Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pink phones and Bikini's

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I'm so glad that everyone is having fun with all the surveys out there. I love reading them and I learn a lot about the person writing them too! Check out my survey answers here. So, did I get your attention with my title? I've got one fantastic announcements and one that is pretty personal so kindness from ya'll would be greatly appreciated:)

First up, the hubby got the job he has been waiting 9 months for! I'm going to back track here a moment and tell how it all came about. So, before Ry and moved to Nelson for him to go to school, he worked for a closet/blind/glass installation company. Another piece of this story revolves around the fact that he chronically loses his cell-phones. So, the last time he lost his phone I asked around my family if anyone had an old one (because we know he will most likely lose this one so no iphone for him). My cousin-in-law said she had a spare one I could have. So, I go to her house to pick it up and she thought the phone was for me and didn't tell me that it was pink or "salmon". Because he needed a phone stat, I took it and he's been sporting it ever since (go figure this is the phone he doesn't lose). So, one day at a job site he had to use his phone for something and this guy made a comment about the color (in a kind way) and that kick-started their conversation which led the guy offering Ry a job helping him build staircases and other construction jobs. This was about a month before we were moving to Nelson...bummer. Yet, the guy said to call him when he was done school and maybe something would still be available. As we are less than a month away from moving home (wahoo!), Ry called him and he still has the job! The guy even said "I have been waiting for your call." How cool is that? We are both elated because this is the kind of work he is passionate about and loves doing! Go figure a pink phone could lead to a job. Way to go Ry!

Okay now onto the more personal aspect of this post. I know I've been keeping the suspense high with my bikini talk and I'm here to lay it all out and tell you what's going on! So, you have heard me mention that I used Turbulance Training workouts at the gym. I really do love them and they push me beyond what I would normally push myself! So, when Craig announced that it was time for another Transformation Contest, I felt that it was my time to push myself even further. I am one of those people who would run away when the going gets tough..and I want to break this and prove to myself that I can push through the tough times and make it over those mountains! So, what is the transformation contest? Well, its a 12 week long chance to shine! You have to use Turbulance Training workouts (you don't need to buy them if you don't want to, he offers tons of free ones on his blogs) for 12 weeks, take before and after pictures, and write a 300 word essay about your experience. These 12 weeks are not only about losing weight, its about me learning about my body (I don't do this enough), and pushing to be the best I can be! If you get the most votes (the public votes) I can win $1000 plus a three year membership to his site. Not bad, hey? There are also second and third place prizes as well. I am really looking forward to this experience because I know its going to teach me a lot about myself.

I am watching what I eat a little more than usual but nothing crazy. I am trying to consume more veggies instead of my raw treats (although I'm not going to be depriving myself completely ) and so basically I'm getting most of my carbs from fruits and veggies!

So, where does the bikini fit into all of this..well as I'm already started into the contest I took my "before" photos..and yes, in my bikini. I almost took them outside too because I though the lighting inside was too horrible, but we worked around it indoors. I wasn't going to post the pictures but I think doing so will only increase my motivation. I'm not saying that I'm fat or anything of that nature...this is all about me pushing to another level and thriving on the "I can" mindset. So, without further are my before picts! was hard to insert these! Don't mind the sleepy face in the first was early:) and the paper in the back...its part of the rules:). I know another lovely lady who was nervous about posting picts that show more than the please be kind:)

So, during the next twelve weeks I will be posting a little more on the nutrition/workout side of things but don't worry I'll be keeping it light:) Thank you for your support! And as always...

This handsome guy wishes all the ladies (and even the gents) would hear his message!

Just in case you needed to see it again!!!! (Don't mind my recycle bag in the

PS I'm starting a new goal learn more words for my vocabulary! Here are two:

Imbricate - Having overlapping edges, as tiles on a roof, or scales on a fish

Scarper -To flee, especially without paying one's bill

Have a fantastic rest of your day!!!


kelli said...

love this post!

first, so awesome the pink phone led to a new job for ry! being secure in your manhood def leads to great things!=)

you're so adorable, flexin' in those pics! i think you look great but wish you all the best with your transformation contest. i know you'll do awesome, and can't wait to see the next bikini pics!

thank you kitty for that important message!=)

Diana by Design said...

That is so great that the job was waiting for him! He must have made quite an impression on that guy :)

I think it's so awesome you joined that contest to keep yourself in it! And you look super great in that bikini, girl! I'm jealous ;) You'll do great, I'm sure.

I recently started eating more vegetables too! I'm not a vegetarian but I'm definitely trying to make the move to making veggies the main part of my meals instead of a slab of meat. So far, in one day, I'm feeling so much more energy!

Nelly said...

congrats to ry!!! yay pink!!!

you look great chickita...i don't think there is any reason for you to cringe about posting these pics, and if ANYONE says anything hurtful, well, ummm i'm ready to kick some butt...i'm sorta getting annoyed with the nasty comments being left on my girls' blogs...anywho!!!

love your kitty...i love love love orange tabbies, they are my favourite...and i love his little beautiful...thanks for this very inspiring post!!!


bitt of raw said...

congrats on your hubby's job. must be a great relief to you! funny how it happened over a pink phone. sometimes life is like that.

awesome that you are setting goals for yourself! everyone has already told you that you are already looking good and many people would love to have your body.

more veggies--yum! sounds like you have a healthy approach to it.

let me know where to vote and i will!

Lauren said...

Oh Melissa, you really are beautiful! I do love your little note at the end there, its so cute coming from Nemo. But seriously, you are so beautiful, and I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I hope you achieve exactly what you want to, and learn tons about yourself. I know you will do amazing things.

