Friday, June 4, 2010

internet-less and new house picts!

Happy Friday Bloggies!
What a crazy week! For anyone who has gone on a long vacation from work knows how their desks looks when they imagine 9 months!! Even though I was working in Nelson, being in the lab is a complete different scene and of course more hands on. My boss left the lab a complete mess (nice welcome home present hey?) and so I've been organizing it to my liking which has taken nearly all week! It's good to be back here though because working at home in Nelson made me pretty unmotivated. Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone is something that I used to hide from..but I'm trying to embrace it and take on challenges that help me to do so! I forgot I never posted on my workshop experience a week ago..I'll do that next time as it really helped me with the comfort zone thing! Anywho, while we were in Nelson my work has been putting together test trials for organic soil mixes. This means free greens and veggies for me (and the staff if I don't eat their I'm so excited for this project and my boss says I'll be working a lot out in the garden...sweet! Once the weather turns around (seriously, I haven't seen this much rain in forever) I'll take some picts for you to see it.

On the internet front, I'm not going to get hooked up at home until Tuesday so that means I'm going to be sneaking in some blogging time at work..shhh don't tell! It was funny, when I called the internet company they wanted to charge me nearly triple what I was paying in Nelson and so I spoke up and told them the deal I got there and they honored it plus he didnt' charge me another hook-up fee. All that just for speaking up! I tell ya big companies get away with so much because people just accept their fees..not me! I felt pretty empowered after that..maybe I should have called my mortgage company too? HAHA! Anyways, the moral of my blabbering here is that I won't be able to unleash all the random goodness that has happened in my life until next week:) suspense is good, right Averie? Ps good luck to you lovely lady in your first fitness competition..I know you will KILL it!

On to the exciting part of this pictures!!! Except they are more like messy, just moved in, house pictures. Today is the before-I've-organized-to-my-liking...err "our" liking-house pictures. We've done a lot of moving things around and trying different placements of items, plus we got a cover for our dated sofa Ha! I've changed my philosophy on spending over the years. I used to buy things because they were an amazing deal that I would never find again (yet, next year the same sale would take place). If I was consignment shopping I would convince myself that this piece of clothing was so unique and I would stand out because nobody would be wearing it. No more sister! I've adopted a new mantra for my spending (especially when it comes to big purchaces on the house)...QUALITY over QUANTITY. Check out Averie's post on spending habits! I'm actually looking forward to watching my savings account grow which is a very new concept for me but the quality products I'll be able to purchase will be worth it. Also moving all the time has really helped me focus on what I spend my money on because do I really want to pack all those little trinkets with bubble wrap or a million DVD's? Nope, I really do not. Okay from me...onto the pictures!

The front yard with the beautiful rhodo bushes! We may be putting in some garden beds because we will not be using the front yard for anything.

Next to the rhodos is a gorgeous rose bush! Love their color!

My very messy living room, view from the front door! I love that its an open living/dining room

View from the deck!

Kitchie! Complete with a dishwasher! I've never lived in a place that had one. I think I still like handwashing that weird? LOL Notice this is the cleanest room in the house..ya, I got right down to business organizing in there:)

All the cook books organized in one place..yay! In what place might you ask?

It's Nemo's favorite place to hang out or hide out when the crow in the back yard has been chasing him around the grass..poor guy!

It's my first ever pantry!I call this "my space." Oh how I love having a pantry already. It's like a walk in closet for a!

My kitchen sink view! Maybe this is why I love to wash the dishes myself:)

A soaker tub! All I need is some epsom salts, baby!

The master bedroom! Sorry the picture is so dark. I never checked my camera after I took these!

The huge closet! The hubs used to work for a closet installing company so hopefully we will get some shiny new closets one of these days:)

The patio off the master! I have big plans for this deck! I want to place planters on it and hanging off it to make it have some color.

My back yard! It's my oasis already! If you look closely to the left of the picture you will see this brown area on the grass..that's where the garden is going to go! Seriously, sooo excited to get that in! The patio is awesome too..I see many a BBQ's at our place. Out of our friends, we are one of the only peeps who have a significant yard and I'm more than happy to share:)

This right here folks is going to be gardening central. Ry is going to build me a potting bench and we are going to put some gutters up and have a spout to go into a rain barrell!

