Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catching a jet plane plus guest post!

Happy Tuesday!

I'm back from a weekend back home. Hope all my Canadian bloggers had a fantastic long weekend! Mine was so relaxing and peaceful! I ate way too much but that's okay once and awhile:) I finally got to meet the lovely CJ who is just so adorable! The weather was off and on but I did get to sit outside for a couple of hours over the weekend and I got a slight tan:) In fact, I got a tan on half my face lol! I must have been facing to the right for a significant period of time...HAHA! Anywho, I don't have time to show you my weekend right now as I'm packing up the house to move this weekend plus I am getting ready to fly out to Vancouver tomorrow for a workshop. Yes, I'm not too impressed to be leaving the one week I actually need to be here but oh well, we have a lot of people coming up to help us move (I love our friends and family:) Yet, I'm a little scared because it's going to be me plus 5 men in our little apartment..wish me luck!

I did want to tell you that I did a guest post on the lovely Lori's blog in honor of National Salad Month. So go check it out..there is a yummy dressing recipe to try out too! Thanks again Lori for having me be a guest on your lovely blog.

I'm planning to blog in the airport tomorrow. I have always wanted to look like a business woman in the airport so this is my chance to look super concentrated at my laptop and sip a soy cappuccino lol!

PS The gorgeous Averie is having a Naturally Nutty giveaway on her blog. So, go check it out:)

Talk to you soon!!!


Nelly said...

welcome back...and so happy you had an awesome time...

i got BURNT to a crisp this weekend...so did my poor man...we're both is so much pain...and our tan lines will be as funny as yours...my burn extends from my upper back to my shoulders and the tops of my arms...my neck and the rest of my body is white...and john has the classic farmer/t-shirt tan...PAIN!

good luck with the move...and i am sure you will be fine with the 5 boys in your apartment...

and i love that you have the same daydreams as me...hehe...i am sure you will look and play the part very well!

and bravo on your post...read it, and loved it!


aletheia said...



Oh well. I'm still going to eat salad for the other 359 days of the year. Just 'cause.


Aletheia :)

P.S. Loved your guest post on Lori's blog!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

You are a busy girl!!!!!!!!!!

Going to check out the guestie AND thanks for the linkback and the entries :)

Lauren said...

So happy to hear you had fun on your trip back home!
And good luck with the move, and the workshop. Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead of you.
I've also always wanted to be one of those super important businesswomen typing away on a laptop in an airport. I can't wait for your airport blog post.
Have a good safe flight! <3

Nikki said...

Hi Melissa! Oh, I can relate to the moving thing. We're getting ready to relocate to a new neighborhood next month. I just want the moving part to be over, so I can start the fun part: decorating and enjoying my new place! Hope your move goes well :)

Your guest blog was great. I am also totally addicted to dressing my salads with creamy miso dressing. Nothing compares to it.

And, if you're heading to Vancouver you'll be cooling off. It's in the 50's and rainy in Seattle, so I imagine Vancouver is probably close to the same. Enjoy your workshop. Is it work related?

evergreen said...

Glad to hear you had a relaxing and peaceful weekend, looks like you will need the extra energy to move!

Wonderful guest post, your salad looks incredible:)