Friday, May 21, 2010

What I am grateful for!

Happy long-weekend Friday!

I love this weekend as its the start of garden season and camping season in BC. I'm doing neither this weekend because I'm going on a little roadtrip back home. My bestie is coming down from Northern BC and I finally get to meet her beautiful daughter that was born in March:) Another reason why I'm not camping this weekend is because its a tradition for it to rain on this weekend...and so I'm not taking any chances! To all my fellow Canadian bloggers, enjoy your extra day off:) Today I wanted to talk about what I'm grateful for! I was reading Kris's post and the idea just popped into my head and I knew I had to roll with it. She is always inspiring me, so go check out her blog and be ready to be inspired in so many ways:)

So, here we go! Here is the grateful list for today (tomorrow it will be bigger as life is always producing awesomeness!). These are in no particular order, except #1.

1. The hubster - He is so opposite to me but he completes me. He pushes me even if I don't like it at the time. He has this smile that is so infectious that no matter what is going on, I can't help but smile back. He gives everything to his work (school right now) and inspires me to truly give my 100%. He supports my crazy ideas and most importantly, never makes me feel crazy about those ideas:) He has the guts to stand up to my stubborness. He makes me feel incredibly beautiful and sexy. Thank you love for all you do everyday!!

2. My family - I have a HUGE family. My mom is one of 14 children. I know all my cousins and even some of my second cousins. We rent a church hall to hold Christmas:) Even though I don't like some of their qwarks and such, they are always there and they each are a part of me. I am also grateful for my second family (Ryan's side). They have accepted me with open arms and I feel so loved. The funny thing is, when I was younger we rented several homes from Ryan's grandfather. 6 degrees of seperation anyone? As some of you know, I'm an only child so its been a very fun experience to finally have some siblings, and fantastic, beautiful sisters they are:) Of course, I'm so, so grateful to my Mom for all the sacrifices she made for us while dealing with debilitating chronic pain. She continues to give so much and I only hope that I can provide that much love to my children one day. Thank you to everyone, I appreciate you all!

3. Nelson - I am so grateful that I was able to live in this amazing place for the past 9 months. I have grown so much here and I can't help but think my environment had something to do with it. Sometimes being away from EVERYONE really helps you contemplate your life and how you want to live it. I really found myself here and have become a better wife, daughter, and friend because of it. I feel ready to conquer to world and the craziness of the big city!

4. Healthy food - I feel blessed to live in a country that produces delicous food that is available at any hour of the day. I am so happy to find organic foods in big grocery stores and small corner stores. I love how passionate my current city and my new home are when it comes to producing the best food possible. I am also so excited to have the opportunity to grow my own food:)

5. Wonderful bloggers - You knew I wouldn't leave you out! I cannot tell you how much blogging has enriched my life. You have taught me so much about food, nutrition, exercise, LIFE!, emotions, relationships, and on and on!! I consider you all friends and hope that one day I may meet you in person! Thank you for all you do because it matters and its awesome!

6. Friends - I believe in quality, not quantity when it comes to friends. I have a handful of peeps that are my go-to's for life! I used to not really see the value in having great friends because I was soo independent and though I could keep myself company. I've now come to realize that's not a good way to live life. My friends bring a different perspective, provide new opportunities, and allow for more fun than my,myself, and I could ever come up with!

Friends drive the moving van for 8 hours just to help you move and see your husband's year-end show! Love you all!

PS I still don't have my laptop back yet and so this comp only has some random picts on it. Hence the major use of the wedding picts! Hope you don't mind:)

7. For finding myself - I struggled my whole life to be "myself" rather than what others wanted me to be. I'm grateful for courage and support from the man upstairs who helped me blossom. This quote I thought was perfect:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight as a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom~Anais Nin

I'm still learning everyday and some days really test what I stand for. During these times I tell myself that life is too short and that gives me the drive to carry on and to not hide behind society's mask. I'm so happy to blaze my own trail!