I got the yard and Ry got the double length! It's the white siding on the right. That door you see goes into our tenants place. He is so incredibly quiet and so nice..we really lucked out.
So there you have it! I still don't think its sunk in yet that this is "our" house! I rented so long before Ry and I got together..then after we got together too so its going to take some time..maybe after the water heater breaks down and we have to foot the bill haha!
I get my soil dropped off tomorrow (all organic from my work...wahoo!) and then the gardening begins. Busy weekend for me..but I love it! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and hopefully you get some sunshine too:)


kelli said...

yay melissa!

first, your job sounds awesome. (i don't say that very often!) super cool you get free greens and organic soil!

and oh my goodness, the house is amazing! love the backyard, the patio off the master bedroom, the rose bushes, the pantry... i can tell you are going to be very happy there.=)

enjoy your weekend in your new home!


Nikki said...

I love your new place. I have a pantry too and it's the best! I like how you called it a walk-in closet for foodies. So true!

That backyard is amazing. You're going to great times in the garden.

Nelly said...

congrats girlie!!! is your boss hiring? haha!

and double congrats on the new home? wows, such a beautiful haven...and i love the pic of little nemo...did i get it right? the crow's been chasing the little man around??? it's late and i am tired...haha...

anywho girl...have a beautiful weekend in your new home...take care my friend...can't wait to come for a visit... ;)

HiHoRosie said...

congrats on the wonderful home! love love the backyard! I can see how it's your oasis or soon to be. Love how open the kitchen is. Mine is so crowded and small. I don't enjoy washing dishes by hand but with the view I might linger at the sink a bit more. ;)

nutellacube said...

that rose is beautiful! congrats on moving. new houses are always exciting :D

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

so glad you 're there, now you can get settled...good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the house!! It's adorable :) The kitchen pantry is definitely a walk in closet for a foodie ;) I'd pick that over a walk in of shoes...does that make me a bad girl?

I love the view from your sink, that's what I hope I get when I have a house! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy you are settling into your new home Melissa!
Sorry to hear you are swamped with work but I hope you get to enjoy your beautiful new place soon. And it sounds like there are a lot of great perks to your job :)
I really want a pantry...yours is so big compared to my tiny cupboard. And I would love a whole lot more closet space too. I have way too much stuff for my tiny apartment, but that's because I build up clutter even when I promise myself that I won't. It just happens somehow. I need to work on my spending habits and not buying things I don't need and can't afford!
By the way, I kind of like washing dishes by hand too. I find it peaceful and soothing. I know, I'm weird. Oh, and I have so many the same cookbooks as you...they're all awesome!

Melissa said...

Hey Kelli - My job is pretty rockin right now (its not always this Thank you for the house love!!! It's so awesome and the garden is planted so I'm already creating my grand oasis!

Hey Nikki- Yay for pantries! I love just standing in!

Hey Nelly - I'll get you problem! I do need an assistant:)
Nemo stands at the door and looks up at the big tree to see if his nemesis is there before he goes outside..poor guy! He now wants to go out into the front but I am a little nervous because that is the street side..eek! So far he just lays right beside the house but I'm scared if he gets more adventurous!
Come any time! I'll have the spare room stocked and ready:)

Hey Heidi - Thank you girlie..its a very exciting time:) I'll post soon about the new garden in the back yard! We came from an apartment that was very I know what you mean about not feeling too motivated to wash the dishies!

Hey Nutellacube - Thank you for kind words! The rose bush is fragrant!

Hey Averie - happy to be here! Looking forward to the settled part. All the best on your move too:)

Hey Diana - That definitely doesn't make you a bad girl (and I would totally want a pantry to a walk-in for shoes)! That makes you a foodie!!! I love doing the dishes and it takes me a lot longer to do them as I'm off staring at things all the!

Hey Lauren - I am still not used to your new blog! I was like who is this?
I'm kind of happy to be swamped though...I get bored easily so I need to be mentally simulated te he! It's hard to not buy things but once you start walking away from gets easier, trust me! Glad I'm not the only one who likes to wash the dishes by hand:)

Hey Kris - Thank you for your sweet words about the house:) I cannot wait to use the yard and deck. I hope to be the go-to yard for summer gatherings lol!

aletheia said...

A-MAAAZING HOME PICS! It really looks picturesque and very zen. Oh, it's so good to have a place to call your own and to come home to, isn't it? :)

I also love how moving has in a way forced you to prioritize your belongings--you're spending less, and saving up for QUALITY purchases. It's about subtracting, and then saving up for what IS important.

xo aletheia <3

evergreen said...

I am so happy for you in your lovely new home!