Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fit Day and Miso Dressing

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are having a great start to the week. I went to the gym with the hubby (cheering squad!!) after he was home from school yesterday. It was good, just too many people crammed into a small space. There was a lot of testosterone floating around that room..lol! I was always intimidated to be around so many people when I worked out, especially guys. I always felt like they were judging me with their eyes (this was usually not the case) and so I would like to hide in the corner and finish my workout in a rather weak manner. Now, I'm LOUD and PROUD and I do what I have to do. It's still hard sometimes when you have to work around guys who think they own the gym and have tons of weights on all the equipment, but I just shoot them a smile and usually they are accommodating. I'm starting to realize that I was always stressed when I went to the gym and that pretty much contradicted my workout. Remember my little talk on stress hormones,? Ya not good. So, I take a minute and look around to see how many people are in the room and what areas are really crammed and which areas are more open. This way I can have an action plan and I know where I'm headed- I have a plan! As I stated in yesterday's post I was going to start an account on Fit Day , and I did. I'm not sure exactly how accurate the data is but it will give me some idea as to where the bulk of my calories come from. The first thing I noticed was that I was not eating enough greens or veggies. Funny hey? Ya, I was eating a lot of fruit but I wasn't balancing it out with greens. So, that is an area I'm going to work on. I've made my profile public if you want to see what I am eating. Just click on this link.

Now onto the good stuff! I have Nomi Shannon's The Raw Gourmet from my library and I tried my first recipe from it last night. As I'm on a new salad dressing kick, I thought I would give the Miso Mayo Dressing a shot. WOW, amazing combination! I made it without the liquid amino's and it still turned out fantastic. The hubby said this was the best dressing yet! I will definitely be making this one again. I looked around online to see if Nomi had the recipe posted somewhere but I couldn't find it. Sorry all, wish I could pass along this recipe. So, get your local book store or library and try it out!

Have a great day everyone and here's to more greens this week!!

Isn't this little guy too cute?...lol! This was taken in beautiful Banff, Alberta. Thank you National Geographic for your endless pictures of this beautiful world we live in ( and all its creatures).

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