Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not a girlie girl!

Hi all!

Happy Wednesday to you! I have a day off tomorrow to celebrate the amazing country I live in, Canada! I love my country and forget how blessed I really am to walk the streets and be FREE! Here's a small list of my other favorite things about case I need to convince you to come for a visit:)

1. We are friendly and love hearing about your country!

2. We have every kind of outdoor and indoor activity you could imagine. You can dig for dinosaur bones, climb up the side of a mountain, zipline through the forest, get up close and personal to a waterfall, see a polar bear, drink fabulous wine, ski/snowboard, eat mini doughnuts, and on and on!
3. We accept you, no matter your race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, faith, hair color, bad breath, or fashion faux pas.

4. We love any excuse to have a BBQ and sit out on the patio until the sun goes down (then you move on to the man-made fire pit in your back!)

5. We will show you every piece of history and show you every landmark in the city if you come for a visit..HAHA! If I just scared you off..sorry:) It's only the truth.

6. We OBSESSED with hockey! If you love the sport..come on over, you are in good company! Grab a beer and squeeze in on the sofa where you can.

7. In the summer we love to golf..haha! (did you see that coming?)

8. We would be out in the tent/trailer/5-wheeler/camper every weekend in the summer if we could and always love to have a huge fire with the neighbors!

9. We love to have dreams and work towards them. We also love to help people achieve those dreams because it makes are hearts swell and we like that feeling:)

10. We treasure the forest and honor it for what it gives to us in spirit, monetary value, and wildlife habitat. We cannot avoid the forest as it surrounds us and we love to be there!

I could go on and on but I think you get the point that it's a pretty cool place to be and we would love to host you one day:) Seriously, I love showing people around my city (and my! So, if you are in the me:)

So, with the patriotism out of the way, I wanted to talk to you about something I'm really not too familiar with...being a girlie girl! I never was one and don't think I ever will be. I'm not saying girlie girls are "bad" or anything of the sort, I'm just not in that groupie. I grew up with a mother who wouldn't get out of the car without re-applying her lipstick. So, you would think I would follow suit but I never took on this characteristic. I am an only child, so I didn't really have anyone influencing me besides my mother, and apparently that didn't go anywhere. My aunt lived down the street from us growing up so I would always be over there playing with my cousins...guy cousins. So, ya I didn't care really about barbies and dolls, I was all about building palaces for aunt's cat or playing cops and robbers. My little girl friends I had growing up were not really into the dress-up or painting our nails thing either. If they were, I didn't really play along and would go hang out with my little guy friends. Before I make a novel here, you get the point that I didn't paint my nails every Sunday or put on lipstick before we went for a visit somewhere.

I went through elementary school and then high school the same way. I rarely wore make-up, painted my nails, or spent an hour on my hair. I didn't have money for nice clothes so I had what I had and that was it. I never really cared much for fashion then and still don't really. I mean I love clothes but I don't obsess over the most current trends. To be honest I was lost on all that stuff. I didn't know how to do any of it well. I mean my mom was there but who wants to learn beauty and fashion stuff from their mom in high school? Not me. I never felt that I needed to do any of that stuff to "fit in" so I just didn't do it. I guess that's a good thing..I was myself..but I'm sure I could have learned a trick or two.

University continued this trend and for once I felt completely "in." Nobody had time to do their hair or put the perfect amount of mascara on. Sweats and hoodies were in, designer clothes were rare (at least in my school).

I tried during university summers to catch up and be "stylish." I did alright but never really knew how to dress myself for my body shape kind of thing. Then came love...and I really had to catch up and try to "pretty" myself for my new love ( you know how it is!). Ryan's sisters are beyond stylish and gorgeous and so it was very intimidating to walk in with my old clothing, boring earrings, non-matching heel-less shoes, and wearing the wrong shade of lipstick. Seriously, I watched so many What Not To Wear hoping to gather as many tips as I could.

She's got it going on! I know she's done up but still she looks polished with not too much make-up!

Zipping forward to today, I still feel behind the times. I still rarely wear make-up and don't know the best shades for me, don't know the best fits for my body, and spend 1 minute on my hair in the morning. Anyone else with me on this or am I the only one?? HAHA! It's come to the point now where I think I'm going to take me SIL or hire a styling consultant person to come out with me because I really want to know how to dress for success. I'm not saying I'm going to be a total girlie girl now...I just want to know how to get there if I want to:)

I want to feel amazing like this picture...and send out that glow to the world!

