driving at 9 at night in snow and ice.

Tick tock tick tock

So, I busted my booty in the kitchen last night and was happy with the delicious results.

Oh the yummy goodness. These have quickly become one of favorite raw cookies! Plus where do you get veggies with your cookies that actually tastes amazing?
PS I took this picture in manual mode..yay!

Meatballs!! Ha..just kidding. These are super fudgy, chocolaty, protein goodness! These are Averie's chocolate chip prtoein balls. I used chocolate hemp protein and dark chocolate processed into small chunks. These are awesome, minus the fact that they could pass as a meatball:)

I made juice too!! It was a fun night:)

In other news, I just finished my last assignment for Organic Chemistry...wahoo!! Now I just need to study for the exam. So happy!!

I better run! Have a great weekend and have fun watching the Super Bowl if football is your thing:)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

VOO virgin no more!

Holy, where did January go? I don't know about you but I'm excited to move on to a new month! This means:

1. Spring is coming. Even the groundhog said so which is a highly reputable source, in my opinion:) Sorry Eastern Canada and US, there must have been some sort of glitch for you guys:(
2. Can start dreaming about the garden
3. It's now T - 6months until I say goodbye to my job and say hello to 3 weeks of California bliss (more on this to come)
4. The days are getting longer

That's a lot of pluses for the month of February!! March has a lot to live up to:)

Now onto a food first for me!!!


Yes, I did it! I actually enjoyed eating my oats this morning. Now, the reason why this is such a big deal is because ever since I was a little girl I could not cooked oatmeal. It caused such a terrible gag reflex that my mom couldn't help but to burst out laughing. Apparently my oat-eating performance was quite humorous to my oatmeal-loving family.

So, I never touched the stuff. It was only once I started blogging and heard about this un-cooked oatmeal version that I became intrigued. I had a few bloggers tell me that they didn't like the cooked oatmeal but they loved the VOO! Finally after blogging over a year I decided to give it a shot.

I followed instructions. Yes people if I am going to eat oatmeal, I need directions from the best VOO creators out there. One wrong move and my little reflex would rear it's ugly head ultimately giving my coworkers a good laugh in the morning. The three A's (Angela, Averie, and Ashley) were my sources. I ended up following Angela's latest recipe carob banana chia VOO but I used raw cacao instead of the carob.

Watching the mixture come together last night I was highly skeptical. Then there was a little tickle in my throat...Mrs.Gag was waking up after 20 years of dormancy.

I quickly put the mixture in the fridge and went to bed thinking about sprouted bread + almond butter, sprouted bread + almond butter...The tickle quickly vanished.

I slept well with no oatmeal related nightmares. I was really curious in the morning so I ran down to the fridge and looked at the bowl. Guess what? My tummy rumbled and there was no tickle in my throat. That's a VERY good sign I thought. When I finally sat down at my desk ready to eat, I took a deep breath and dug in!

I LOVED IT!! I think the key for me is that the oats were still a bit crunchy. The banana, walnut, and cacao combo is awesome. I also added in the Amazing Grass powder I bought the other day. All in all a great success. I'm very excited to be able to say I had oats for breakfast!!

Overnight oats with a splash of almond milk:)

Do you like VOO or do you love the cooked version? Are there any texture sensitive folks out there? Seriously, if cooked oatmeal makes you shudder, VOO will make you smile:)

Quick question: Have you tried using steel cut oats for VOO? I'm curious if they would work

Okay enough about VOO already!! I know that train departed years ago lol!
The other night I had my mom over for dinner. She was in town because the next day she was departing with her sister from YVR to Kona, Hawaii!!! Oh, so jealous :) I talked to her last night and she was RAVING about the fruit. Her and I are huge fruit lovers so I can only imagine. She went to the market and the papayas were 10 for $2.If only fruit were allowed to pass through borders I would have ordered a whole suitcase for myself lol!

Anywho, I decided to make Ashley's Thai Jambalaya. I love thick soups and stews so this seemed right up my alley!

When I see long instructions to a recipe I get a little nervous thinking I'm going to be in the kitchen until 8pm cooking up the darn thing.

Well, don't be intimidated by this recipe because it really didn't take that long at all. I didn't even have help in the kitchen to stir the roux all the time and the dish turned out okay. In fact better than okay, it was fabulous!

Nice and thick with a great combination of spices! I added in a teaspoon of coconut cream for good measure:) I ate mine on a bed of kale with some quinoa. Perfecto! I was sad when all the leftovers were gone. I will for sure be making this again! Thank you Ashley for the recipe!

I rarely pick up prepared foods but the other day I was hungry and it was already 7pm so I was not about to cook. So I picked up these...

They were actually pretty good. Not too greasy and with some good spice too.

Have you tried Veggie Patch products?

Have a great day everyone!! One more day until the weekend:) I'm actually going away this weekend so I need to start preparing my road trip eats and snacks. I'm thinking:

Juice - I'm not going to take my juicer along so I'm thinking about making some in advance

Oats - eek!! VOO is definitely going to be made. I haven't decided what flavor I'm going to go for. Need inspiration too? Check out:

                        Averie's Overnight Chia Seed-Coconut-Mango Soaked Oats

                        Ashley's Cinnamony Overnight Oats

                       Angela's Chocolate Protein VOO

                       Kath's Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

Raw cookies - I loved these carrot cake cookies

Cut up veggies - This is key for me. If I have these ready to go I will not be tempted to eat the bad stuff!

The best part about all the above is that I could have it ready in an hour or less. Score!!

Well folks have a great rest of your day! Move that body somehow today and nourish, nourish, nourish!
Oh and ...

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!