Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hello all,

Hope you had a great weekend! I work both days so my weekend was pretty short. Although Saturday was pretty awesome. Ry and I went out for breakfast to our favorite place, The Full Circle. This place never fails to make my tummy happy. Then we went to drive Ryan's car around in circles at the parkaid where he is storing it for the Winter. It felt like the movies, winding up and down all the levels at high low speed. We just needed someone to be chasing us to top it off! We then headed to the gym where I completed the first week of the TT Original program. Loving it and loving that I can lift more each time. The gym we go to is part of the community centre here in Nelson so access to the pool is included in your pass. What a better way to end a workout than to sit in the steam room and stretch and breath. Then run to the pool and cool off when you feel like you are burning. Repeat. Ahh!! Then we completed the afternoon with some awesome nutrition in the form of a power-packed green smoothie with hemp protein. So, yummy. Then my beautiful day ended with me going to work..blah! It was only a short shift, thank goodness! Sunday I worked until 5 and then we did our grocery shopping for the week. I was pretty beat when we got home so dinner was simple-huge salad, red quinoa, and steamed squash. We watched Extract which was okay but didn't make me really, really laugh. I find that I resort to old classics to really get me laughing. Dumb and Dumber, anyone? P.S. this was the first soundtrack I purchased on cassette, and I still love those songs. I bet you my Mom still has the cassette stashed somewhere too! Way off topic but I can get away with babbling on Monday, right? After the movie, we read our books. Ryan is reading Cesar Millan's Be The Pack Leader, trying to learn all we can for when we get a pooch. I just picked up Nomi Shannon's book The Raw Gourmet as I recently heard about it via Gena's website, Choosing Raw. I just flipped through it a little bit as my eyes were starting to close but everything looks great! I'm going to pick a few recipes out of there and give them a shot. I'll let you know how it goes. And if you have any suggestions about which recipes I should try from the book let me know!

Well that was my weekend! How was yours? Hope you had some time off to do something you love to do. And here's to a great week. Woot Woot!

Another PS- I totally forgot to mention the band that was here in Nelson the other weekend. Their name is The Accorn Project and they are from Bellingham, WA. They had this totally unique style that involved a mix of jazz, funk, rock and roll, and pop. Their instruments included a saxophone, keyboard, bass, drums, slide, and percussion. So, if you see their poster around your town go check them out! I really thought they were awesome!

I'm going to be writing another post hopefully today about Aloe Vera and its benefits. I am going to be submitting it to Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo who might choose to use it in her newletter. I'm so excited to submit a post to her as I think she really is a trail blazer when it comes to knowledge on raw foods and nutrition. Wish me luck!

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