I've always loved Jennifer's simple, classic style. She always look great and it's never too much!

I know that a lot of it has to do with my job. I don't need to be in a suit everyday, I wear whatever I want. I don't need to impress clients so I don't wear make up or earrings. Yet, I also don't "feel" powerful and ready to take on the world either. Another part of it is, that I don't cherish myself or see my myself as beautiful or successful so why dress for that? I'm seeing this now and I need to change it because I know when I do have to dress for an occasion or even sometimes, on a rare occasion, for work..I feel like a different person!

Does anyone else feel alone in the big world of fashion, style, make up etc ? For those of you who are pros in this area please share your resources or tips for the newbies out there!

Have a wonderful night and Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Happy Monday everyone!

I had the most insane week with work and at home too! We decided to have a party on Saturday night for people to come see the house and to celebrate Ry's birthday. Literally every night we were doing something on the house from power washing, organizing, cleaning, placing pictures, mowing, picking up the BBQ and patio set etc etc!

Our friends bought this one but it was just too big for their townhouse patio. It's perfect and I love that it has 6 chairs! I am so ready to have a bloggie meet-up!!

It was a lot of work but it was worth it! The house looks fantastic and I'm starting to finally feel settled:) We didn't want to have the open house later on in the summer as people are just so busy on the weekends in July and August. Yet, here's the fun part....

We both had to work on Saturday too (yay for a 6 day work week..but not really). My work was having an open house to view one of our current projects and so I was running around helping get things ready there. We didn't have a good turn out (don't get me started!!!) so there was so much food left over. I took a garbage bag full of produce (kale, eggplant, 3 ziplocks of salad, hot peppers, tomatoes,leek, scallions, and cabbage), two full bags of organic buns, and a huge tray of mini cupcakes that my boss' wife made. Score!! Yet, the whole time I was thinking about how much I had to do at home still!!

I got home at 5pm and people started rolling in at 6pm..ahh! Talk about go-go-go, but I really enjoy being busy so it was fun for me! We had a great time with everyone although the crowd who stayed the longest were quite a bit younger than us and so they were a bit of a handful. Nothing too crazy happened just a lot of ping beer pong, guys play wrestling, and yelling too loudly. It's funny how Ry and I were thinking next time we are going to stick to our own age group's shenanigans! Funny how your preferences for good times change! One of the rather humorous events of the evening was the cutting of the metal barrel they was left behind by our old tenant. Cutting it for what, you may ask? A fire pit of course HAHA! Yep, at 10:30pm the guys decided that it was getting cold out and we should have a fire. The "beer" logic kicked in and they decided that the barrel would be perfect and so they got out the electric saw and began cutting. HOLY it was so loud, like everyone covering their ears and moving to the other side of the yard, loud! I felt bad for my SIL's boyfriend who was holding a board over the top of the barrel to keep it sturdy. Hope you can hear today Brad:) I was a little nervous our neighbors were going to start yelling over the fence but thank goodness nobody did!! It was so awesome sitting around the fire in your OWN YARD!! I'm not sure if we are actually "allowed" to have a fire pit but it was a clear night with no wind so we went for it! I was so happy sitting around the fire as it felt like I was away camping somewhere. Will definitely be having a fire again..on a clear night lol!

Not bad for being put together by beer-drinking men! Ha!

The food wasn't too exciting and I was so busy getting everything ready during the week that I didn't have a chance to make anything myself which was a total bummer for me. Basically I did chips and salsa, party mix, veggies and dip, salad, burgers (I didn't want a burger so I didn't buy any veggie ones), mini-cupcakes from my boss' wife, and chocolate dipped strawberries (homemade by moi). I've always dreamed of having a party where I make everything but I have yet to have one of those. I just don't plan well enough in advance. There's a good goal for me to tackle this summer!! Have you ever hosted a party where you made everything yourself? Kudos to you if you have.

