Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aventuras en salsa haciendo :Part 2

Hello Wednesday!

How are you all doing today? I feel like I haven't had a chance to do much of anything these past few days! On Monday Ry and I went down to Bellingham as he was nervous about where he parked his NEW TRUCK (not brand new..but you get my drift)!! wahoo! He finally found a truck that was descent and he bought it even though he had to drive nearly 5 hours...across the border to get it. I was looking on craigslist everyday and then emailing and phoning people. That was stressful enough dealing with the wackos on there. I think Averie agrees! As we are exporting the vehicle to Canada there have been some tense moments as there is a lot of paper work involved. Tomorrow is going to be the tensest of them all as we attempt to bring the truck across the border...eek! I'm sure all will go well but those border workers scare the heck out of me lol!

While we were in Bellingham I made a few stops:)

I desperately needed new kicks as my gym shoes were pretty sad looking. I picked up a different brand than I usually go for -Asics. They were the ones that fitted the best and were able to accommodate my insole. I need to wear an insole as I have such a huge arch in my foot that when I step it needs support or I will walk with a very uneven step which has great implications for my knees.

They are really comfy and so far so good at the gym! I'm quite picky with shoes..and it started from baby one, seriously. My mom has this picture of me as a toddler just screaming my head off with my new shoes on LOL! I guess I couldn't say "no" at this point yet!

I also stopped by this place...

Wahoo!! TJ's! HAHA can you tell I'm a tourist? I didn't pick up too much just walnuts, Brazil nuts,almonds, and raw almond butter. Much cheaper than back home:) Plus a dark chocolate bar! I've never seen so much choice in chocolate! I'm sure I would have caused more damage but my banker (hubby) was trailing me the whole time LOL. I still get a shock every time I got to a grocery store in the US and see the liquor isles. If you didn't know, Canadian liquor is sold only in government and private liquor stores.

After getting kicked out of TJ's prematurely due to my banker's hunger, we headed downtown Bellingham and found a fun burger joint. I didn't take any pictures but it was a great place that had many veggie options. Plus their beef was grown from a farm in Oregon and they were grass fed without any other crap that factory farmed cows are given. Sorry no pictures:(

Then last night I came home after the gym, scarfed down a salad, and went out for coffee with my cuz. It was nice to catch up on everything in each of our lives. Once I got home the hubs and I watched an episode Dexter! Love this show..even though there is a lot of murdering going on. I love the's so dry and maybe that's what makes it so hilarious to me. I know it's that time of what shows are you anxiously waiting for? I'm looking forward to some more Glee. It's my "happy" show..I watch it if i want to get a smile on my face without me even trying:) Plus I'm still catching up on Dexter (I'm on season 2) and True Blood too.

Okay enough about TV..onto some farming!

Continuing on with the post of my salsa making weekend, I wanted to share with you our adventures on Sunday when we went to an organic farm to pick some tomatoes...or so I thought!We arrived at Covert Farms and to my utter disbelief...they still had strawberry u-pick! So, we grabbed two extra buckets..besides the two buckets for tomatoes and off we went.

To the right it pretty much all strawberries..I seriously could have stayed there all day...and ate of course:) But the scenery isn't too shabby either!

Row on row of strawberries. These were of the "everberry" variety!

I see you..beautiful, organic strawberry, you!

My mom and I both love nature and it's bounty and so you this is where we like to go hang the berry fields:)

As you can see, my mom was finding all the "big kahuna" berries!

See! Look at those things....Mmm!

Then after we had to literally drag ourselves away from the berries, we made our way to the roma cemetery! There were so many tomatoes just laying on the ground. Bah! I wish there was a way to save all those tomatoes and give them to the needy...another project for me, perhaps?

There is something about picking tomatoes..I start dreaming of sauces and salsa, salads and "sun-dried" goodness.

EEK!! Mr. Spider I almost went right for you as a juicy tomato is on that branch. Fine, you can have it!

After about 5 minutes of picking we had over 20lbs of Roma's. So, so delicious!

watermelon fields. These were off--limits from u-pick! Darn!

Purslane! One of my favorite weeds to eat:) Their plants looked like shrubs there were so big!

I picked as much as I could as my plant is quite pitiful compared to these! It is fantastic in green monsters, by the way:) Funny story too about how they started growing purslane. One of the owners of a very famous restaurant in my home town was up at the farm one day and saw the workers ripping it out and tossing it aside. She told the farm that that is food and they should let it grow. So the farm began growing purslane for her and then it caught on how healthy it is and so they had to grow more!

Probably my favorite picture from the day! Right next to the purslane was the marvelous, intoxicating smell of basil. I picked a bunch and hopefully I will have enough to freeze or dry. If I don't eat it all in tomato basil salads.

Cherry tomatoes that were taller than me!

A wee baby artichoke!

At the main building they have a cafe, wine tasting, home made gelato, and so much more! They even have a kids play area so its a great place to bring the family for the day! And the organic factor is so awesome too!

We stayed there so long that I left a lot later than I had planned. Oh well! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Now, one other item we picked up were some tomatillo's!

Which were made into a delicious green salsa. Oh so delicious..the picture does not do it justice!

And the recipe for you to try at home!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Laury @The FitnessDish said...

There are SOOOOO many wackos in Craigslist, UGH, I have had to deal with my fair share in the past..I try to stay off there if I can help it!!

Thanks for the recipe, that's great you got to go to Trader Joes!!

Katie said...

Oh my god!!!! Your day looks like it was so much fun! All these exclamation points are necessary, because I am so jealous!!!

I would have been like a kid in a candy store, with a stupid looking grin on my face the whole time. Seriously. I love u-pick farms! Those romas...I would have not been abelt to leave the sitting on the ground.

bitt said...

You were down close to me! Glad you found some good stuff in Washington State.

I love Glee and I am looking forward to Dexter coming back too.

The farm looks so fresh and amazing. wish I was there.

griffen said...

i love me some tomatillos!

kelli said...

i don't like border patrol either! i guess i'm old-fashioned and think we should all be able to roam freely, as it's our god-given right. it's also not cool that i had to wait in line forever last time, and the man went through my trunk, including my dirty laundry bag! i wanted to ask him what he was looking for - did i really look like a threat?!

anyway, cute shoes, and love that you and your mom made salsa. and that farm - amazing! thanks for transporting me there with the photos!=)

Maggie said...

Aww I'm so envious that you got to visit a trader joe's! I really wish they would bring them here :(

Your trip looked like fun, fun! I adore that farm you went to with your mom, amazing :) I'm tempted to take a trip over just to check out this farm! Thanks for mentioning Purslane, I've never tried it and now totally want too! I love finding new weeds/greens to try out :)

And as for TV shows, I follow about 3. True blood is one of them and season 3 just ended :( A 9 month wait now. I kinda feel about True Blood as you do about Dexter..dry humor with a bit of blood and gore mixed in lol :) I'm waiting to watch Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory tonight! They will fill my True Blood void for awhile lol :)