Monday, May 3, 2010

21 Things!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful morning to start the week off! It's an off day from the gym so I was excited to sleep in a little. I'm really getting frustrated with my blackberry though! It is so "touchy" lately and I go to set the alarm and I swear it is set thing I know its 7AM and I find out it was on PM. I am anal at checking my alarm and so I swear I must have moved the little "pearl" ever so slightly and it switched from AM to PM. Anyone else have this problem or is it just my devil phone? Okay maybe it's not the phones complete fault..but I need to pass a little blame onto this! Anywho, I was reading Aimee's lovely blog and she just did this super cool post of 21 raw/vegan questions about herself. I thought I would join in on the fun and let you know a little more about moi! So, here we go!

1. Favorite Raw Vegan Milk - I have to be honest, I've never tried making my own raw "mylk" yet. So, I have to go with my fav vegan milk which is a rice milk with vanilla.

2. What are your top 3 recipes you are planning to make? I plan on making a bulgur pilaf because I have had a bag of this stuff in my fridge forever and it needs to get used up, Averie's no-bake peanut butter protein bars, and I'm going to give overnight oats a try. I have had a phobia of oatmeal (and all its relatives) since I was a kid..but its time I try again!

3. Most Disastrous recipe/meal failure
- There have been a few but one that sticks out was when my mom was over and I was going to cook her a vegan breakfast to prove to her how delicious everything is. Well, the pancakes would not cook thoroughly and if I left some of them on the pan longer and they burned..stinking up my whole basement suite. Ya, I was close to tears. And of course Mom was like..."you need eggs in there"..uggh FAIL!

4. How do you organize your recipes? - I've been thinking about this lately because I only have recipes saved in my email folders. They are seperated into raw foods and "other" foods. I'm thinking about printing these out so I have my own recipe book of sorts. Bitt does this and I'm jealous:)

5. Compost, trash, or garbage Disposal? - I do a combination of trash and composting. But I do mostly composting. I produce a small bag of garbage every two weeks or so.

6. If you were stranded on an island and could bring only 3 foods..which would they be? - I'm going to assume that I'm landing on a tropical island, like in LOST. So, with this assumption I know that I'll have fruit so my 3 foods would be quinoa (I figure out a way to cook it), mixed nuts, and raw chocolate. Wow, that took me way too!

7. Fondest Food Memory from your childhood? So, when I was about 10 I won this Easter contest that was held at a local chocolate shop. The prize was a 5 foot tall chocolate bunny (no, I'm not joking) and so this bunny stood in my living room until one day I forgot to close the blinds and he melted to half his size. I still ate some of it..okay most of it. Luckily or unfortunately I'm an only child so ya, welcome to my pre-teen pounds!

8. Favorite Raw Ice Cream - I haven't had the chance to try raw ice cream, per se, because I don't have an ice cream maker, but I do make a blueberry-banana softserve that is so delish!

9. Most loved kitchen appliance- I don't own any of the fancy appliances.. yet, so my fav right now because she is loyal and works her but off for me everyday, is my little food processor. I think its a 3 cup?

10. Spice/herb you cannot be without? - Cinnamon. Oh I love thee! I put it on everything, including my sprouted toast!

PS the other powder stuff is maca:) read about it here.

11. Recipe (Cook) book you have owned for the longest time? It would have to be Veganomicon. I heard this was THE cookbook to start off with when entering into vegan cooking. It's great and gives a zillion recipes and tips on cooking every type of veggie/grain/bean!

12. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly? I would have to say my grandma's frozen strawberry jam. It is so amazing. Yes, it is in fact stored in the freezer but placed on toast it is beyond words!

13. Favorite raw or vegan recipe to serve to an omni-friend? I haven't shared too many recipes with friends..yet. We are living away from our town and I really got into raw/vegan goodies since we've been away. Yet, I loved sharing Meghan Telpner's superfood bonbons with one of Ryan's buddies and he really loved them. Also, I love baking a batch of Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies from Vegweb if we are traveling with omni folks.

These are the BEST baked chocolate chip cookies that I have come across. Now, I want to find a great raw version!

Need I say more?

14. Name Three items in your freezer without looking- Sprouted bread, oats, and flax seeds.
15. Favorite Grocery Store- In Nelson it has to be the Kootenay Coop. Back home it is Two Ee's market.

16. Food Blog I read the most? - I can't say. I have so many in my reader and blogroll. They are all fantastic and you should check them all out for crazy inspiration. Each blog is different and provides me with something different. One might be more motivation, another all recipes, another may be more about nutrition, all pieces of my knowledge pie!

