Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Re-cap!

Hey all!

Hope you had a fantastic week and weekend. I know my American friends are probably watching football so I'll try to make it brief. I had an okay week, rather painful (I'll explain in a sec)but filled with awesome food! I cannot remember which day I did what so I'm just going to rattle things off as my brain remembers them.

Still waiting for my laptop AC adaptor so sorry no picts:(

  • My foodie treat of the week...MISO! I've seen it in so many recipes and I never bought it. I really love the complexity it adds to the dish! I want to try a miso dressing soon.
  • Made Vegan Dad's Creamy Chunky Cauliflower Chowder. Loved it and ,of course, the miso was fantastic in this dish.
  • An old injury flared its ugly head and so I could barely walk or bend over for two days. I had to jump from the second floor of a house in an emergency situation when I was 18 and I landed on my feet instead of rolling. I never saw a doctor afterwards and now I'm paying the consequences. On Friday I saw a chiro here in Nelson and he was able to loosen me up pretty good and now I'm feeling much better. I did a lot of stretching too which I think was beneficial.
  • As the hubby was craving more blended soups, I made another one of Vegan Dad's creations. This time it was the Cream of Potato and Broccoli soup. This one had coconut milk as a thickener so naturally it was delicious. I actually made this one twice...super good.
  • Made a bunch of smoothies this week too. Tried some weird combos like banana, celery, lettuce, hemp protein, cinnamon, and honey. I really liked its smooth and sweet flavor.
  • Then I finally got around to making this ridiculously easy soft serve that I read about on Gena's blog. Yes, it did change my life. So delicious and the possibilities to dress it up are endless. I can't wait for the summer when I will add strawberries. Yum! And hey, if you are trying to lose those extra few pounds and can't stay away from ice cream, here is a really great alternative that literally costs only pennies to make. And is guilt free!
  • Tonight, in the spirit of Superbowl Sunday, Ry and I ordered pizza. I got the thin crust vegetarian with soy mozza. I really liked it and Ry said it even tasted better than his chicken pizza. Duh!!

This week.....

  • I saw a post somewhere on the blogosphere about juicing with your blender which got me intrigued. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • I'm going to attempt another raw soup, this one from Nomi Shannon's book, The Raw Gourmet.
  • Experimenting with salad dressings. It's really endless but I want a few basic winners in my arsenal that I can whip up quickly.
  • Getting my back in order. I have three appointments this week. My chiro said it takes, on average, four appointments to get to where you want to be so hopefully by Friday I'll be 100%. You know what I think helped when I was really bad? Lightly jumping on my mini-trampoline. Weird I know, but I always felt better when I got off than when I got on.

What are you going to try this week? Hope you have a good time and come out with some amazing creations. Here's to good health!

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evergreen said...

Hi sorry to hear your old injury is bothering you, hope it is all better very soon!

Thanks for sharing all the yummy foods you have been enjoying. i never know what I will be making next, there are so many recipes out there and I want to try them all!!!