Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pink buckets and computer doctors!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I had this whole wonderful weekend recap post planned for today but my beloved laptop got a virus. Being the independent person I am, I tried to fix it on my own. Ya, not good. My computer ended up not turning on at all after all my efforts! Note to self..you do not have a computer programming degree so go to the experts! Ha! So, I went and dropped her off at the comp doctor and hopefully it won't cost me an arm and a leg! So, all my pictures are stuck on my laptop and so no picture-filled post today. Instead I have decided to talk about something that was discussed in a recent article in The Huffington Post by the famous author and health pioneer, John Robbins.

The article talks about how the biggest grassroots breast cancer advocacy group in the WORLD has now partnered with saturated fat producing, animal cruelty extraordinaire, KFC. There is a national campagne called "Buckets for the Cure."


Basically, $0.50 from every bucket of chicken sold will go to the Komen organization as they spread their "educational message." The message that's okay to eat deep-fried, abused chickens and prevent disease? How can a cancer organization even think about having their name associated with a fast food restaurant. Yes, I know charities need funding but is it worth having your name tainted and your reputation go down the drain? Apparently so. Maybe they are hoping nobody will notice or make a fuss. During a time when cancer and heart disease are at record levels, we need to drop this kind of bullsh*t and tell the truth to a society who is desperately looking for answers.

I like how Mr. Robbins took it a step further and asked why cancer organizations aren't partnering up with cigarette companies, offering cute pink packs to the public. Okay, this is sarcasm, but who knows what greed will make an organization do.

You want to know what's in that batter? Well, according to Natural News the ingredients are basically flour, sugar, salt, and MSG (monosodium glutamate). Every ingredient in that list is a highly processes product and we know that these can wreak havoc on many of our bodily systems. Now, MSG is actually an excitotoxin. What is an excitotoxin you ask? Well they are amino acids that also serve as neurotransmitters to the brain. These can cross the blood-brain barrier and "excite" the neurons of the brain to exhaustion. These neurons then die off! MSG has also been linked to obesity, cancer, and neurological disorders. Creepy stuff!

Now, you are going to take that abused chicken and cover it in cancer-laiden batter...then what?..you are going to deep fry the heck out of it? Are you crazy? KFC is! Frying starches at such high temperatures creates acrylamides which increase your risks for many types of cancer including ovarian and kidney!

All in all Robbins calls this a publicity stunt by KFC to improve their image due to all the bad publicity they have received lately with their nutritionally-dead, artery-clogging products and their horrific cruelty practices taking place in their slaughterhouses. How pathetic, in my opinion. It really pisses me off when a big company hides from the blood on their hands. Grow up and clean up your act or disappear! The Komen foundation isn't a pure angel either and some might say let them deal with the backlash of their new campagne partner. Yet, someone needs to send a better message to this dying society. For goodness sakes, we are eating ourselves to death! When is the broccoli farmer going to get some recognition for supplying one of the best cancer fighting foods out there?

There are my thoughts for today's outrageous business partnership. What are your thought?

PS It's storming outside and I kind of like it. Once and awhile I love to hunker down and stay inside. Do you love storms?

PPS I'm doing another 24 hour fast and so we shall see how it goes this time:)


Kilee Johnson said...

This is CRAZY! I didn't even know that KFC did that because I don't pay any attention to their advertising. Wouldn't a normal person stop and think for a moment, "Why would I want to support a money hungry fast food chain in order for a breast cancer foundation to receive 50 cents. I should just donate to the foundation." Hmmm, some people surprise me!

kelli said...

i am so glad you brought this up, and i like your take on it.

we were joking that they'll start doing "pink" tanning beds.=)

i stopped supporting the sgk foundation when i learned that consuming a lot of dairy could cause breast cancer. to think they have been doing those pink foil lid things with yoplait for years! let's just say i started seeing connections that didn't sit well with me...

the corporate powers-that-be ruin a lot of good things with their greed. it's disappointing because i'm sure the foundation was started with the best intentions.

anywho, i hope your computer gets better soon!

and yes, i love staying in when it's stormy outside. the bed is always a happier place in the gloomy weather!

Nelly said...

melster! holy s**t! i heard about this, but didn't really think because i hadn't had the chance?!

are they serious? this is truly happening? wow! i am at a loss for words, all that wants to come out is profanity!

this makes me angry, why would the cancer society be ok with this? why are they asking KFC of all fast food chains for help? are they trying to tell people it's ok to eat this food that is pretty much poison on a drumstick???

they should totally team up with the tobacco companies next, god knows young girls might try to get their hands on pretty pink cigarette packages! ugh!

i love stormy days. it gives me an excuse to relax!

good luck with the fast my lady and i hope your computer is feeling better soon...


have a beautiful day!

Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Don't even get me started girl.....oiye...it makes me so mad that fast food companies support these things when they are a reason people have cancer! Poor food = poor body. ughhh!

Great post!


Lori said...

yeah, KFC, no thank you. You're not helping anyone but yourself. yeah, they're "trying" to do good but really, stop double frying your chicken.