I drank a couple of my favorite summer beer which is an Apricot Ale. I love this stuff and on a hot day..oh so refreshing. I was a little cold and so I wasn't feeling the beer too much that night but still the taste is so smooth and delish! I used to be a huge wine lover. Pinot Noir anyone??? Yet, I just don't like how wine makes me feel during the night...and after. Ughh..not fun! So, I started drinking beer and I really like it (never thought I would say that). Although I don't drink nearly as much as I did in my late teens and early twenties. I'm just not a fan of hangovers and wasting whole days feeling gross!

On Sunday I slept in. I needed it big time and it felt so good! Yet, "no rest for the wicked", as my Mom used to say! Ry went to help his mom move and then we went to look at a chair that this friend of my MIL was giving away! We fit it into my car..but just barely! We were driving home smelling the exhaust the whole way because the trunk door was open...lovely! But the chair is awesome. The upholstry is pretty dated but the design of the chair is so cool. I'll take a picture today! We were thinking of using a fabric spray to "paint" it versus re-upholestering it. Seems like a good product but I'm still a little leary. Anyone had an experience with this kind of product?

I mentioned that I was going to be taking a raw food class but it just didn't pan out! I was too busy and so I had to cancel. I'm hoping to take one in the fall when I have more time. I'm really excited to have found her and have a class so close by!

Going back in time a little bit..I just wanted to share a couple pictures of our night out for Ry's birthday. We had Indian food and oh it was delicous!

Dinner started out with veggie samosas with potato and peas! These were really good. Yet, very deep fried haha!

This was Aloo Mutter I believe which is potato and peas tossed in a curry sauce. This was my favorite dish!! Yum. There was also a Daal Tadka which is a lentil dish with onions, tomatoes, and turmeric. Mmm.

And on a final garden is going strong! I have so much lettuce that needs to be used up. I better start making smoothies 24/7 haha!

Love that purple lettuce! The green variety is some type of butter lettuce.

PS the lovely Nelly is having a fabulous CSN store giveaway. Head on over to her amazing blog and enter! Ends Tuesday July 6th.

PPS The lovely Averie is having a great chocolate giveaway. So head on over to her fantastic blog to enter. The contest ends on Wednesday June 30th

Have a lovely Monday!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New the kitchie!

Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe we are almost at the end of June already? Yikes! The summer months always fly by way too quickly. Well, as I said yesterday, it's Ryan's birthday today:) This is a big year for my man as he is finally working in a field that he loves. He is not a big fan of change and so he is completely out of his comfort zone right now working for his new company. Yet, every day he is learning something new and loving it...change is good!! So, to my best friend, my love, my partner in life..HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY!! We are going out for Indian food tonight..wahoo! I'll be sure to take picts this time!

See me in his sunglasses? Te he Erica was so creative:)

It's not even funny how much he suits the 80's! I'll post my outfit another time..haha!

I've sure been getting my greens on lately and why the heck not? Greens are abundant this time of year and they taste so amazing. For the past week I've been having smoothies for lunch and I feel amazing! I read somewhere that to drink 2 quarts (basically 2 liters) of green drinks a day is the ultimate goal. So, I'm trying it and I can see why they recommend it! You should try it too! Here's my smoothie I just finished slurping....

This monster had 1 mango, 1 banana, 2 large kale leaves, handful of collard greens, 1 tablespoon chia seeds

Oh ya baby!! This smoothie was so bright and delish. This was slurped up super fast. I forgot to pack my Vega powder so this one was a little on the lighter side.

And now I have another way to get my greens on! I got a juicer..wahoo! Well, my mom and I bought this juicer years ago and just never uses it so I inherited it. It's not the top of the line but she does the job:)

No, this isn't the whole! I just snapped this picture right after I cleaned up and so the bottom part was already put away!

I was really happy to have the Juice Daddy handy!! He knows his stuff and I knew I would find the right juice for me!

I went with this concoction! I knew my body would appreciate this juice!

The goods!

Aren't these beets cute?

Mmm...I really loved this juice. It was perfectly sweet and the flavors were perfectly complimented. This gave me a ton of energy for the night. I was just cruising getting things put away and doing laundry!
Anyways, I better be on my way! Work is done and its time for a workout:) Have a wonderful evening!
PS Aletheia is having a great sprouted bread giveaway on her blog. Go check it out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The addiction begins....

Happy Monday ladies and gents!

