Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Wish List

Hello all!!

Did you are enjoy your weekend! It's been absolutely gorgeous in Nelson during the day but once the sun goes down WHOA does it get cold!! This is so typical of a BC Spring, yes I said Spring! You know when you can just tell that Winter is saying its last goodbyes and Spring is, well, sprung? That is what it feels like and I'm getting quite excited for warmer weather as I'm sure you all are. Although its still weird to be wearing light clothing in the Kootenays. I grew up in a city located very close to a desert (Osoyoos) and the city where I was living before moving to Nelson is basically a temperate rainforest. Heat and rain are the two staples in my weather vocabulary. Anyways, whatever weather you have, make the most out of it and adapt to it. Snow can be fun even if you don't ski or snowboard. I'm thinking you must have a crazy carpet and a sweet hill somewhere near you:) No snow is even better (in my opinion) and so get outside and soak up that vitamin D. Seriously, you need it! So enough about the weather..sorry BC'rs love weather talk, its in our blood!

What's on your wish list? Person, place, or thing; What are you hoping, praying, or saving for? I think I can speak for every person out there that this list is really endless. New items are popping up daily and the list is forever being adapted. So, let's hop to it or I'll never publish this post lol! In no particular order, here is my current wish list (big and small):

Dog- Ryan and I are "big" dog people. Little dogs are cute and all that but they don't fit into our lifestyle. I want to run, hike, and camp with my dog. I also like the protection that they provide. Although some of those little guys sound like they could take you down lol! We like the look and temperment of the rottie but we shall see what gems our local shelter has. As we are in transition right now I don't think this is the best time to bring a dog into the mix. So, once we are settled and a little more relaxed, we will start researching!

Infrared Sauna- This obviously falls into the BIG category, but I think they are totally awesome! The health benefits are truly amazing and I think a great benefit to anyone. In the meantime, I might get a punch-pass to a spa that has one and go every once and awhile.

Shower head water filter- I filter the water that I drink but I don't filter the water that hits my skin. The skin is the biggest organ and it needs protecting. Also, showering is where most people absorb and inhale the most chlorine. I'm not sure which brand to get to if you have any suggestions let me know.

Dehydrator- There are just so many recipes that I pass by because I don't have a dehydrator. I know there are ways to use your stove as a make-shift dehydrator by turning the heat on and then shutting it off but I see this getting old really fast. I'm thinking a 4 tray Excalibur but let me know your thoughts on this brand and others.

Vita-Mix - Yep, me and the entire world want one of these bad-ass blenders. I need a new food processor and my blender is okay but not sufficient for my needs. So instead of getting two new appliances, I thought I would get the appliance that does it all! Again, on the BIG list....but my birthday is coming up:)

Raw Foods Class - I would love to take a class and learn more techniques on how to encorporate more awesome raw foods into my diet. There is a raw food teaching facility in Vancouver called Raw Foundation Culinary Art Institute. Their classes sound so awesome and once I get back I'll be saving my pennies for one or two classes:)

My Garden- I currently live in an apartment but will be moving back to the house that Ry and I own some time in the summer. As the tenants have not told us the exact month they are leaving, I'm not sure how much of a garden I'm going to have. So, I'm either going to have a container garden like what I had last year or a totally awesome yard garden. I'm hoping for the latter but either way I cannot wait to grow my own produce. It feels so natural and the taste of something you picked five minutes before you eat it just doesn't compare to something that was picked weeks before. And if you think you don't have the space, you do! A large pot can supply you with a huge variety of herbs or you can plant greens (kale, lettuce, collards etc) or even tomatoes. I think this year I'm going to start from the beginning and grow my own seedlings. I'm definitely welcoming spring with open arms:)

Home Air Filtration System - I know there are those stand-alone units that you can move around your home which seem pretty cool. There are also ones that get installed in your home and are a bit more powerful. I didn't build the house we bought and so I don't know what chemicals are looming and so I want to be breathing in as few of these chemicals as possible. I haven't done too much research on brands but I will be soon once we are all moved into our new house. If you have any experience with these systems drop me a comment !

Food Co-op/Buying Group- This is a new one to my wish list. I want to eat organic and raw as much as possible and the prices of some products really hinder my ability to do so. I saw on Robyn's blog that she started a buying group and that got the wheels turning in my head. There are a bunch of buying groups in Vancouver but I couldn't find any in the Fraser Valley so I'm going to be doing a ton of research on possibly starting a buying group in my area so that I can get the great products for my semi-raw lifestyle at a more affordable price. This really has me excited and so I will keep you posted on the process!

Okay I'm going to stop there. I really could go on and on! What's on your wish list these days? I think its good to have a wish list as it provides motivation to save your extra pennies. My bank even has automatic deposit to your savings account every month so you don't have to worry about spending the $5, $10, $20, or more you want to put aside. So here's to wishing and saving!!!


evergreen said...

Great wish list! I don't have too much on my wish list these days.
I want to try gardening this year, and learn about fermenting. I am content with things I have right now, I wish mostly for health and happiness for everyone:)

About the dehydrator, I have the 9 tray and have no problem filling it up. I hear people with the smaller one wish they got the larger one, but never hear anyone with the 9 tray regret getting it:)HTH!

Melissa said...

Gardening and fermenting sound fun. I've seen a lot of fermenting posts around lately and it has got me intrigued too. Thanks for the dehydrator tip too:)Great health for all is always an amazing wish.

bitt of raw said...

i think a 5-tray dehydrator might be the best if you want a small one. the 3 tray is less area and i ended up getting it messier because i always had to put everything right to the edge. now i have a 9-tray and usually just use half of it, but sometimes it's nice to be able to spread out for larger things. if you have a big kitchen, go for the 9.

i hope you get everything you want! I would really really like an infrared sauna too. pretty please!

Melissa said...

Thanks Bitt for your suggestion about the dehydrator! And I don't know if I'll get everything over my lifetime!