Thursday, December 31, 2009

Working out the fun way!

Hello all,

I think its safe to say that Craig Ballantyne's fitness philosophy has changed my world. He opened up my eyes to the scientific ways of fatloss. It was not only fascinating, it was the real deal. There are too many gimmicks out there stating you can lose weight with minimal exercise, no exercise, or even with a pill. These are a CROCK, please do not fall for them. Fat loss takes work and discipline but the benefits to your health really are endless. And I'm not talking about going on the elliptical for an hour. This is similar to what I used to do at the gym, pumping my arms to the beat on my ipod, watching the calorie counter go up thinking the fat cells were being incinerated around my body. Then I read Craig's free ebook The dark side of cardio , and, boy, did that open my eyes. I had been doing it wrong all these years, and was mad at myself for not realizing this sooner. I didn't have too much to lose, 10 pounds maybe, but they weren't budging. And now I knew why. I was doing too much slow cardio and not enough resistance training paired with HIIT (high intensity interval training). Did you know that reisitance training with HIIT at the end of you workouts will allow you to burn fat throughout the day? Now that is cool. So, I changed my workouts overnight and have not looked back since. I signed up to be on Craig's email list and I'm telling you, they are so awesome and fun (and full of cute pics of his dog). He puts sample workouts in them too and that's what I have been basing my routines on. At first it was strange to think a 30 minute workout or a body weight workout could be effective but, oh by golly, they are. The first workout really humbled me, to say the least. I had on my cool shoes and my super cool yoga pants, I was ready. Things were going well and I was having a great time until I had to go on my knees. I was still quite cocky at this point thinking 15 girlie push-ups would be a breeze. It was only after I was breathless from doing only 8 of them that my ego was brought back down to earth. I forgot one of Craig's recommendations is to drop your ego at the gym door. Lesson learned.

Since moving to the Kootenays, having gym passes wasn't in the budget so I have been doing all my workouts at home. Yes, people, it can be done. I have been wanting to buy his program for awhile and then I received an email that he was having a half price sale at Turbulance Training. I bought the program and completed Workout A from the intermediate program. It was awesome, challenging, and fun, all the things I hoped it would be. So, if have some fitness goals you want to reach , give Turbulance training a try!

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