I had a wonderful weekend full of friends,lawn mowing, food,and fresh air! Hope you had a wonderful time doing what you love. I think that's key in life to enjoy your passions and soak them up because they make life so FULL and they help you leave behind (even if just for an hour) the stresses that you may be faced with.
For me being outside and in the mountains or on a trail is like being in a different world. It a simpler world where you only find ferns, moss covered trees,babbling brooks, and quiet! I feel so recharged and motivated after being in the forest, like I could accomplish anything. Where is that place for you?

I started out on Thursday after work with a run on my favorite trail that is only 5 minutes from my work..YAY! I was running alone and I get a bit nervous just because there are crazy people out there. I pulled into the parking lot and there was this guy just sitting in his pick-up truck smoking a cigarette...uggh. What a great way to kick-start my fears into high gear. I did some stretching and waited to see any joggers come along the path and there were enough to make me feel safe so I decided I would stay. I ran with my phone and my car key which I had strategically placed in between two fingers just in case. Okay, call me paranoid but seriously you need to think about the possibility of a creeper (even though it aches me to say that) especially because this trail is in a wooded area.

Once I actually got on the trail..heaven!

It's so picturesque in there my picture doesn't even come close. And because of all the rain we have been having, it's so green in there I had to squint when the brief periods of sun shined down, very brief!

I could stay in there forever! Such beautiful scenery really keeps me motivated while running.

I love this section as the trees are leaning into the trail and you feel like you are running under the protection of the trees. You know in medieval time how the royal men would walk under the swords..that kind of thing..hahaha. Yes, I did just say I feel like royalty! I had a little prance in my step at this point in the run:)

You can't really tell from the photo but this is a hill..a MONSTER of a hill that continues on around that corner. I love to conquer this on my runs..feels darn good and the heart likes it too:)

I had such an awesome time on the trail that I've decided to visit here 2-3 times per week.
After my run on Thursday I boogied on over to my grandma's house where my mom was because I ordered a flat (15lbs) of strawberries. My mom sells the berries that she gets directly from the farmer so they are fresh and oh man they are fabulous!
These are not organic and I'm okay with that because I have a direct source to the farm. I've looked around and there doesn't seem to be an organic strawberry farmer in my area which is too bad.

Oh yum! I seriously ate 5lbs to myself on Thursday night..yep I'm addicted!

On Friday night we just hung out at home and watched a movie. I find its hard to plan things on Fridays because everyone is just so beat and needs some down time. Anyone else feel this way or are you pumped for a night out on the town? I'm starting to feel my party stage die! I still love to party..just on Saturday night instead and maybe at a friend's house instead of a club. Oh how your preferences change!

When I was making some eats for dinner on Friday I had the weirdest thing happen. I was taking my yam fries out of the oven and I put the glass pan they were in on a wooden cutting board when BAM.....

The pan just shattered!! I stood there in shock for 30 seconds as my brain tried to get caught up as to what just happened. Thankfully, I didn't get any in my eyes or anywhere else! I still don't know how it could have happened, maybe the pan had a crack in it that I didn't see?? Whatever it was, it freaked me out and it took forever to get all the glass pieces picked up off the floor and the cutting board as I was shaking for a couple minutes! And all those yam!

To make the night all better I made a little dessert! I bought an Endangered Species chocolate bar and decided to make some banana chocolate chunk mint softserve! I think I have officially beat down my tiny food processor to the point where she doesn't want to destroy frozen bananas anymore. Instead I had to use the blender which was definitely not as fun but still did the job!

This delicious dessert was 1.5 bananas, 5 squares of chocolate, and 3-4 mint leaves. Food process or blend until creamy. Yum!! I love mint and chocolate together. The perfect combo in my opinion!

On Saturday I cut the lawn as the hubby was working and then did some grocery shopping. Check out the produce that I found...
Look at that dinosaur was massive and 99 cents a bunch! They grow it themselves and do not use any sprays..score!

Ever tried a kohlrabi? They are a funny German Turnips are oh so crisp and delicious! The taste and texture are similar to the broccoli stem or cabbage heart but a little more juicy I find. I really love them and can't stop eating them lately!

Greens, greens, and more greens. I bought the kale, huge bunch of parsley, cilantro, radishes, kohlrabi, collard greens ( among other non-green veggies). I love when my fridge is stocked! I've also noticed that this past month I wasn't really eating enough greens so now I have no excuse to get smoothied up!

