Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Re-cap + My Earthlings experience

Hello all,

I know this post is a bit late as it is already Tuesday but better late than never, right? The weekend was beautiful and it got off to a wonderful start. I was fostering a shy cat named Lola from Nelson SPCA and she found her forever home on Friday. Ry and I are so happy she found a quiet home as she was not treated kindly by her previous owners and so she was scared of a lot of things. She greatly improved while she stayed with us and I know she will be a great companion for the lovely lady who adopted her. She will be missed:) As I have been lucky enough to find homes for all three of the cats I fostered, the SPCA wants to give us another cat who needs some extra love. I meet him/her today and I'm so excited (and I know Nemo is too!). On Saturday Ry and I went for a little walk up the hill. I was tired and grumpy and didn't want to go but I forced myself and I got out of my bad mood pretty darn quickly! I mean with the sun hitting my face the way it did, I couldn't help but smile and feel good. We love checking out people's homes and their design ideas. The houses here vary from Victorian style to 70's ranchers to modern box-looking homes. Of course, what's a hippy town without a pink and purple house lol! After the walk I was feeling pumped so I made two dishes for dinner. The first was the the Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes from Vegan Dad. These are so easy and quick (and delish too!). I adapt them to whatever veggies I have kicking around. I also bake them instead of frying. It is going to be my mission to make these bad boys in the raw!

Sorry for the bad pict! It really doesn't show off their greatness! We had them with ketchup but salsa is my favorite way to eat them. I have a new tradition of making salsa with my mom but the stuff is so good we are already out! And its so hard to eat the store bought stuff as it tastes like pure salt.

The other dish I made was Snobby Joes from The PPK site. I love lentils cooked and in their sprouted form (I've got my mom hooked on the sprouted lentils now too!). They are so easy to work with and so if you are new to the area of your house that contains the fridge (AKA kitchen), give these little gems a try. I modified it to what ingredients I had and it still turned out great. I left out the bell pepper and maple syrup (used a small bit of honey instead). I was out of chili powder so I searched around for a recipe to make my own. It was actually pretty close but I would love to make it with some ancho chiles in it next time. I love this dish even without the bun. Yummm!

Ry headed to the Co-op to pick up a little treat for each of us. He picked up some BBQ Kettle Chips. Have you ever tried Kettle Chips? They are awesome and they have nothing artificial, no trans fats, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, non-GMO ingredients, and they are gluten free. They have so many flavors and varities that you will love, I'm sure of it. Now, I don't each chips all the time, they are a treat. For me, I received some of our new obsession- organic medjoool dates. Oh how I love thee, dear date! Eating these makes me want to live in Cali or other places where they are grown. And stuffing these with almond butter? I believe the word to explain that would be simply... orgasmic lol! That night we watched Fried Green Tomatoes. I am embarassed to say I have never seen it before. Beautiful movie and I will watch it again for sure!

Sunday I worked all day and then I went to watched "The Big Game." That game being the Canada vs USA Olympic match up. I was so bummed that we lost ( these games are really for bragging rights) but we play against Germany tonight and this is a vital game as we need a win in order to qualify for the quarter finals. It will be a nail-biter for sure:) I'm so Canadian, eh? LOL!

After the game we went home and made banana softserve with coconut and berries. So good! watched The Count of Monte Cristo but I couldn't stay awake and I missed the ending. I really liked it (from what I saw) and if you are thinking about which movie to rent, try this one out! Then after the movie was over Ryan was searching around and found Earthlings. Ever since getting Nemo and going veg, I feel this greater connection to the animal world. The documentary starts off looking at the industry that is companion animals. It came to the part where over-crowded shelters "dispose" of the animals they cannot care for due to aggression, lack of space, health issues etc. I totally lost it and the tears would just not stop. I couldn't watch past this point that night. I will watch the rest eventually but I think I need to do it in stages. Ryan watched the rest of it while I was away and he said that I probably shouldn't watch the rest. I could see it really had a resonating affect on him and he talked openly about how sick it made him feel and how he didn't know how badly factory animals were really treated (especially piggies). His quote on the workers of the factory farms "I bet you those guys are going to become or already are serial killers as abusing animals is where it starts" and "The workers there are truly sick, something has to be wrong with them." I'm near tears again just thinking about it. I told Ryan that when we move to a place in the country its going to be a little hobby farm as I'm going to bring as many farm animals as I can so they can have a good life. I also gave Nemo a big hug that night as I couldn't imagine him not being around.
Have you watched Earthlings? Let me know what your experience was!
On a much lighter note now...Heidi is having a giveaway! WOW the freebies are so awesome this week. Check my previous post to enter other giveaways! She is giving away a Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker. Raw ice cream...yum! Summer IS almost here:) So head on over to her site and enter.


bitt of raw said...

OMGosh your last kitty pic is adorable. all cuddled up.

i used to be a HUGE kettle chip fan so i get it. now i am more of a kale chip eater. :-)

love the banana ice cream, hard to believe it's just fruit, huh?

i actually have earthlings but i have ben too scared to watch it because i know i would get sad. after awhile of knowing i was already doing a lot it is hard to watch too many sad animal things because then i just try to convert everyone i know.

Melissa said...

Hey Bitt! Nemo loves his mouser:)
I haven't tried the kale chips as I don't have a dehydrator. I've heard it can be done in an oven too so I'll have to give it a go! Banana ice cream is my new favorite eat! And yes it is hard to believe that it is only fruit..love it:) I hear you on trying to convert everyone...of the little bit I watched I wanted to adopt every animal my shelter had:)

HiHoRosie said...

I heart Nemo! And Lola, what a beauty. I'm so glad she has a new home. :shakes head: I can't understand people who mistreat pets. I haven't seen the movie Earthlings but recently watched Food, Inc (a review coming soon) but there were times I struggled. Anyway, sorry about your loss (hockey). Maybe next time. hee hee! Those chickpea cakes look so good! I may have to try these sometime. Thanks for the link back to my contest. Good luck!

HiHoRosie said...

Oh yeah, I love those Kettle Chips but watch for the ones with MSG! They get sneaky on some of them and others they openly say no-MSG. I don't get that but anyway, my hubs fav flav of those are the dijon honey ones (they are addicting) and my fav are the Spicy Thai. Yum! I try not to buy them often since they are so addicting. :)

Melissa said...

Hey Heidi! I don't understand the abuse either. It's like they feel more powerful or something stupid like that:( I really enjoyed Food Inc and learned a lot, especially about which Brands owned the health products I used or had used in the past. We actually won a qualifying hockey match yesterday so that was awesome:) And you should definitely try the cakes they are awesome! And thanks for letting me know about the MSG and sneaky ingredients in some of their chips! I love the dijon honey ones too..yumm!

Melissa said...
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evergreen said...

Aww, Lola looks so sweet, it must have been hard to let her go.

Your chickpea cakes look yummy, and I love lentils!

I have not seen earthlings, and don't know if I can. They were passing out copies of 'Meet your Meat' at a veggie expo last summer, and I still can't bring myself to watch it.

I haven't tried kettle chips, but cheesy kale chips don't stay around very long in my house!

Thanks for all the great pics in this post:)

Melissa said...

Hey Evergreen!- Lola was pretty sweet but she will be much happier in her new home as she didn't like Nemo being around lol! Meet your Meat is another one that I just don't think I could stomach either! I think it's official...I have to try making kale chips :)