Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yo-Yo everyone!

How are you? We are inching our way to the weekend and I'm excited! Anyone else get a long weekend? I have a bunch of plans in the works but that could change at any! We are planning to go to the island as the hubby may end up looking at a truck out there. Then we are hoping to have some people over for din-din one night which will be fun. I'm already thinking about the! Does that surprise you??

I know my title makes no sense...kind of! I didn't want a long title so I smooshed the words together..and the outcome is rather French-like wouldn't you say mes amies?

First up are the cherries! And not just A was a cherry BOMB!!! Yes, I finally made Kristen Suzanne's cherry chocolate bomb shake and hot damn! It's fantastic. I made mine using the most amazing coconut water I have ever tasted, hemp seeds instead of the protein powder, and dutch cocoa because I'm out of the raw stuff. All I can say is...YUM!! I didn't even put any greens in it..GASP! I was in the mood for something different. Do not fret, I made it again the next day and added some lettuce:) I think what really made it over the top for me was the use of coconut water instead of filtered water.


I love this photo!

I swear these zucchs grew overnight. I was checking my garden every day or so and I didn't see anything. Then after a few days of not attending to my garden due to torrential down pours, there were 4 huge zucchs!!! YAY!! I was feeling pretty down because they would grow for a bit and then shrivel up. Apparently this is normal behaviour from the zucchini though:)I have big plans for these beauties! Ryan has already claimed one..or two for zucchini bread:) I plan to make my fave raw hummus from the amazing Nikki! I know I rave about this stuff over and over..but I just LOVE it! I also plan on roasting some:)

I'm sure you already figured out the "bouch" part of my guessed second batch of kombucha is ready! Unfortunately it's not very good because of my forgetfullness of the sugar. I added some in later on but I think that screwed up the process a bit and it's very tart. Live and learn!

bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble!!!

I borrowed this seedling heat mat for my little ghosts here because my house is cooling down with all this fall-like weather we are having. I tell ya, it works like a charm!

I'm starting batch #3 this weekend! Plus I have some BIG plans with this crazy concoction coming up..I'm just getting in some research and laying some ground work!

Nemo was quite the snob and would not have anything to do with the kombucha! LOL!

My sammieee was amazing! I don't what it is about the tomato-cucumber combo that gets my mouth watering. I added in some kale my greenery and for the piece de resistance, some of my sour cream and onion cashew cheese.

Oh this was good!!

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your Thursday:) I'll be back soon to share with you the course I'm taking and why, my okanagan bounty, and many more musings I'm sure!

PS Alisa of One Frugal Foodie has put together an amazing recipe e-book...and it's FREE! It's called Smart School Time Recipes and there are contributions from a ton of bloggers. So, go check it out:) Thank you Alisa for your hard work!


Laury @The FitnessDish said...

I love the combo of tomatoes and cucumbers!!!

I want your garden btw...or for you to be my special gardening consultant, haha

I heart Nemo :-)

Melissa said...

Hey Laury!! I would love to pass along my green thumb!!!
Nemo hearts Munchkin...I know they would be pals:)

bitt said...

coconut water is a great smoothie addition. good stuff. hmm, i bet if you let the booch ferment a little more it might turn out ok. never know.i love the seed warmer idea. i am using a heating pad. :-)

as usual nemo is so cute. even when being a snob!

Cosmic said...

Nemo is a cutie(cute name too:) for sure!

evergreen said...

Love the cute name of this post, and all the things in it! Have a wonderful weekend:)

sophia said...

I'm part of Alissa's project! Isn't she just a rockstar for putting it together?

I've heard that zucchinis really grow fast and wild. Lucky you!

Kris | said...

Awww Nemo! Look at that sweet yet I bet quite sassy ;)

Girl, I need your garden! What the heck! These zucchini's look amazing!! Nothing beats veg from your own garden.

Make that bread girl!


Jessica said...

Love your sandwich. Yummy!

Mary @ Bites and Bliss said...

This may seem like a silly question..but what exactly is kombucha? Oh, and that chocolate cherry bomb shake sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment to say I love your blog- it's very entertaining and informative :)
Your kombucha looks great. I can't wait until I finally start making some.
And your smoothie is making me seriously jealous that I can't get young coconuts here in Madrid :(

Melissa said...

Hey Aimee - I did end up leaving the bouch for a bit it's really strong:) Ry actually said he liked it better. Go figure LOL! Love that you are using a heating pad ..hey, if it works..why not!

Hey Cosmic - thank you for the Nemo love:)

Hey Angela - thanks hun!!

Hey Sophia - I saw your recipes in there...yum!! thank you for your recipes:) And yes, Alisa is awesome!!

Hey Kris - thanks girl!! I plan on making some serious bread!! I made some this weekend but it didn't turn out as I had hoped..thank goodness I have some more to work with:)

Hi Jessica - thank you for stopping by:) glad you liked my sammie!!

Hey Marie - that is not a silly question at all. I'll email you some more info on kombucha! You HAVE to try the cherry bomb shake..seriously so good!

Hi Sacredstrawberry - Awe..thanks hun for the blog love..I so appreciate it! You should definitely make easy and delish!! Oh young coconuts?? Maybe you can just buy the coconut water somewhere? Thank you for reading!

HiHoRosie said...

I'm working on getting caught up on blog reading. :)

I haven't tried Kristen's cherry bomb shake yet but have heard nothing but yummers about it. Must try soon!

Nemo, he is a snob and I love that about him. hee hee!

WTG on the booch. Mmm...good stuff no doubt!

And the sammie? yummers!