Thats a funny story about Ryan and the just goes to show that life is full of surprises and you can't meet people and find opportunities in unexpected ways. (This is what I tell myself after every failed relationship and nightmare job haha)

Lauren said...

Oops, I meant to say you CAN meet people/opportunities!

Melissa said...

Hey Kelli - HAHA..ya the manhood confidence must have helped:) Thank you for your kind words about the contest and my photos! Nemo says your welcome:)

Hey Diana - Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for the kind words on Ry's new job! Yes, a good phone impression lol! Thank you for your kind words about my picts and the contest, I really appreciate it:) I'm so happy that you are feeling energetic with the veggies! Way to go!

Hey Nelly - Go pink all the way lol! Thanks for the kind wishes about the new job. Also thank you for your kind words about my bikini picts..and thanks for having my back:) I hate the negative comments too..those people must really hate themselves or something to take it out on someone they don't really know.
Thanks for enjoying Nemo's message and I'm glad I could be inspirational..that means a lot lady:)

Hey Aimee -Thank you for the congratulations with Ry's job. Life is funny like's funny how usually its something so simple that causes!
Thank you for your kind words about my bikini picts. I am excited to push myself:) Thank you for the vote..wahoo! I'll let you know in 12 weeks!

Hey Lauren - Thank you my dear for all your inspiration and kind words! It is funny how you can be surrounded by people who can change your life, yet it takes something different to bring you together!

HiHoRosie said...

That's so awesome about the pink salmon phone! Congrats on Ry getting the job of his dreams!

And major kudos to you on your challenge and posting pics. You have nothing to fear m'lady. You look fab to begin with. I, too, have been eliminating phrases like "i'm fat..." etc, because that does nothing for me. I'm working on eliminating negative thinking or neg-speak. Your kitty is so sweet to help you with positive affirmations. :) Good kitty! Anyway, I'm not even half as brave as you so I won't be posting any "before" pics anytime soon but working on achieving goals and being positive about them is something I can do.

All the best to you girlie! you're gonna rock it!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

hi melissa, thanks for geting caught up and for the super sweet words, love, and light you always extend to me in your comments :)

thanks for the mention here...yes it's always daunting to post half naked pics..i mean if someone wasnt nervous, youd wonder if they had a pulse.

first, you look lovely now. secondly, the suit is super cute. and thirdly a new word for you today: hottie :)

Melissa said...

Hey Heidi - Thanks for the kind words about Ry's job:) Yay for eliminating the negative talk..good for you! It's not easy and so any step away from that is awesome! Thank you for cheering me on..I really appreciate it:)

Hey Averie - the pulse comment..and so true! I'm so glad that my comments can bring some always,you are very welcome!
Thank you for your three super sweet comments about my picts and suit:) I appreciate it!

Ameena said...

Congrats on your husband's new job. What a great sotry!

And you look fabulous. Kudos to you for putting these pictures on your blog. You are a gutsy girl!

evergreen said...

Hi Melissa! I must agree with ARE beautiful...and not just on the outside:)

I am so happy about hubby getting that job he has been waiting for. The pink phone story is so funny! Thanks for sharing:)

Lori said...

Congrats on your quest for a transformation of your body and life (and quest for prize money too!). I'm so proud of you! And I'm proud of your cat for supporting you! ;)

I am very interested in this Transformation Contest. Great idea and a fab prize too. Hmmm... I'll need to look into this one a little more. But bravo in the meantime!

kris | said...

You and your little bikini are so cute!!! You go rock your challenge girl and enjoy the whole process! Love the changes your bod will go through!

Awww what a cute kitty :)

Poor Ry.....that is too funny!


shannonmarie said...

You are beautiful. You look great in those pics :-)

Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman said...

Congrats to your husband! It's so great when you get a job you really love. And to know that guy was holding the slot for him just goes to show you it's probably the right move.

And you're so brave to put the pics up. I'd be so nervous, too. I think your before looks great (and that's an awesome bikini!). I'm rooting for you!

aletheia said...


Also - T.T. rules! Craig Ballantyne is da man. Ha!

Melissa said...

Hi Ameena - Thank you so much for the congrats for Ryan's job! Thank you for the sweet words about my picts was definitely scary to upload those on here:)

Hey Evergreen - YAY! so happy you are back! You are so sweet, thank you for your kind words and the love for the pink!

Hey Lori - Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate your support and kindness:)

Hey Kris - Thank you for your positivity and support for the it:)

Hey Shannonmarie - Thank you so much for your wonderful comment:)

Hey Tracey - Thank you for kind words. That's my fav suit too:)

Hey Aletheia - Te He Nemo loves attention and he's da bomb! That's awesome that you know about TT! Craig is definitely the man lol!

Gracie @ Girl Meets Health said...

I love that you posted your "before" bikini pictures! Not many people (myself included) have the guts to do that. But I can see why you did because you're body is slammin' if I do say so! :P

I'm definitely trying to shape up a bit before summertime. Maybe I should take some before pictures of my own!

Kat said...

Just found your blog after your comment on my guest post over at Lori's. So glad you left a comment, because I love your site!! Just added you to my reader!

The pics are great already, and I can't wait to read about your transformation, esp about learning about your body - loved that.

Love the new words. Imbricate. I'm going to try to use that one today!

Melissa said...

Hey Gracie - Thank you for stopping by!Your comments were so sweet..thank you so much! Ya, its crazy how much motivation they give you! Even if you don't tell anyone you took still know!

Hey Katie - You two girls rock! I will add you to my reader now..I'm very behind lol! Too many cool people out there! Thank you for sweet comments about learning from my body..I've got a lot of that to do.
Yay for new words! It's fun to whip those into a conversation! maybe with the boss? haha!