Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend away

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I just landed in Vancouver from my delayed flight out of Castelgar! I'm not drinking a soy latte but I am having veggies and sophisticated, right? I am very disappointed cancel-gar didn't happen but oh well, workshop time it is for me. I am actually doing a Dale Carnegie workshop on creating outstanding presentations. I'm not sure why my bosses wanted me to take this workshop as I don't do presentations as part of my! I foresee that is going to change! Anywho, today I wanted to share with you my long weekend trip!

But before I get started, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my gratitude post. Wow, I was totally taken aback by your kind words and how I provided a reminder of how good our lives really are:) To be honest, I thought people wouldn't really be interested in what I'm grateful for. Boy, was I wrong! I'm excited to see your gratitude posts in the future too.

Onto the weekend!We left pretty late Friday night as it was Ry's second last shop day at school so the teacher let them stay late to finish up their projects. We had a full car load once again, including out fur baby who wasn't too impressed to be locked in his cage! After half and hour he settled down and was content at looking out the front window.

I was fasting so no road trip eats for me, but I stocked up on some goodies for Ryan!

Some organic apples and bananas, goji berries, walnuts, Brazil nuts, medjool dates, and Vega shake and go that I won on the Vega site! No, he didn't eat all of this food...I wanted to have some healthy eats for the whole time we were there. Whose kidding who, this lasted about a!

The trip went smoothly and we luckily didn't come too close to hitting any dear or wildlife. There was one massive dear that crossed in front of us but thank goodness it was in a 50 zone!
We got to my mom's after midnight so that night was a write-off! The minute I walked into the door there I felt like I was on vacation...and it felt gooood!

Saturday morning we slept in and made breakfast. Mom saw this Dr. Oz show about some benefit of eating bacon, so whenever Ry comes over she practically shoves it down his throat. I've told her that it isn't good for her fragile health to be consuming that crap but she doesn't listen. So I'm done trying to convince her otherwise! I went with the toast plus I tried the Vega Shake & go!

Mmmm....I had the tropical flavor and it was delish! Surprisingly filling too:)

After breakie we headed down to the local farmer's market and holy has it ever grown since a couple of years ago!

Complete with dancing!

There was one raw food stand there but the prices were a little steep to say the least! But, I did pick up a few goodies!

This is called Mizuna and its a relative of kale! Tastes like it but a bit more tart. I really liked it

A bag of local spinach and radishes! The lady who I bought these off of even said that I could eat the radish greens. I gave it a try and they are actually really tasty!

I couldn't resist trying some dried cherries! They are so pricey in stores and so this was my chance to try some homemade dried cherries...yum!

We did a little more grocery shopping and we picked up this awesome pineapple. Can you believe that 3/4 of that went in my tummy! Ya, I totally paid for it with the next day with chapped lips and the inside of my mouth was super sensitive but it was very worth it!

I ate this out in the somewhat sunshine...yes, this is when I got the half burnt!

Nemo is apparently no sun worshipper!

Saturday night we made an amazing meal and had Ryan's dad as our guest! We picked up some local asparagus and I was dying to get my share of this short season!

Mom marinated these and they were beyond delicious! Melt-in-your-mouth good!

Mom also cooked up this long-grain wild rice. I really enjoyed this variety..mmm!

Ya, check out that scrumptious plate...oh I love this dinner- yam fries, asparagus, wild rice, salad with mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, mizuna, arugula, chives (with flowers) and Dijon dressing:)

We finished the night by eating some dark chocolate!

On Sunday I started the morning with my TT workout! Love working out in the morning Even though I had to do that last set indoors because of the rain:) After my workout we headed to my bestie's parent's house to hang out with her family and meet her beautiful daughter:)

I love this place! It's so beautiful and peaceful! Can't wait for Ky's and Jason's wedding to be held here in July..wahoo!

