Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

Hey everyone,

Since I really began looking into the healthiest options for my body, I came across a few topics that really shook up my world. One of these topics was dairy and how it (and high amounts of animal protein) actually leaches calcium from our bones. Even though I never liked drinking milk, even as a baby (sorry mom!), I liked dairy products. After reading about dairy and the whole dairy industry, I have reduced my cheese consumption to a couple times a year. I want to get rid of it completely as I feel my body change right away and my skin suffers too. Another topic was just how much the meat industry is destroying the planet. Eating the close to 200 pounds of meat that people in North America eat is worse than driving a gas guzzling car. This is one reason I went veg. You can help the planet by even just eating vegetarian one day a week. Check out Meatless Monday . Recently, I came across another such topic that has changed the way I look at science and medicine. As I want to become an ND (naturopathic doctor), I try to keep updated on what is happening in the conventional and alternative medicine worlds. So, when I found the trailer for House of Numbers I couldn't believe that I had not heard about the theory that HIV does not cause AIDS. Check out the trailer below.

I also did a bit more research into this topic and it is really quite interesting. I'm going to refer to an analogy that was made on a Natural News article to help explain the role of HIV. First off, any virus can be either a "pilot" or a "passenger". A pilot type virus can change the physiology of a cell and cause it to be more susceptible to disease. A passenger type virus lives off the cell but does not cause significant changes that steer it towards disease. Guess which one HIV is? Yep, its a passenger virus. Did you the know the founder of HIV, Dr. Robert Gallo, has since been accused of professional misconduct. Also, the test he developed for HIV has been found to be fraud. Dr. Gallo's HIV-founding partner , Luc Montagnier even admitted later on that HIV doesn't have the ability to cause such immune depression as is seen in AIDS sufferers. He also claims that you can be exposed to AIDS and not get infected if you have a strong immune system to fight it off. The implications of this are immense as you might imagine!

The HIV hypothesis states that HIV causes AIDS by killing CD4+ directly or indirectly after a 10 year or longer incubation period. The numbers of these cells will get to extremely low numbers ( less than 300 per ml) which leads to severe immune deficiency. Now that you apparently have the HIV virus, you are put on a treatment plan. This would usually involve AZT, a drug originally produced for cancer treatments but was found to be too TOXIC for even cancer cells. .This powerful drug literally sweeps cells, healthy and sick, from the body. So, what happens next? The immune system is practically destroyed. This is quite scary that big pharma is pushing this extreme drug.

Anything that destroys the immune system causes AIDS!

I always assumed AIDS was mainly spread through sexual activity, but this is apparently not the case. As the disease is highly associated with homosexuals, this was automatically assumed to be sexual in nature. Again, not the case. It seems that it is more related to drug and alcohol use (immune suppressing). An article by Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati stated that in1997 the US had approximately 570,000 adult AIDS cases and 90% of them were male homosexuals and heterosexuals and homosexual drug users.

Now, what about Africa? There is an epidemic of AIDS on that continent. If the theory holds true that AIDS is due to severe immune system depression, it makes sense that there are so many sufferers due to little quality food and poor water.

WOW, so much to think about! I found this to be quite an overwhelming topic as it goes against all that I thought HIV/AIDS was about. I hope that I did not offend anyone, as this was not my intention. I'm not taking this research as the be-all-end-all. I just like to look at all the available research out there and to think critically about what is being said.

Hope you have a great Friday!


Nikki said...

Nice post Melissa. I'm a registered nurse and you're right, it's amazing how much there is to take into consideration when it comes to our health, disease, prevention, and treatment. It can be overwhelming at times! I definitely lean more towards food as medicine, as I've seen first hand the positive & negative effects of Western treatment of disease. The only thing I can say I know for sure is that prevention of disease through clean living & eating will make things better for everyone (and our home, the earth) in the long run. Sometimes easier said than done :)

Melissa said...

Hey Nikki,

Thanks for the comment! I am for sure all about food as medicine too. Researching this topic on HIV/AIDS has made that truth even clearer to me. This article really made taught me that I need to always dig deeper and to not take what media or school throws at me as the complete truth. You must be a strong cookie to be a nurse, good for you! You have a very difficult job. I wonder do find it difficult to see people suffering and taking meds when they could increase their health with lifestyle changes? Have a great weekend!

Nikki said...

It used to be, but now I work in an area where we help people and it has nothing to do with medication. I work in orthopedic surgery so we fix broken bones. I think it's the really positive end of modern western medicine because these people wouldn't be able to walk or do the activities they love if it weren't for surgery. I had to get out of the medicine end of things. But eventually, hopefully, I'll be working in the field of health promotion :)

evergreen said...

Thanks so much for this very informative post!