Monday, July 19, 2010

Bloob picking and vacation time

Happy Monday everyone!
How was your weekend? Mine was busy, busy! On Saturday I got a workout in then I went grocery shopping to numerous stores, picked blueberries, and then had my sister-in-laws over for dinner and a movie! Ya, Let's just say I didn't quite make it through the movie before sleep got the better part of me:) It was a great day though because I LOVE to grocery shop and see what's fresh and in season!

What I love more is to pick bloobs! It's so much fun to be outside in the sunshine picking glorious blueberries. My picking philosophy is 2 in the mouth, 1 in the bucket. HAHA! I was so full by the time I had to go.. but I just couldn't help myself:) The farm that I pick it is literally 2 minutes from my work so I just stop in there on my way home, pick 5 lbs, and I've got dessert! I actually picked on Friday and Saturday..all those berries are gone! Ryan and I are addicts and then we shared a bunch with my SILs on Saturday night. I can't wait to make some fresh, raw dessert with them. I've been drawn to raw pies and tarts lately so I can't wait to try one of those out!
Oh the blueberry...such a marvelous fruit! How I have missed thee!

Mmmm..blueberry heaven!

My stash!

A nice close up!! Are you drooling yet? Or am I the only blueberry fanatic out there?

On Sunday we slept in and man that was nice! We then went to the mall and we did a bunch of shopping for upcoming wedding showers. It's the first time I've been shopping in forever...bummer it wasn't for me lol! I then went to my cousin's wedding shower and we had a good time chatting and playing some fun games! Ohh the memories:) Then I spent the evening stringing up my beans in the garden and working on my secret wedding project!

And some exciting news..well for me anyways..I'm on vacation as of tomorrow!! I'm heading back home to celebrate my best friend's wedding week! She is getting married on Saturday and I'm the maid of honour! I'm going by myself too (Ryan's staying behind until Friday to tend to my garden...and to work) so it's going to be a nice time with my BFF, my mom, and of course this little guy...

Yep, I'm taking Nemo with me because Ryan's schedule is all over the place and so this way he doesn't have to worry and Nemo can hang out with the ladies:) He's such a pro traveler now so we just put him in his cage and go!

I've got a million things to pack including five flats of raspberries and 10lbs of blueberries that my family back home have ordered! I hope my little car makes it!
And for a little bit of is a pict of my dress! I'm actually going to pick it up today in its altered form! I had to take it in a little and I shortened it so that it sits above the knee. Since I'm on the shorter side, I find dresses that go beyond the knee make me look funny. So, I'm showing off a little more leg!! Ha!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be blogging at all the rest of the week as my mom doesn't have the Internet! I may go for an early session at a coffee house or something but I am going to soak up all the time I can because I don't get to see my bestie very often as she lives 10 hours north of me! So, you might see me you might not! If not, I will for sure have a MASSIVE post for you on Monday:)

Have a wonderful week everyone and remember that you are ALL AMAZING!!

Chow for now!!!


kelli said...

mmm blueberries!!! so jealous you went picking! i have to wait til wednesday to get more bloobs.

pretty dress! i really love the color. enjoy your time off with your friend!


bitt said...

5 flats of raspberries? 10 lbs of blues? lucky ducks! I am drooling, I love blueberries. I love all berries so I am content this time of year.

Nemo does not look too happy, perhaps he knows he is about to go in the cage?

Cute dress, love the color. I have one sort of that color I wore to my sister's wedding. Take of pic of you in it!

Laury @The FitnessDish said...


I was matron of honor at my bff's wedding last September...I had more fun at that wedding than I did my own!! Good luck with the speech!! I was super nerv, but once I was up there, I killed it..all you need it to get that first giggle in teh first few seconds, and it's ALL GRAVY!

The color of the dress is so puurty, I LOVE it! I am matron of honor in my cousins wedding in Dec, we're doing red dresses, that plummy color was in teh running though!!


evergreen said...

Yay for blueberries...they are considered a superfood in my book!

Your dress is so beautiful. I hope you will be posting pics of the wedding. Have a great time:)

Love the photo of Nemo...wonder what he is thinking.

Melissa said...

Hey Kelli - Have fun with the blueberries on wednesday. Can't wait to see your creations:)

Hey Aimee- I am so content too! I hate it when its over...that's why I'm stocking my freezer. In fact we need to buy a deep freeze with home many blueberries I want to freeze..obsessed much? LOL!
HAHA Nemo has a love/hate relationship with the cage! He loves it when he can see the road so I'll have to make sure that can happen.I will take a picture for sure. I plan on helping out because her uncle is taking the photos so I want to make sure I get some girly shots in there

Hey Laury - HAHA..I was actually going to ask if people liked it when you called them bloobs..I'll take that as a yes !!You totally reminded me of the speech..ahh..I need to write that. I love red too!! great choice!

Hey Angela - blueberries are a super food for me too...especially because I saturate my system with antioxidents this time of year lol!
Thank you for the sweet dress comment..I will for sure be posting pictures:)
Nemo is a philosophical cat..HAHA..not!

aletheia said...

I absolutely ADORE blueberries. I don't even care that they stain all over my hands and face when I gorge on them like a child on blue crack. Those things are gems. :-)

I also get bummed out about dresses and skirts because I err on the short side too. :-( It looks fabulous though, and I'm sure you'll be rockin' the look!

xo Aletheia

Nelly said...

i love bloobs! i went to the farmer's market this morning to get some wild bloobs and black raspberries but the vendor hadn't set up yet...i'll go at lunch...i can't wait...

the dress is so're gonna rock it...and i totally get being short and things looking funny on us...but you're gorgeous and i can't imagine anything looking funny on you!

have a beautiful time with your mama and your friend...and nemo of course!!!

sending you lots of love...

Anonymous said...

I love blueberries! I've never been blueberry picking (I did go cherry picking once when I was 10...and yes, more cherries ended up in my tummy than in the basket). But blueberries are so good right now, I can't get enough of them.

That dress is gorgeous I love the colour. I hope you and adorable Nemo have a good road trip...and that you have a great time at the wedding! Have fun with your friend. xoxo

HiHoRosie said...

Love the pic of Nemo! such a funny kitty.

We're totally missing out on bloob picking in our own garden because the stupid crows keep eating them! :(

Melissa said...

Hey Aletheia - I look like a kid in a candy store..shoving as many is as possible while looking around to make sure nobody is staring at me and pointing LOL!
Isn't it frustrating?..the clothes thing when you are under 5'5..not fun. I guess I have to become friends with a taylor!

Hey Nelly - Love that you have the market so amazing!

Hey Lauren- Oh you should totally go bloob's awesome..and yummy LOL!

Hey Heidi - cows love blueberries? Who knew! Hope you get some off of the plants:)

HiHoRosie said...

No cows. Just cRows eating our blueberries. Those pesky noisy black birds! :)