8. Nemo - My favorite kitty! I was never a "cat person." I liked cats but I was would always play with the dogs when they were around. Since Nemo has come into our lives he has melted my heart. He has taught me to love all creatures more and to appreciate their innocence!

9. Education - I truly think that knoweledge is power! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn about whatever I choose. I love that I have access to a gazillion books at the library that I woul need 10 lifetimes to read them all! I always thought my degree wasn't "enough" and that I was never as good as I could be. Now I see it as pure gold as it has helped me find my true passion. It is a huge stepping stone that has helped me experience many amazing things. So, even if I didn't get a 4.0GPA, the education was priceless.

10. Sunshine - I'm so grateful for the arrival of Spring, and soon to be, Summer! I'm a total sun worshipper! I love the warmth and just closing your eyes in the brighteness. Ahh..bliss!
Have a wonderful weekend! I will not have internet connection at the home casa so I'll be posting on Tuesday. Chow for now!
Ps Aletheia is having an amazing Vega giveaway! Plus she did an amazing interview with Brendan Brazier! Great job darlin'!


evergreen said...

Melissa, this post is so beautiful and moving.

Your wedding pictures are gorgeous, and suit this post perfectly.

Thanks for this wonderful reminder to be grateful every day for what we have.

Melissa said...

Hey Angela - Thank you so much for stopping by! You are so sweet..thank you for your kind words! Have an awesome weekend:)

Lauren said...

Happy Victoria day weekend Melissa!
I love this post. I think its so helpful to think of things we are grateful for and actually write them down. It helps us to see the beauty in our lives. Sometimes life gets really hard and we forget about the things that make us happy, and that make us who we are.
Your wedding pictures are are gorgeous. I love the picture of you and hubs.
That's a great quote by Anais Nin. I am writing that one down as soon as I'm done with this comment. Maybe I should put it on my fridge, its definitely a keeper.
I was never a cat person either, I always loved dogs...until I got Beau and fell in love with him. I just love all animals now. But Beau is my baby.
Your answers are great reminders of things that I should be grateful for too, so thank you for that. I hope you enjoy your weekend <3

HiHoRosie said...

What a lovely and sweet post! And I love the pics you included too. :) Thanks for allowing us to peek into your life. You're beautiful inside and out. Enjoy the long weekend. We get our long one next weekend. :)

Nikki said...

I love this post! Listing the good things is such a great mood booster. And it's wonderful to see all of the positive things happening in your life. You've inspired me, don't be surprised if you see a Melissa-inspired gratitude post soon. Enjoy your weekend :)

bitt of raw said...

wonderful list. think you for reminding me to be more positive. love the pics too.

Kris | said...

You my friend are so beautiful! Ahh I just love this post and these pictures!

Thank you for the mention, you are too kind.

I also struggled with loving or knowing "myself" and always did what others wanted or thought I would do. Well hun, now at 29 I have to mend it all. But it is a fab journey and I bet you can agree!

Love you!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

what a super post! i loved reading all the things you're grateful for and i feel the same way about the blogging community, friends, and connections!

fab post!

aletheia said...

Hey Melissa!
Gratitude is a great thing, and oftentimes I feel like "counting our blessings" really brings us back to centre. You know? Thanks for sharing this all-important list with us--we all need some more gratitude in our lives. :-) AND your wedding pictures look so fun!

lots of love,

kelli said...

what a lovely post! thank you for sharing - you are so beautiful inside and out!=)

Lori said...

I truly believe that that was one of the most sincere, honest, heart-warming, amazing things I have ever read in a blog post. I got chills.
What inspirational things you are grateful for. And what you wrote about your husband; you are truly blessed. And you are beautiful in your wedding pictures. Thank you for sharing those with us!
And that quote: LOVE IT. So true for so many things.
You just made my day! (ohhhh, and my blog post!)