On Saturday night we went over to a friends and had an amazing dinner! We had a wild rice, BBQ'd beet salad and there was a fennel salad (can't remember what else was in it), and a chickpea, cucumber,and mint salad. Oh I was in heaven! Sorry no pictures:( But here's something you don't see every day...Ry with a baby AND a beer! I just had to snap this picture of our friend's newest addition. It was probably Ry's first time holding a baby with one!

Don't worry there was parental supervision and only 2 beer sips had been taken!!
Don't mind his expression!

On Sunday we headed out to another little (healthy!) addiction of ours. For the first time this year we climbed the Grouse Grind. We love this trail because you basically are climbing the side of a mountain. It's only 2.9km long but the elevation gain is 853 meters or 2800 feet. It's called "Mother Nature's StairMaster" and it lives up to that name. For us it's all about the competition and beating your last time! Last year I think my best time was an hour. Yesterday I beat it by 3 minutes! Wahoo I'm pretty excited that I started off so strong on the first trek up to the top. I completed it in 57 minutes, Ry completed in 45 minutes!

Gorgeous!! See that little speck on the electrical line..that's the gondola and that's probably 1/4 up the mountain so you can tell you are pretty much in the clouds!

The beginning couple of minutes is nice and its fun to look at the forest but this is the only easy part of the whole hike. I followed that guy in the picture all the way to the top. He kept a good pace and so I tried to match him:)

And up we go! Some areas there are wooden stairs but other times you are walking on big rocks etc! Very good hike for the mind as you have to pick your next step wisely!

And into the clouds!! It was pretty cool yesterday when we hiked up but I was glad for those temperatures because you get so hot stair climbing a mountain for an! As it was Father's day there were lots of dads with their young kids and (most) kids love going up there! We past one little guy who didn't seem to be too impressed and Ry passed one little girl who said "I knew there wasn't ice cream at the top and now the bears are going to eat me." They have two grizzly bears that were orphaned as babies in a large sanctuary of sorts at the top of the mountain. So cute:) We will be trekking up the mountain a lot this summer and probably trekking back down too. There is the option of taking the gondola down but apparently they are going to be doubling the price soon which makes the trip out there not very economical for us. So, we decided to try hiking down the mountain on a different trail to see what it was like. It wasn't bad at all because we took our time and made sure we landed softly for the knees.

It was a little sketchy here because all the roots were wet and slippery. I was nervous that it was going to be like this the whole way down but it got better and I actually enjoyed it. I could feel the knees a little bit nothing crazy. We had one downer hiker who should have really minded his own business but he decided that we were really stupid to go down the mountain because it is horrible on the knees. I made a comment that basically said we wanted to try it out and it was our first time out this year. He pretty much snapped back and said well see how your knees feel Monday and went on to bitch and complain to his hiking buddy about "first time" hikers blah blah blah. Gosh, what does it matter to you? I'll wreck my knees if I want to (even though I was being super cautious). Oh well, there's always one isn't there? On a happier note, Ry bumped into an old high school class mate of his on the trail. Seriously Ry bumps into random people he knows from high school or elementary school ALL the's bizarre! I don't even see anyone I know when I'm IN my home!

Roots, roots everywhere! Yes, I climbed down this but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I held onto the trees for support and zig-zagged down!

All in all, it was an awesome hike up and down! My dirty running shoe tells it! I really need to get me a good pair of hiking boots because these trails rapidly destroy running shoes!
We are anxiously waiting to eat because we were going to our favorite post-Grouse Grind restaurant, The Naam! This is a 24 hour vegetarian eatery that is a Vancouver fave! We were almost there when ker-plunk Ry's muffler decided to come off. We are in the middle of kits and thank goodness there was this couple that had a screw driver for us to use to keep it secure until we got to a store. Well an hour later and many trips into Canadian Tire, the hubby fixed the muffler (out in the parking lot with the car raised onto the curb ha!)..wahoo! I love that he can fix car problems because it sure saves us a pretty penny!
By this time we were starving and so we quickly ordered. Ry got his favorite..the Reuben platter (made with sietan) and got the Naam salad with romaine, beets, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, carrots, and more but I just can't remember. The dressing was miso ginger...duh! Sorry no pictures as we were too busy scarfing..I mean slowly eating our eats! Oh so good.
After our late lunch we went to check out a store that was highly recommended for organic and healthy bulk items. The store is called Famous Foods.

