Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Travels

Happy Friday!!

Friday's never get old do they?

I think that I'm going on a roadtrip today. We are waiting on my SIL's boyfriend to get off work which he says is 3:30 but he never knows for sure. We've decided that 5pm is the cut-off point. If they aren't able to make it before then well too bad. It is still winter in the mountains so I don't want to be driving at 9 at night in snow and ice.

Tick tock tick tock

So, I busted my booty in the kitchen last night and was happy with the delicious results.

Oh the yummy goodness. These have quickly become one of favorite raw cookies! Plus where do you get veggies with your cookies that actually tastes amazing?
PS I took this picture in manual mode..yay!

Meatballs!! Ha..just kidding. These are super fudgy, chocolaty, protein goodness! These are Averie's chocolate chip prtoein balls. I used chocolate hemp protein and dark chocolate processed into small chunks. These are awesome, minus the fact that they could pass as a meatball:)

I made juice too!! It was a fun night:)

In other news, I just finished my last assignment for Organic Chemistry...wahoo!! Now I just need to study for the exam. So happy!!

I better run! Have a great weekend and have fun watching the Super Bowl if football is your thing:)


bitt said...

You've been busy in the kitchen! Those carrot cake bars do sound good.

HiHoRosie said...

I agree those carrot cake cookies look scrumptious! Happy and safe travels!

griffen said...

UM need to make those carrot cake cookies asap. my favorite flavor ever.

(what runs) Lori said...

I'm going to have to click on over and read about those Scrum bars... they look... interesting. lol
But the raw carrot cake bars- WOW!

Olivia said...

Those carrot cake cookies look so so yummy! and chocolate chip protein balls-yum! I need to get me some hemp seed and hemp protein now that I think of it! gah!

Laury@The Fitness Dish said...

You did bust your butt, and you did so good!!! I want it all!!! Amazing!! The carrot cake raw cookies especially!!!

Angela (the diet book junkie) said...

holy nuts, thanks for sharing. seriously. those carrot cake cookies i might need to steal off you. ;)