And the beautiful star attraction...CJ! Isn't she just too precious! That hat is courtesy of Auntie Mel:)

Me with my beautiful BFF and her gorgeous daughter! How far we have come from grade 8 hey ky? Loved seeing you and the family and can't wait to be a part of your wedding in July! love ya lots:)

It is such a blast to hang out with Ky's fam. They are such a hoot! We had many a laughs and even got down to a little wedding business too!

We got back late in the afternoon and we were pretty pooped and so we just hung out and laid around and chatted! We ended up renting Kung-Fu panda later on that night. It's such a cute movie! We even had popcorn made in Mom's ancient popcorn maker!

She wasn't prepared for the off-shoot of popcorn lol! hence the two bowls and popcorn everywhere! It was pretty funny.

I also made some blueberry-banana softserve for mom to try out. I think the bananas had been in the freezer a tad bit too long so the taste wasn't as great as it could have been..but I still devoured it:)

I love Mom's place for summer hangouts! It's so awesome and purely relaxing! Can't wait to spend some serious time under that veranda!

Mom loves to garden too and so I'm always in there raiding something! She has some great chives, oregano, and arugula ready right now!

Remember I said she was trying to grow some goji plants from seed. Check them out! Going strong. Can't wait to see if these will produce some fruit in a couple years!

On Monday morning I was feeling a bit guilty of my many indulgences over the weekend so I headed to my old elementary school and did some hill sprints! After that good sweat session, we made some Thrive Pancakes! Oh these are so, so good! I highly recommend them.

I had mine with a homemade blueberry sauce ...mmmm!

I love this sauce dish mom put the blueberries in..soo cute!

So there's most of my least what I took photos of:) Have a great night! I am about ready to get out of the airport now and tackle the skytrain and bus to get to my mother-in-laws! It shall be interesting! I'm not sure when I'll be able to post next as the rest of this week is going to be insane with the move and all our friend's visiting! It might have to be from my new house...does the giddy!


kelli said...

glad you had a great weekend! thanks for sharing!=)

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing about your weekend and all your beautiful pictures! Nemo looks so adorable hiding from the sun.
I've been meaning to try the new Vega smoothies. I just saw them in the store yesterday for the first time but I waited to buy them until I heard what other people had to say (because I had no money that day..didn't really have a choice haha), so thanks for the positive review!
I'm happy you had a good time with your friend and your family :) xo

Nikki said...

Ahhh, restorative weekends at home with friends and family are so nice. I love home-made yam fries. That salad looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend :) And I have to say those blueberries look amazing! Having a serious craving for them now ;) I also have a craving for that tasty pile of veggies you ate!

The place you visited is absolutely gorgeous. It's so picture perfect!

aletheia said...

This post is bursting with sunshine and happiness!! You sound so happy to be on vacay, and I can see why! Gorgeous eats, lovely people, and beautiful scenery. Does it get any better than that?? I also love that you're slurping up the Vega Shake n Go smoothie and making Thrive pancakes -- yay for Brendan Brazier and vega!! woooo!!


bitt of raw said...

aww nemo is so adorable. looks like you had a good time. are the pancakes raw? thrive as in brendan brazier?

Melissa said...

Hey Kelly- Thanks for readin:)

Hey Lauren - I'll tell Nemo you said so..he loves praise HAHA! Yes, definitely give the shake and go's a try..great stuff!

Hey Nikki - Oh yes, it was so nice to just let it all go and relax! Yam fries are a weakness lol!

Hey Diana - I am so addicted to blueberries its not even funny! Can't wait for that season to start so I can stuff my!
Isn't my bestie's parents place so heavenly? love it there!

Hey Aletheia - I'm glad I could pass on some sunshine:) LOVED those pancakes..oh so delish:) YAY for awesome!

Hey Bitt - Nemo is too sweet I love to just pinch his! No, the pancakes are not raw. They are the more traditional pancakes in the Thrive Diet book made with buckwheat flour.

Angela said...

This is a wonderful post! Thanks for taking the time to share it all with us.

CJ looks like a real sweetie:)

Melissa said...

Thank you Angela!!!CJ is a total sweetheart..I was so happy to finally meet her:)