I read that they really don't like people taking pictures inside so I don't have any insider picts but I didn't see too many workers around so I totally could have snapped a time! Anyways, the store isn't huge but its awesome! It has everything seperated into bags already so you don't have to worry about bulk bins. They have every kind of bean, grain, spice, baking item. There are lots of organic options and the prices are really good! I think when we are down in Vancouver we will stop in on the way back to the valley. I won't be making an extra trip out as it wouldn't make sense with all the driving and all!
Well that's my weekend in a nutshell or a novel:) Hope you have a wonderful week this week. I have a couple of exciting things happening: Tomorrow is the hubby's birthday so we are going out for din din, later on in the week I'm going to be going to my first ever raw foods class and I'm going to help the teacher with a little bit of prep and some clean up. I'm excited to meet her and I'll update you as the date gets closer:) Plus more berries..ohh I'm SO excited!
PS Meghan is having a glassdharma giveaway. Wahoo!!
PPS Aimee is having an amazing vegan vitamin D giveaway! This contest ends June 25th at noon Pacific

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Past and present!

Hey Bloggies,

I didn't get to post last night again because I didn't have the device with me to transfer my pictures to the laptop..go figure! But noon isn't too far off, right? Okay let's get to it!

The Wednesday before the move, I flew into Vancouver for a workshop for work. Ya, it was wonderful! I wasn't too impressed with work to send me out there the week of my move but oh well so is life. The workshop was the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations workshop. It was two days (although the last day I had to leave early to catch my flight).

Initially I was skeptical as to what this workshop was going to do for me professionally. Right off the bat the teachers told us that we were going to give 6 small presentations in front of the class and all of these would be video taped. Fear was radiating through my veins the minute I heard this and I wished I was invisible so I could sneak out and run, run away! Public speaking is not my strong point, is it anyone's? Anywho, I did my first presentation and cringed as I watched myself on camera but I also learned a lot about how I project myself. I talked a lot with my hands, talked too quietly, and stood a lot on one foot. After the first couple presentations I was beginning to enjoy myself. The guys at my table were really nice and I enjoyed talking with them. I also became more aware of myself in front of a crowd and would catch myself if say, I would be flailing my hands. I learned a lot of techniques that not only apply to the boardroom, they can be used in real life situations where you need to project confidence and poise..say getting a bank loan or in a job interview. In the end I thought the workshop was really wonderful and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to attend. If your boss ever sends you to one of these, don't worry it's not as bad as you think it will be.

My flashy certificate that they even put in a frame! Not sure if it will ever go on the wall, but I will for sure be putting this training on my resume:)

After leaving the workshop on Friday, I had to take the Skytrain to the airport which was an experience in itself. I had to transfer 3 times and so I was like a tourist asking the patrolling cops where to! But I made it in perfect time! I was really nervous because the weather had been pretty disgusting earlier that day and I thought there was the possibility that the flight could get cancelled. The airport I was flying into is not called "cancel-gar" for nothing! Yet, the afternoon cleared up beautifully and we were off! I don't mind flying although I have this hidden fear of falling from the sky to my death lol! When I can't see houses anymore, I'm good. Apparently I think my chances of death are less at HIGHER We landed safely and my ride arrived in good time too! My MIL and her hubby were driving up to Nelson so they picked me up along their route.

Zipping along to current day! This past week I didn't want to take a cab/bus home again so I decided to start walking home and get Ry to pick me up along the way. I didn't think it would be more than half and hour so I took a leisurely stroll along the country roads and took some picts of course!

Nothing quite like the BC countryside without prickly blackberry bushes..and some power lines!

What's that hiding in the tall grass? Is that horns I see?

Here's a cute little one trying his best to follow his mamma's orders to stay low in the grass:)

The yellow grass area is actually cranberry fields!

Ah good ole CN rail! I get to hear the train many times a day and its actually fun to hear it. I definitely feel like its "back in the day" where I work which I don't mind one bit!

I love snow-capped mountains and Mt. Baker is just that!

