Monday, September 27, 2010

Update: Wacky weekend (Nemo's brother pictures)

Happy Monday all!

                How was your weekend? Fun? Crazy? laid-back? Well, mine was more a combo of all those things.

Friday night was pretty mellow which is the usual at my house. We take some time to wind down and just chill. We ended up having pizza and splurging further more on 85% dark chocolate (ya baby!!). We also caught up on some Dexter:)

Then Saturday came and things started going downhill.

I was working away in the kitchen when the hubby surfaced from the garage and asked me for some paper towels. I didn't know what was going on so I brought some over to him. He said that the handle on his jack dislodged and he punched the ground..hard. He was in quite the shock and didn't even know that at time that he split open his pinkie finger..blah! So, off he goes to the emergency to get stitched up and looking back now, I probably should have driven him:( Anyways I'm stuck at the house keeping guard of the precious truck that is now half way out of the garage on a hoist. I was going to go to an open house for pole dancing fitness classes with my cuz but I guess it just wasn't in the books for that day.

It was actually a beautiful day so I quickly got a workout in, made Ry a batch of cookies, and then got down to some organic chemistry business outside in the glorious sunshine.

And guess what?...even this dandilion is confused by this sudden visit of Mr. Sun.
Heidi, Spring may actually be back :)
I have one canna lily that bloomed! I think the colors are so beautiful!

It's funny because I don't particularly like the color orange..but in this flower and in my favorite flower, Bird of paradise, I think it's just stunning!

If you look closely, you can see another dollop of orange in that last picture...

 HAHA..he does this all the time now when I'm studying. Who knew cats like organic chem?

And again!! Love the little legs tucked in:)

Ryan made it out of the hospital after 3.5 hours:( There were only two doctors on duty.. On a Saturday? Bizarre!  He needed 4 stitches but thankfully he didn't fracture or break his hand. Being the guy that he is, he got right back at it and began working on his truck again. I guess it helped that his finger was frozen but I'm sure the doc wouldn't have approved.

We went to a dinner party on Saturday night which was alright. We only knew two people so it was bit awkward but we got to try some amazing home brews. They even had a chocolate beer and let me tell you it was AWESOME!

On Sunday my knee went out. I had some treatments on it in the past but I guess I need a few more. It was a bit scary as it happened as I was about to go down my stairs at home. Luckily I was able to catch myself. Then Ryan admitted that his knee was throbbing..he probably hit it at the same time he punched the ground, even though he says he doesn't remember.

So, we both hobbled around and made our way to his sister's 30th birthday party! Something happened here as well. My SIL's boyfriend lives in a very beautiful, secluded neighborhood but on Sunday a lady found herself on their street, parked in her car, sleeping off her drunkenness. After some members of the party made their way out to her car, they thought it best to call 911 as it took them a long time to wake her up and who knows what else she may have been on. So, this quiet street became a hub of fire trucks, ambulance, and police. Luckily she was okay and I think they took her to the station so she could sleep it off some more. I'm just glad that she didn't kill someone on the road!! And if she needs it, I hope she gets some help.

So, I never really got much kitchen time in at all but today I'm craving a hearty soup to go along with a serving dark skies and pouring rain. Sorry for the lack of pictures..I'm still nervous taking photos of food and such in situations where I don't know too many people. I'm sure this will change:) What do you think about my crazy weekend?  I think the saying ..."when it rains, it pours" suits my weekend theme perfectly:)

PS There is going to be a new member of our family joining us really soon. He is at my mom's right now but we will be picking him up this weekend. I hope to get some pictures to share with you all very soon. Nemo is getting a brother!

And stay tuned this week for some hazelnut picking, adventures downtown, and more!

Okay my cousin just sent me some pictures of the new kitty from my mom ( mom doesn't have a computer). Baah he is so cute!

 Hanging out with grandma!
 Te he!! so tiny and sweet! My mom said he was crying a lot. He was missing his brothers and sisters:( Don't worry little guy, you are going to have a big brother soon enough!

Where's Junior? HAHA that's what Ryan wants to call him. We shall see!
I'm so excited to bring him home..Nemo is going to be so happy..hopefully:)


HiHoRosie said...

Thanks for the shoutout sweetie! It was a nice saturday (weather wise) wasn't it? Gorgeous really.

Love the pics of Nemo and can't believe he's going to be a big brother! yay! Hope he adjusts well to the new family member.

That orange flower is beautiful!

Crazy weekend indeed. Glad Ryan's pinkie is okay now just hope both of your knees are okay!

It's hard going to functions where you don't know many people. Good thing you and Ry had each other. Makes it a little better.

I can't wait for pics of the new family member! But I'll be patient. :)

kelli said...

oh my goodness, junior is adorable!!! nemo, too. i'm sure they'll be very happy together! i'd love to get biggles a little sis but we're not sure if how she'll feel about that. i think if it's meant to be the mystery will send us a cat.=)

hope your knees better as well as ry's pinky! tell him next time to punch something a little softer, like a pillow.;)


kelli said...

oh wait, i just realized ry probably punched it accidentally! whoopsie - i've been around too many angry men!=)

HiHoRosie said...

Oh you updated with pics of Jr.! Love him! He's so adorable!

Cosmic said...


Nelly said...

poor ry! i don't know what i would have done in that situation...prolly pass out from all the blood...i wouldn't be any good at driving anyone anywhere! i suck when it comes to blood...ugh!

i didn't understand why you don't want to post pics of food? did something happen? did i miss something?

i also am not a fan of going somewhere where we don't know many people...i would also feel VERY awkward...john and i went to a wedding once and only knew the bride and groom...we were able to make friends and chat with a few people...but that's it...and yah pretty awkward. we had fun with each other though...i guess that is all that matters.

omg. i love little junior...and nemo's little leg tuck...adorable...i really want a kitten...and pics of little junior reinforce that! and nemo of course...gosh i love nemo!!!

have a beautiful week my friend. hope your soup was soothing.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad your hubby didn't get more hurt than just his finger! That is dangerous!!!!! Oh my!

Dexter: LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE that show! Did you already finish the last season (before the one that just started)?!?!?!? It was sooo good. Wow. Sorry, I get really into shows I like (not too many, but Dexter is one of them).

Chocolate beer?????? You must tell me what kind it was!

Oh, and that kitten is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

that pic of Nemo is so cute it squeezed my heart!!!

crazy weekend, I agree. mine was so boring in comparison.

good luck with the new kitty!

Melissa said...

Hey Heidi - Your welcome for the shoutout!
As for gatherings, sometimes the crowd is really good and includes others..but that's not too often. I'm so excited to bring kitty home!! Nemo is going to have to learn to share the couch HAHA!

Hey Kelli - Ya, I'm a little nervous bringing the new kitty home but I read that adult cats are more accepting of kittens than grown up cats so we shall see.
HAHA..I would definitely not have any pity for him if he punched the ground of his own doing LOL!

Hey Cosmic -thank you!!!

Hey Nelly - Oh man a wedding would be super hard! Especially if they put you at a lame table! As for the food picts..I didn't take any because I didn't want to bust the camera out in front of anyone:)Thanks for the Nemo and new kitty love! You should so get a precious:)

Hey Lori - I know hey? It could have been bad! YAY for Dexter love:) I'm now on season excited to get caught up!! The chocolate beer was a home it's a secret recipe I guess lol!

Hey Torri - Thanks for the Nemo love:) Mine was bad exciting though HAHA! I'm sure yours was injury free at least:)