Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinner In

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Hope everyone had an awesome labour day weekend! Sorry for the absence! I was on the move a lot and I also started my course which I'll tell you about it in another post. But today I wanted to share with you a very special dinner that the hubs and I had last week:)

Before dinner I made myself this amazing juice! My next round of wheatgrass was just screaming "JUICE ME" so I agreed:)

I picked this beet out of my garden just minutes before I juiced it. Love that!

The beautiful end result! wheatgrass-carrots-beets-beet tops

Mmm so good!

I was enjoying my juice out on the patio when this crazy guy spoiled my view LOL!
Pet me already!!!

As for dinner, I had this idea come to me at the last minute. I quickly cleaned off the table that was quickly become scrap paper/business receipts/school info central! Then I placed some mason jars and candle holders on the table! Last but not least, I put the glass jar out that contained the sand from the ceremony of our wedding.

My thought was to make a non-special order-in-meal....a special event where I would even dress up for the occasion. I find I don't take the opportunity to make something we do everyday...FUN!! The best part...I just cleaned off my kitchen table...took me 10 minutes!

I got dressed up in a fun dress and surprised the hubby when he came home with our favorite Indian cuisine! He was really surprised and he even played along and got all dressed up!

I find in relationships you can get caught up on constantly creating new excitement where you have to keep doing/buying new things (yes, I'm guilty!). But the simple things in life can and NEED to be fun too!

What simple things do you do to add fun to the mundane?

The beer..I mean bouch! Yes, we had kombucha in martini glasses. Classy, hey?

Mmmm so, so good!

Dinner was served! Naan bread, mixed veggie korma, rice, butter chicken (hubby), and a salad!

It was so much fun to dress up at home and have a candlelight dinner! I was smiling from ear to ear:) We don't eat dinner at the table very often so it was a nice change and one we will need to do more often.

Have an AWESOME Tuesday and I'll be back soon with some sort of adventure. Maybe some zucchini bread making as my last attempt wasn't the greatest!!!



Nelly said...

so glad you had fun my friend and that you were able to rekindle some magic...i love that you both dressed up! john and i had so much fun this weekend in the kitchen together...loved every minute of it!!!

nemo is so fabulous! i love him!

OH and i heart indian cuisine!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks fabulous :) Such a fun idea to make things like that special!

And that juice! The color is amazing!

evergreen said...

What a fun idea! Your rainbow juice looks so yummy, and I love the candle with sand from your wedding!


griffen said...

rainbow juice! ah, so lovely.

your dinner looks absolutely beautiful!

Mary @ Bites and Bliss said...

How does wheatgrass taste? I had a shirt a few yearsd ago that said "Wheatgrass tastes funny" so now everytime I see it, I think of that shirt. :P But I'm sure it tastes better than that!

Your date now sound so cute. Dressing up but staying home sounds like fun! It's nice you and your husband can make the ordinary extra special. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! You should definitely check out yoga - hot yoga is what I like best so far. I love the intensity of it, and it's definitely a workout, so I can skip the boring treadmill now - yay!

I look forward to reading your blog! From what I have read so far, you are a vegan?


Kris | said...

Yummm!! What a wonderful dinner in!

You must tell me more about your "beer". Is it good to drink with meals? I have honestly never had it....

I think your juice looks fab, kind of like a hippy shirt!


ps can't wait to hear more about your course!

Katie said...

I love it. You know you're high class when you even take the time to move the food out of the takeout containers and into real ones.

bitt said...

pretty juice.

i love the candle in the sand. might have to try that.

Melissa said...

Hey Nelly - Oh it is so important..that rekindling thing:) glad you had such a fabulous time too! I could eat Indian food at every carb-licious would that be:)

Hi Sacredstrawberry! - Making something special out of the ordinary opened my eyes to what life really is about...those little things!

Hi Angela - thanks was quite a special Wednesday LOL!

Hey Griffen - it's totally rainbow juice!!

Hey Mary - I find that the wheatgrass from my home-grown stuff is more powerful than the stuff you order at a juice bar. So, I find it works really well mixed with sweet veggies like carrots, beets, or even some melon mixed in! Love that shirt HAHA!

Hey Torri - I would love to try hot yoga..I've heard such amazing things about it! I don't really like to label myself because I feel that term doesn't really I say plant-based eater. I eat honey, and will not turn down a piece of my grandma's pie!

Hey Kris - Okay girl when my next batch is ready we need to meet up and you need to try it! that's the name of that juice now...hippie shirt..LOVE IT!

Hey Katie - HAHA I thought about how the styrofoam didn't really fit in !!

Hey Bitt - Candles in sand look amazing!

Laury @The FitnessDish said...

your wheatgrass look BEAUTIFUL! Mine died a looooong time ago :( I wish you could come teach me how to have a green thumb! The juice looks so pretty!! Enjoy the weekend, darling!

HiHoRosie said...

How sweet and fun you did this! So awesome and the best part the Ryan had fun too! Your juice look amazing! Colorful and d-lish!