17. What is one ingredient that you've become familiar with that you can't imagine you ever lived without? - Coconut oil:)

18. Most coveted condiment? - my homemade salsa

19. Best Food Smell? - Banana bread baking in the oven or fresh strawberries:)
20. Best cooked food memory that you'd like to re-create raw? I know its not cooked exactly, but I want to create a raw nanaimo bar:)

21. Favorite meal to make? - This is hard because I have many. One I really love is veggie wraps with a bunch of different dips or spreads. So simple to make and the dips are endless so you never get bored:)

There you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed reading my fav things! Give it a try on your blog and tell me about it because I love hearing about everyone's life and eats:)

PS I'll tell you about my bikini wearing over the weekend soon:)


shannonmarie said...

I've been seeing a lot of these questionnaires on blogs lately. It's so fun to read everyone's answers.

BTW, I have seen a raw nanaimo bar recipe on the Internet somewhere in the past. You may want to try googling it.

kris | said...

Great post!! We have a lot in common!

I can't live without coconut oil either. It is great for cooking, smoothies, and baking! Such a staple in my house!


Nelly said...

loved all of your answers! i so wanted to do this...and i thought today would be good...but it's late and i can no longer see...thankfully i have an eye doctor appt. next week!! haha...not that you needed to know that...

anyway! i didn't realize that you were living away from home...and i love all the pics you posted pretty and full of life!

have sweet dreams lovely girl!

bitt of raw said...

Great list! You got me drooling.

I have a great GF/vegan pancake recipe (cooked) if you ever want to try again. :-)

Melissa said...

Hey Shannonmarie - Glad you like the 21 questions. your turn next, maybe?
Thanks for telling about the raw nanaimo bars out there..I'll do my searching:)

Hey Kris - Glad you enjoyed the post:)Coconut oil all the way!

Hey Nelly - you're too funny! I learn a lot about your life from the comments:) love it! Hope you can see soon! Thanks for your sweet comments! Yes, I'm living away from home but we are moving back in less than a month..wahoo!

Hey Bitt - glad you liked my list:) Thanks for sharing yours to start things off! PLEASE..I would love a new pancake recipe..thank you, thank you!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

cant wait to hear the bikini story!

and i am flatterd that a couple of my recipes made the cut!

raw choc chip cookie, I have some on my site, under my choc recipes link, there are cookies you can see. OVer and beyond the cookie dough balls, there are cookies. You really dont even need to dehydrate them, just form into shapes and they look alot like and taste like cookies!


Lauren said...

I love this! I did a survey today too, but it wasn't really about food. I want to do this one too, but I only just started experimenting with raw recipes so I don't know if I would have much to say in that area. I learn so much every day though.
I'm with you on the cinnamon and coconut oil- can't live without!
Nanaimos are such classic BC bars but I don't know if I've ever had one! I'm sure you could make a delicious raw version though..maybe with dates/nuts/coconut for the bottom layer and for the top, raw chocolate melted with coconut oil on very low heat. I am brainstorming here...definitely not good at creating recipes but I'm trying. I have no ideas for the middle filling but I'll think on that one. Let me know if you come up with anything! :)

Lauren said...

I love these questions! So much fun to learn about everyone! :)

aletheia said...

#3 - OH NOOO! I would probably cry too.

#7 - laughed out loud. I think the mental image of a dwarfed and warped life-size chocolate easter bunny is ludicrously funny. Then again, I'm weird. Still - HAHAHAHA.

P.S. I'm telling you this because there's a VEGA ad on your right hand column - and also because you're from BC - BRENDAN BRAZIER is COMIN' TO TOWN!! Well, my town anyway. I'm so excited. That is all. :D


Melissa said...

Hey Averie - I'm nervous to talk about the bikini story but I'm ready to share it with the world (in a sense)! Thank you so much for sharing the raw chocolate chip cookie recipe with me..I'm so in:)
Of course your recipes made the cut..way above my dear!

Hey Lauren- we should start a coconut oil lovers! no boys allowed! Thank you for brainstorming the raw nanaimo bars! I'm so going to run with it and see how it goes soon. These are truly a craving of mine that never diminishes:)

Hey Lauren- glad you liked the surveys..I love learning about everyone too:)

Hey Aletheia - Thank you for kind thoughts on my worst meal..ya, not fun! I know the giant bunny story is hilarious but it was devistating when I found him half his size lol! I am so jealous you get to meet Brendan...take a picture and tell us all about it! I hope he comes "home" soon so I can meet him in person:)

HiHoRosie said...

I'm so far behind on blog reading! So I'm a bit late to this party. Forgive me.

Hey loved this. And I love the smell of fresh strawberries too. Nothing like it. :)