Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bloggers, bloggers , and more bloggers

Hello all!

Hope everyone is having a great week! I still feel like tomorrow is going to be Wednesday. It usually happens in the opposite direction, It's Monday at 5:30 and you are telling people to have a great weekend. Oh, the embarrassment! So, how awesome is it that its already Friday tomorrow? Totally awesome, I say. Anywho, this week I have been adding new bloggers to my bookmarks like they are going out of style. I've added so many new blogs I haven't even had the chance to add them to my blogroll. Yet, what I have seen so far, looks really yummy and inspiring! I like to read blogs that have recipes or food talk, advice on a healthy diet, and generally have a great character about them. So, here are a few that you can add to your bookmarks or your Delicious page:

  • Love Veggies and Yoga- Cool lady who shows lots of pictures of what she eats and links to recipes she uses. Also, there is lots of talk about yoga as she is a teacher!
  • Hungry Hungry Hippie- As the name suggests, this girl likes her (health) food! She talks about eating a clean diet, making great food, and life in general. There is a lot of spunk here too!
  • A Love For New Recipes - This is another clean eating blog. She covers raw, vegan, and gluten free recipes. Great place to get inspiration!

There are so many more but I'll get cracking and add them to my blogroll . How I found all these awesome bloggers was through the Happy 101 blog awards that were passed out. What a great way to find new blogs that you may have not come across yet! And congratulations to all those who received an award. I'm striving to beat Evergreen at The Happy Raw Kitchen for most awards next year! Just kidding Evergreen, you cannot be beaten! I at least am hoping for an honorable mention:) Lots of competition out there though so I better get cracking, I mean blogging!

Have a great Friday and I'll be posting a recipe for a some awesome chili really soon!


mel said...
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evergreen said...

Hi Melissa!...You are too funny! Thanks so much for the shout-out:)

Isn't amazing how many bloggers there are? I am glad that you are one of them:)

I look forward to following your journey to contagious health!