Monday, May 31, 2010

We Made It!

Howdy everyone!

What a whirl wind! After a weekend of taking planes, catching up with family and friends, packing, cleaning, having my last sips of Oso goodness, and driving 7 hours, we made it to our new home! It still hasn't sunk in that this is "our" home, not "our landlord's" home but it feels amazing to finally be in a place that I know we won't be moving out of in 6 months to a year! We didn't bring our mattress set with us to Nelson so sleeping on that bed last night felt like a dream come true...ahh! Even Nemo didn't want to get up this morning. I'll write a more detailed post soon (once my internet is connected and all that jazz ...right now I'm in the office:) about the past week as there was lots of stuff going on.

Right now we are concentrating on getting the 3 foot tall grass! Ya, we are "those" neighbors right now. I've even picked the spot for the garden and so I'll be busy prepping that this week for my little veggie babies. Now, only if the weather would cooperate and spare us some sunshine!

Can't wait to catch up on all your lives!! I hope I haven't missed out on too much:)

Chow for now!


Nikki said...

Yay, so happy for you! Can hardly wait to see some pics of the new place.

bitt of raw said...

glad you made it safe and sound. how exciting for you! i remember moving cross country...the first thing we bought was a bed. oh so comfortable the first night.

kelli said...

yayyy! i wish you lots of laughter and happiness in your new home melissa. hope your plant babies traveled well and i'm excited to see your garden!=)

aletheia said...

Wow - congratulations!! You sounds so incredibly excited - just as you ought to!! :) Can't wait to see those garden pics, too!

xo aletheia

Nelly said...

CONGRATS!!! woohoo! so happy you are finally in your new home and i can't wait to come for a visit...


can't wait to hear all about your little adventure!!!

i wish you so much joy and love and laughter in your new home...with ry and nemo...and perhaps some other little cutie pies one day!!!


Lauren said...

I'm so happy for you! It's really exciting to move into your own home, I'm sure. I can't wait to hear more about it and see some pics maybe? Hope everythings great with you :) you seem very happy