Okay, this house is pretty much my dream home...acreage, tree-lined drive-way, pond, horse paddocks, country-style home. Simply gorgeous:)

I ended up finding the perfect car on Friday! Thank you all for your good car worked!! After the disappointing events on Thursday, I did some mad searching on Friday. I searched craigslist all day and nothing too promising was coming up. I was trying various search words to see if something different would come up. Finally, the last search I did on Friday I found a car that was listed on June 8. I thought it would have for sure been sold by now but I emailed anyways. The owners responded and we headed out to take it for a test drive. I mean she is old but that's what I was looking for! I really only need a commuter car. The owners were two seniors who didn't need it as they were now close to the skytrain. The guy was only the second owner and the car is an '87 with only 151, 000Km on it! The car is in excellent shape and the owner had all the receipts. Ya, that is very rare to find someone having all the receipts for an older car. Ry thought it was great and that was that! I love driving my new Betsy around and she is quickly becoming a good! I'm just so excited to not be stranded at work as that was not a fun time.

We named my old car (ya, only a year ago I was driving a car that was only a couple of years older than this one, what can I say I like the oldies..LOL!) "eggnog" because that was the color of the paint, so now I need a new name and everyone thought "milk" if we wanted to stick to the dairy products...but I say "mylk", "snow white", or Ryan's suggestion "White Russian" (I think making that liquor cabinet really got to him:) You have any suggestions?

Okay so I was going to show you the cassette player except my picture wasn't supposed to be from outside. I didn't want to go dig my keys out so this will have to do for! Lazy blogger I know. And yes you heard right, it has the STOCK cassette player still in it. Ry is going to put in a deck one of these days but for now its radio baby...and fuzzy radio at that. The one good station I get is oldies classics..suiting wouldn't you say?

As for the dinner plans, they ended up not working out. It was pretty much my fault they didn't but I made my apologies and it wasn't my proudest moment but I'm trying not to beat myself up too badly. Remember how I said I was all emotional and on edge?..ya well this one of those times when it really got the best of me. As for the food, I bought all the ingredients for a thai salad and for Kelli's chocolate cream that she recommended. Yet, I didn't even have dinner that night because we were busy getting the car home and I was emotional about the whole dinner party cancellation thing. So, the goodness would have to wait for another day!

The next day I picked up my mom and we did some plant shopping..I was so giddy it wasn't even funny!! They even had this cutie-patutie!

I love goats! They have such characters! I think Nemo and a goat would be best buds LOL!

Feed me already!

I see the goods!!


Once we said goodbye to Spot and I spent my paycheck stocked up, we headed into town to pick up some indoor pots for some of my plants. I had them in outdoor pots for some reason and because I just picked up all these bedding plants, I needed those pots!

I love this one! It's the first thing I see when I walk into the front door:)

These plants were actually from last Christmas! This was one of those holiday planters that has a pointsetta in it. The pointsetta died but these plants are going strong!

I love how this pot looks old and almost Roman:)

My prayer plant! Oh she has been good to me. Through underwatering and overwatering, she has stuck by me. I other words, if you want an easy plant to care for get one of these!

It rained most of the week and so the lawn was stretching for the sky by Saturday! I had to cut it twice but man it looks awesome. Mom did the weed eating part! We then tackled weeding some rock beds that in the end we took the rocks out and put soil in. We planted some canna lilies and these beautiful blue flowers to fill in the remaining space.

When Ry got home we decided that it was time to take out the rose bush. It was pretty much dead and was quite diseased. Two ladies, one man, an electric saw, and one shovel later we were able to cut the darn thing down. Holy, are they strong and the root is big! It looks so much better without it there its quite amazing! We also planted some trailing flowers underneath to fill the space.

The rhodo stands! I think it looks a lot better with just the three rhodo bushes in there!
These are the cute trailing plants that are planted in the bed around the rhodos. I love the mix name "tequila" woot woot!
Phew...this catching up business is work I tell you:) I love sharing it with ya'll though so its fun too! Hope you have a fabulous rest of your day. I plan on going for a run on my favoritie trail (picts to come!) and then picking up a flat of strawberries..yum!
PS I watched the season finale of Glee last night and they sang one of my favorite songs. Its such a beautiful song..and ya I cried LOL! Enjoy! Do you love's one of the only shows that makes me smile that's on TV right now!! Can't wait to see what happens in season 2.