Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey all,

The post title explains a lot about the weekend I had. First off, I tried a new brand of dark chocolate from my local co-op. It is called Flirt and the company is Zazubean. I didn't read all the ingredients, just the first couple as I didn't want any milk ingredients in there. Anyways, so I got home and took a closer look and that's when I noticed the bar contained horny goat weed. I have not heard of such a weed so I looked it up and apparently it is a much valued herb in Chinese medicine. Its use , as you might have guessed, is to support a healthy sex life. So, if your are looking for a little natural booster, try some horny goat weed and combine it with dark chocolate and, well, you have an electric combination! Some other ingredients in there were maca and damiana leaf. Maca is an ancient tuber that grows in the Andes and was used by the natives in the area for a multitude of uses, including increasing sexual performance. Yet, according to Dr.Weil studies on the subject are not conclusive. I think maca is a healthy food and so if it helps in the bedroom or not, I am happy to eat it , especially with chocolate! Damiana leaf is another shrub from Central and South America. A good, old wikipedia search says that this herb was used by the natives of these areas in a tea form. It is thought to be an aphrodisiac. Yet, the main reason why I bought this chocolate was because it had acai berries and cherries in it, plus the wrapper is an awesome pink color!. This is the real truth, I swear (wink, wink)! I really liked the chocolate but I thought there should have been more acai and cherries in there. There are 9 flavors available and they all have funky names like Squeeze, Smooch, and Ego! There is only one possible no-no about this chocolate bar. It contains glycerin. I have emailed the company to see if this is vegetable-based which I really hope it is. Although, I wish there was no glycerin in there at all.

The hubby and I enjoyed two visits to just one of the great coffee shops in Nelson called Oso Negro. Everything about the place is great. Two levels of seating, great organic coffee and tea, fresh baked goodies (mostly vegan), and lunch too! The best part about it for us is that it is only 10 steps from our place. Talk about convenience! If you are planning on coming to the Kootenays this place is a must try!

Onto my workouts, I just finished week 2 of my Turbulance Training Journey! I am totally loving it so far and can't wait to try more of Craig's programs (check out my post on how fun TT is). I am currently using TT intermediate and bodyweight intervals. I am so dedicated to this and even took pictures so I can compare my body before and after. I might even feel gutsy one day and post them on here...eek! So, I hope your fitness routine is kicking you in the but and getting you the fat loss (or muscle gain) you want.

Now for the bitter part of my weekend. I have a second job and am liking it so far! It's always hard to start working in a new atmosphere but the other employees and the manager are great! There was mistake with the schedule and I was put down to work when I requested time off for when my mom was in town. I got super upset and it seemed like I might have to work the whole time she was going to be here. All weekend I had knots in my stomach and was withdrawn because I was so looking forward to the visit which then seemed ruined. I found out today that I am good to go and only have to work one short day. Yippee! I don't know why I let myself get that way but I did. I know it is not healthy! I am definitely going to work on this.

Then I made some cookies as the hubby was craving something sweet. I didn't want to search through all my cookbooks and blogs for a recipe so I trusted supercook and put in the ingredients I had and chose a recipe. Well, they turned out horribly and were nothing what a oatmeal cookies should be. The hubby sprinkled some brown sugar on top and then resorted to dipping them is some of my mom's apricot jam. I should have know better than to use a recipe on a site that I never used before. Oh well, live and learn!


I hope you had a SWEET weekend! I'm looking forward to this week of preparing for my mom to come and I want to make some good food too!


Nikki said...

Hi Melissa, Great blog! I just found it. I've been to Nelson once and loved it. So much beauty tucked in between the hills. I am totally addicted to blog reading and it looks like we enjoy some of the same ones. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Nikki said...

Hi again :). I had a really difficult time posting that last comment and wanted to let you know, in case no one's told you yet. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my browser? The google ads below the "post a comment" box are for some reason blocking the place where readers can enter a word verification and the "post comment" button. I finally was able to make it work by tabbing through and guessing when I should type and hit enter. Anyways, I hope this isn't preventing people from leaving you comments because your blog is really great. Feel free to delete this. I'm only writing because I would want someone to alert me if it was happening on my site :).

Melissa said...

Hey Nicki!

Thank you for your kind words about my blog:) I'm totally a blog addict too and its so awesome to be part of this online community! Another huge thank you about the comments problem. I'm going to move the ads elsewhere and hopefully that will help! Have a great week and hope to see you on the blog again!

melissa said...
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Pam said...

Hey Melissa....thank you so much for the shout-out! I just saw it coming from Evergreen's blog! I added you to my blogroll!


P.S. you have a very nice blog!