Friday, February 11, 2011

Just when I "needed" the sugar, I go sugar free!

Howdy folks,

           I apologize for the absence as I have had an insane week. I was asked last minute to attend a trade show for two days and then yesterday I was at work from 7AM to 7:30PM working on a report. Plus there is some sad news regarding Oddie that is really tearing me apart.

Oddie has disappeared. We let him out a couple of days ago with Nemo for their morning bathroom break. We have done this for awhile now and they always hang out and come in after sniffing all the new scents in the backyard. Well, Nemo came inside but Oddie was nowhere. We have taught him to come by whistling and tried this for nearly an hour but nothing. I came home from work and whistled some more and looked around but I couldn't see him anywhere. We talked to our neighbor who said that she saw him and Nemo in the morning together. I feel terrible. I feel like a terrible owner for letting him outside in the first place as he is still intact. He was to get neutered this weekend. I feel like a terrible person for not getting him tattooed yet. Again this weekend was supposed to take care of all of that.

I do feel it is highly unusual for him to take off like that. So, it is possible that he caught the scent of a female in heat. He is also very skiddish so it's unlikely that he would just walk up to someone and they would take him in kind of thing. I have contacted every organization, vet, and website possible to get his picture and info out there. I will be printing posters today and placing them on mail boxes and telephone poles in the area.

I have read that it isn't unusual for an intact male ( AKA a Tom) to be gone for days looking for the scent of the female in heat. As much as I don't want him "spreading his seed" and causing a greater impact on overwhelming pet population, this is my biggest hope at this time. I have placed a scarf outside on our fence as I read that toms can become so overwhelmed with the scent of a female that they can get lost. I know it's long shot but I'm trying everything. I also have been leaving food outside every night. It is eaten every morning but there are tons of cats in our 'hood so who knows who/what is really eating it.

Please no haters. I feel terrible enough as it is:(

As my title indicates, I have gone sugar free this week. I was planning on making a big post about it but I just don't have the energy. Maybe later on. But we all know sugar in large quantities isn't good, right? Right!

I started on Monday and surprisingly it hasn't been that difficult. Maybe I've had a lot of distractions this week but with all the added stress I usually turn to sugar to soothe my emotions. So I guess you can say it's a victory already! Yet, the weekend is when I usually indulge more so tomorrow and Sunday will be the real test.

I have really noticed my habits lately. I eat stellar all day and then at night I just eat too much sugar! This not only makes me sluggish in the morning, it often leads to a vicious cycle where I beat myself up about it. I used to tolerate those negative thoughts but I'm becoming more and more sick of feeling like crap emotionally and physically the morning after.

I know a week without sugar seems like nothing so I think I'm going to continue for another week and re-evaluate from there. Dr. Scott Olson ND who is the author of  Sugarettes , has a free program to help you go sugar free for 30 days. Jen at Girl Heroes went sugar free for 2 years in order to conquer her cravings. Cheers to that!! Charlotte even gives some tips on Silencing The Siren Song Of Sugar.

It's very interesting and I think I'm going to read a couple of the books on the subject to get a better understanding of the whole sugar deal. I don't think I'll ever cut it out completely but I would like to come to peace with it.

What's your relationship like with sugar?
Peaceful, love/hate, full of emotion?

I sign off today with a picture of my beautiful little guy! Please send good vibes my way in hopes that he will be found safe and sound:)



Nelly said...

ohhhh i am so so so sorry, i know what it's like to lose a kitty kat...the same thing happened to my baby "kitty"...he was three...and neutered...

i'm praying for his safe return...


and don't beat yourself happens. unfortunately...

kelli said...

oh no! i am praying for oddie.

carmella's cat got out and went missing when she visited. she found her a day later under a nearby shed. maybe oddie's hiding? i do hope he's ok and that you find him!!!

don't feel bad... i believe it's cruel to keep cats indoors. they need sun and fresh air. they are animals after all!=)


Stephanie said...

Oh no! I hope Oddie returns home safely!

Are you staying away from natural sweeteners too or just sugar?

bitt said...

Oh no Oddie! Have you postered the neighborhood and asked the neighbors if they've seen him? I did a lot of research when my parent's cat disappeared. Most cats are within one mile from home. Keep a look out and we'll be praying (and purring) for his return.

Love that pic of him.

Melissa said...

Hey Nelly - Thanks doll!! I just feel helpless in the whole matter but I hope he returns safe and sound:)

Hey Kelli - Thanks hun! I'm going to do a neighborhood walk today and see if I can spot him and look under things and whistle for him etc.

Hey Bitt - I'm making posters today and going around the neighborhood. I've contacted everyone else that would be involved with a stray/injured cat so now it's just asking the people in the neighborhood. The one neighbor is already on the lookout. That's good news about the 1 mile me hope that he is nearby:)

Hey Stephanie - Thank you hun:) I guess I should clarify about the sugar thing, hey:) I'm staying away from processed sugar. Basically no white sugar or any kind of sweetener, except stevia. I am eating fruit and probably will splurge on a couple big medjool dates this weekend:)

Antony said...

i'm so sorry about Oddie! I am sending the very best vibes from the UK hoping that he finds his way home safe and sound and soon.

I don't eat actual sugar but I do tend to eat lots of high glycemic foods like dates etc, so I'm trying to head lower.

Maggie said...

I hope your able to find your sweet Oddie soon :( Like others have said, don't be too hard on yourself, hun. The picture of Oddie is so cute, I'll be sending good vibes and thoughts your way :)

Good on ya for trying to conquer sugar, that is a tough one. It's in so much these days. Thank you for mentioning the book and the tips, i'll have to check those out!


HiHoRosie said...

Poor little Oddie! I hope he comes home soon. You can also post his info on Craigslist. Beware if you do though, because you might get a hater (we did when we lost our kitty one time) but we got mostly support and people helping to spread the word. Just a thought. I love love that last pic you posted of him. Such a cute little sweetie he is.

Melissa said...

Hey Antony - Welcome!! Good for your for just eating mother Nature's sugar. I love dates and the high glycemic natural foods too:)

Hey Maggie - Thanks hun! I did come to peace with it more or less..and then he came home and now I have a chance to make it right! I made it 6 days and then I had dessert but it didn't trigger me to go all out so that was good! Glad to see you around again:)

Hey Heidi - I did take advantage of Craigslist and got such amazing support off there it was incredible. I totally thought I would be getting some haters too. Sorry to hear that you guys!