Great post!

Melissa said...

Hey Kilee Johnson - I so agree..but people are too clouded by advertising and gimics...sad!

Hey Kelli - Pink tanning beds..HA! you never know these days..its scary how skewed everything is! YES!! those foil things (its been a long time since I bought yogurt so I forgot about that)...seriously!

Hey Nelly - I know its so crazy and it pisses me off because there are some people who just don't know any better and think they are doing a favor by buying cancerous chicken. And that organization should be ashamed of itself (in my opinion). Pink ciggie...ya, I'm surprised its not here...maybe soon..grrr! Thanks for the wells wishes..I'm doing great thanks...the computer we shall have to see haha!

Hey Kris - I know..right when Jamie was starting his food revolution this comes...beyond words my dear!

Hey Lori - amen sista! some common sense is needed ASAP! PS I'll be making my salad post soon. I'm just waiting for the comp to get fixed up as it has all my picts on it:)

nutellacube said...

i'm shocked. wow. great to know though, now i will be doing homework on charities i donate to. jesus.

ps. great blog melissa - i'll be reading it from now on! great to be reminded of my bc roots :)

HiHoRosie said...

Ugh! Please don't even get me started on this! LOL! But seriously, WTF?! I mean come on! And MSG...ooh, bad stuff! I wrote about that on my blog awhile back too because I had a horrible reaction to it. And now KFC is proud of their latest stupid gross sandwich which only compounds the health problems we have. ENOUGH! I am disappointed in the Komen Foundation, I'm sure Susan would not have approved but tells me it's all about dollars and it's so sad.

Oh congrats on the win at Averie's blog! :)

Lauren said...

This is insane! And utterly ironic. Teaming up with something that causes cancer to raise money for cancer prevention? Lame. Definitely pisses me off too.
Also, it just gives people another reason to eat fast food. I mean, if you are going to eat it then you are going to eat it...but I'm sure some people will now think "Oh, no reason to give up KFC, I'm supporting a good cause." Which is just BS because they are actually poisoning themselves and might not even know it. Cancer foundations should be "outing" fast food chains like KFC, raising awareness about their cancer-causing agents, and not partnering up with them.
Thanks for writing about this..I hadn't heard about it yet but its an interesting read (although it is also saddening)
I hope your laptop gets all fixed soon, it sure is annoying when when they break down!
I'm not a huge fan of storms, but I guess I don't mind them as long as I'm inside. I would take sunshine over a storm any day though. I was born on a hot day in July so I always say that I was born to be in the sun. Yeah, I'm really corny..
Good luck with your fast, and congrats on winning the coconut oil hair treatment giveaway! <3

shannonmarie said...

My hubby works on computers for a living, but even he can make the situation worse. When it is our computer, he uses it to test all the options. You know; the things he wouldn't dare do at work. He's even taken one of ours apart and put it back together again, just to see if he could. Crazy I tell ya.

That chicken campaign is even more ridiculous. I thought it was a bad joke the first time I heard about it.

Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Added you to the 'roll doll! Thank you!


aletheia said...

WHAT?! NO WAY!! SHUT UP - Is this for real?!?

Buckets for the CURE?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Might I suggest "BUCKETS FOR MANURE" ?

OK sorry. But that's just ridiculous.

Now that I'm done freaking out, I'll make it my mission to do what I always did in the food courts -- ignore KFC. :)

OK now as for your P.S.:

YES! I LOVE STORMS! I love an excuse to stay indoors, bum around, and be productive (or not). :)

Here's MY P.S. --


bitt of raw said...

i think it's disgusting. but we canuse it as a chance to educate people on how meat can cause cancer. maybe that will safe some lives.

Melissa said...

Hey nutellacube - Hello fellow BC lady! Glad I could shine the light on the situation..it needed to get out!
Thank you for your sweet words about my blog...you as well! I will be a follower for sure:)

Hey Heidi - Tell me about it! And yes, MSG is brutal stuff! My mom gets bad reactions from it too..yuck! I totally don't think Susan would have wanted it that way either which is too bad:(
PS thank you for telling me about the win on Averie's site. I wasn't able to access her site (my other comp doesn't like the script for some reason)!

Hey Lauren - Thank you for your awesome insight on this craziness!! I totally think people will "fall" for this gimic thinking they are making a difference. Who knows maybe eating that chicken will cause them to use the Komen foundation in the future..what a viscious cycle. I was born in spring so ya maybe that's why I kind of like them. But I take 40 degree weather over storms everyday:)

Hey Shannonmarie- That's too funny about the hubby and computers. I don't know what I would do if I walked into the office and saw my computer in a million pieces..lol!

Hey Aletheia - buckets for manure is more like it..we should start out own campagne! It's so beyond rediculous it does seem like a joke! Loved your interview and thank you for the contest:)

Hey Bitt - Really good point Bitt! Natural News has taken this to the streets to tell people about it so maybe that helped:)