Monday, July 26, 2010

Sleepy eyed and a blushing bride!

Hello everyone!!

What did I miss? lol! I'm back from my little vacation. It wasn't really a sleep-on-the-beach time, more like running around getting ready for a wedding time! But it was a blast and the wedding day was stunning!

Congratulations Kylee and Jason!!!

Here are a few picts from the day....

Jason, Kylee , and their beautiful daughter Charlee!

We went up to a tunnel and the rock faces inside were amazing!

You can't have an Okanagan wedding without the lake!

"The Men" LOL! I love this shot!

There's a picture of the dress!!

Funny story of the day

Kylee and I got ready at her Grandma's house and so we were the last to leave. We were almost at her parent's place where the wedding was to take place when she all of a sudden just cursed loudly. I pulled over right away and then she told me she forgot our flowers in the garage. Now, it's 10 minutes to 3pm and the wedding was to start at three. So, I punched it and drove as fast as I have ever driven on that road (which is very windy). We got to her Grandma's in record time, picked up the flowers and were off again. The only thing was it was roasting outside and I don't have AC so I punched it again and made it to the wedding in record time. We did a 40 minute trip in about! Don't worry I was being safe:) So, then I get out of the car and I am soaked all the way down the back of the dress,not cool! So, it's nearly my time to walk out and I am the grossest looking person. So, I stood in the sun (ironic I know) and was waving around my dress like a mad woman. Someone who saw me must have questioned my sanity lol! Thank goodness there was a breeze and I walked out half as sweaty, with my flowers, and only a 1/2 hour late.

My surprise to the happy couple was a slideshow of both of them from a baby to now, plus them as a couple. I worked for a month on it and it was perfect. So, with some technical assistance, I set up the screen and its all hooked up ready to go...and boom the sound doesn't work. I was so bummed because that was the part that took me the longest but we just played some tunes from the laptop and the rest went well. Everyone loved seeing the photos and so I'm glad I went for it.

Don't call me a bad furry baby parent but we let Nemo out of his cage because he was just not content and was very agitated. So, guess where he decides to sit..on Ryan's lap:)

Isn't it so cute. Ryan is such a softy for Nemo!

I'll post more about the week tomorrow! Ryan and I got in after midnight last night so we are both a little zombie-esque today lol!



Cosmic said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful baby, beautiful family and scenery!

Congrats to the happy couple:)


Kris | said...

Awww what a beautiful day!! I love weddings...I used to want to be a wedding planner ;)

I am so happy that she got her flowers in time! You better have been wearing your seat belts! LOL! You have to do, what you have to do sometimes, right?

What a cute pic of Ryan and Nemo. LOVE IT!


Laury @The FitnessDish said...

I LOOOOOOVE NEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Michael is a softy for my lil Munchkin too :-)

SO CUTE!!! Kittys LOVE to look out the window!

The wedding looks beautiful!! CRAZY story about the flowers, I would of been FREEAKIN out!!! Glad you made it on time...and safe!!!


bitt said...

You look gorgeous and no one could ever tell from the pics that you were sweaty. Plus I net everyone else was sweaty too if you were.

Wonderful location and you were a wonderful friend to her.

HiHoRosie said...

Gorgeous pics! And like Aimee said, you'd never know you were hot and sweaty. You look beautiful. Love Nemo!

Nelly said...

aww girlie you look stunning!!!

and like everyone else mentioned i couldn't tell you were even the slightest bit sweaty!!!

glad you had a good time...

love the pic of nemo and ryan!!!


kelli said...

great photos! everyone looks gorgeous, and the scenery - wow! what a pretty wedding location!

nemo is so cute! i babysit a family with a cat just like nemo named oscar. he's precious.=)

evergreen said...

Nothin' like a little excitement on someone's wedding day! Glad it all worked out, and everyone was safe:)

The pictures are so beautiful...what an awesome location for a wedding. Kylee is lovely, and so are you!

aletheia said...

I'm in love with your cat.

Also, please remind me to have my wedding out on Okanagan Lake. Thank you.

Sincerely and with love,
Aletheia :-)

shesarunner said...

Glad you had fun at the wedding! It looks like such a nice event, and sounds like you had an adventure. You look beautiful in your dress! All the pictures are beautiful, and that last one is adorable.

Melissa said...

Hey Cosmic - Thank you for your kind words, it was a pretty amazing day:)

Hey Kris - I too love weddings!! I totally wanted to be a wedding planner when I got married..secretly I would love to do it but don't know if I could handle the bridezillas lol!

Hey Laury - Nemo gets so much love on here...thanks hun!! Ya, my bestie was swearing just a little lol!

Hey Aimee - Thank you for not seeing the real sweaty me in that dress lol! And that's what you do for friends who are like fact it was kind of fun..and we had a good laugh about it later.

Hey Heidi - Thank you for your kind words..I'm glad you can't tell about the sweaty dress lol!

Hey Nelly - Thanks hun..I'm blushing:)

Hey Kelli - It was AMAZING scenery!! It was dreamy really!
OMG another Nemo-type cat?? Too bad you are so far away..they could play together lol! We are on the lookout for another ginger at the SPCA because I think Nemo needs a friend:) The hubby is slowly caving HAHA!

Hi Angela - Yes, its those little bits of excitement that make for some awesome stories! Thank you for your sweet comments about my bestie and me!

Hey Aletheia - I Love your comment LOL! I will tell Nemo he has a not-so secret admirer:) Yes, please have your wedding I can come LOL!

Hey Lauren - Thank you for your amazing comment my dear!! It was a great time..did I mention I love weddings?