Friday, January 29, 2010

Do vegetarians look like skinny, shriveled vegetables when they get old?

Hey all!

To answer my title question.... I think not! I can talk about the numerous studies that talk about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. We have heard it over and over that vegetarians live longer, have fewer diseases, and generally have a lower BMI (body mass index). Yet, when someone says the word "vegetarian" or "vegan", visions of weak, skinny, or crazy animal activists come into people's minds. I have seen many veg*ns and the majority do not fit into any of those categories. This stereotype has got to change. And I have the person to do just that! No not me, silly! I would like you to meet Mimi Kirk. Mimi was one of the winners of PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50. Julian was voted the other winner, he's 51 and has been vegetarian for 33 years! Amazing hey? Now, you may been wondering, "how old is Mimi"? Well, brace yourselves, she is 71, YES 71 and she's been veg*n since she was in her 30's! Isn't she gorgeous? I just asked the Hubby how old he thought she was and he said late 50's, early 60's. I hope I get this response when I'm in my 70's. She is truly inspirational and so positive about life. Yesterday I listened to an audio interview with her and Jim Dee on Pure Jeevan's site. I liked how she made it clear that she lived, and is continuing to live, a normal life with challenges like everybody else. She only recently sold her business, she has 4 children and 7 grand kids, and has a boyfriend 19 years younger than her. In the last two years she has become 100% raw and said it has given her even more energy!
She is a thriving example that us veg*ns will continue to look fabulous well into our senior years! Still any skeptics out there? No? I didn't think so!
I just became Mimi's friend on facebook which is where she mostly communicates with her fans and answers questions. So, add her as a friend today (She is under Mimi Kirk)! You know you want a sexy 70 year old veg as one of your friends. Who can say they have that?
Ps. I just made Nikki's Sundried tomato zucchini hummus, and let me tell you, it totally ROCKS! It's so yummy and you really have to try it. I also made some banana oatmeal raisin cookies from A Grateful Life on the Gone Raw website. This is a raw recipe but I don't have a dehydrator so i improvises. I turned on my oven to the lowest setting for a couple minutes then turned it off. Placing the cookies in the oven when it cooled down a bit (my lowest setting is 140). These were great but I think I should have taken them out a bit sooner. Super yummy too! Sorry no picts as I'm still waiting for my laptop charger to arrive.

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Nikki said...

I'm so glad you like the zucchini hummus recipe! I've been eating so much of it lately :)

And, I'm glad to see we're going to look sooooo amazing in our elder years!