Friday, September 24, 2010

Some of my favorite things and sites....

Hey Oprah does a show on it, I thought why not blog about it? Just a note before you get all excited, I'm not giving away any cars or vacations. Bummer. Hold tight though because I MAY win the lotto..just maybe:)

 Anywho, how are we all doing this Friday? I'm buzzed...on coffee. I'm fasting today so I am drinking my overload of coffee this morning lol! Here is our new favorite brand, Kicking Horse. I heart Oso coffee but I cannot find it around my neck in the woods. I know you can order it online but I might as well branch out and try some different, local companies.

Fun story!

Great labels!

This is what you want to see from a coffee company!

I love dark,dark coffee

So, here we go! In no particular order....

I originally heard about this site on Oh She Glows and it's awesome! If you need some inspiration for renovations on your home, check this site out. You will be amazed at what this couple can do on a small budget!

Happy.Healthy.Life has an amazing list or vegan sites and blogs to check out. This is where I found Food Gawker. This is food porn to a whole new level! The site is beautifully laid out and is updated hourly! It is by no means complete but it provides amazing inspiration and new ideas. There are more gawker categories too including weddinggawker and craftgawker.

3. Glass jars

As you saw in my homemaker post, I use a ton of glass jars! I think they are the be-all-and-end-all of food storage and so much more. A non-toxic, attractive way to store sauce, dried goods, herbs, hemp seeds, figs, WHATEVER! I also use them to hold my craft supplies like buttons and ribbon. Plus, I bet your local thrift store has a good stash of them so they are economical too!
PS this is my dream pantry...actually Angela's is at the top!

4. Dry-skin brush

Removing dead skin cells, activating the lymphatic system, and so much more, skin brushing is an easy way to help your body do a little detoxifying! Grab a natural-hair brush at your local health food store or online and start brushing. Check out my older post on the topic as it goes into more detail!

Okay, I might be the last person on the planet to know about this, but it is awesome!! Sometimes my play list just won't do and new music is needed. I love that I can listen to whatever music genre I am in the mood for at the time. When I work out it's electronica, when I'm studying it's classical.  What's your favorite station/genre on there?

I have been rocking these workouts lately and I'm loving them. They are short but INTENSE! Zuzana is great at explaining the exercises and watching her go through the workouts really helps with exercises that are a bit more complex. Cleavage aside, this site rocks and has added a new dimension to my workouts! I was even doing dive bomber exercises. Demi Moore does these in GI the water:)

7. Happy vegan chocolate chip cookies

This is my go-to recipe for making chocolate chip cookies. It's super fast and customizable (different oils, flours etc). These disappear fast in my house!

That's it for now! I'm always on the lookout for fun sites and gadgets!
Any new sites or things that you are gaga for?
Have a great weekend! I've only got a dinner on Sunday planned so far so that leaves lots of kitchie time:) I'll be sure to share the successes..and failures with you all:) XOXO


Katie said...

Since I study birds, I require that all coffee I drink is shade grown and love when I see others drinking it!

I keep saying I am going to try one of those bodyrock workouts but the cleavage scares me/annoys me away. Mayeb this weekend it'll happen.

griffen said...

i can't drink coffee because it makes me a little crazy. i have a very little tolerance for caffeine.

but cookies on other hand i love. love love love.

glass jars to, all of my friends think im crazy because im either a) always drinking smoothies out of glass jars or b) bringing sides from home in mason jars

Kris said...

Ooooo I love the kicking horse brand!! This coffee is majorly delish and I could really use some right now!

These cookies look fab and I just realized it has been some time since I baked a batch off cookies. I have been on this muffin craze right now that my cookies fell to the side.

I can imagine they are gone very, very fast!


Angela said...

i'm so glad i found your blog because i never heard of itunes radio either! awesome, my playlist is getting pretty rusty itself :)

HiHoRosie said...

Fun list! those cookies looks scrumptious and I heart Angela's pantry! I want one too. and mmm coffee... (although, I'm not drinking any right now but it's yummers!)

bitt said...

I got lost on one of your links and forgot to come back and say thanks!

Melissa said...

Hey Katie - I think it's so cool that you are studying birds:) I like helping companies out who consider all life as in need of protecting:)I know the cleavage's overboard but the workouts are a lot of fun and I like how varied they are..I'm never bored!

Hey Griffen - Drinking coffee makes me crazy too day a week crazy is okay with me:) Yay for cookie love!!!
I'm so proud that you are sporting the glass jars everywhere!!!

Hey Kris - Yay for Kicking Horse love:) I need to get on the muffin train as I've seen yours and I know I'm missing out:)

Hey Angela - Welcome!! YAY I'm glad that I could introduce you to itunes will love it!

Hey Heidi - thanks hun!! We need to have a pantry building party LOL!

Hey Aimee - Glad they grabbed your interest:) Have fun!

Laury@TheFitnessDish said...

Oh Poo, i thought you were giving away a car to all your readers ;-)

I LOVE my dry brush!!!!