Monday, February 14, 2011

7 lives

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

            I know its a commercial holiday, but it doesn't hurt to have more love in the world right? I think Valentines should be more than giving your sweetheart a chocolate heart, it should be about loving ourselves and all the special people in our lives. That includes you my lovely readers♥

Ry and I don't go all out on V-day. We might go and workout together which NEVER happens so that should be fun:) I will most likely make him a meal that he loves and some kind of chocolate dessert for us to share. Time together is very precious and because it's been pretty limited lately, I'm happy with staying home and getting in some quality snuggle time:)

Anyone going big today?

I'm rather giddy today for another reason. Guess who came home yesterday?


Ryan was up at 6:30 getting ready to go to work and he opened the door to let Nemo outside and I heard this high pitched meow right after. Then heavy footsteps up the stairs. Ry came around the corner and said "look who's home" and put Oddie on the bed. It was surreal. Okay, maybe it was because I was still asleep. But you look and you look for the little guy EVERYWHERE and you almost give up hope and then BAM he's at the front door. I'm so happy!!! I did a lot of crying on the weekend which left me feeling pretty drained so I'm elated that he's home!! Oddie is fine, no injuries. He did have some black soot or oil on his neck so he most likely was hiding under a car for awhile. He ate and he ate and then had a long nap with Nemo:) I guess 5 days in the "wild" will do that to you. I tried to get in some studying last night but he just couldn't stop snuggling and giving me kisses:)

And this morning Oddie is at the vet to get snipped and to get a tattoo. I'm not messing around now that I've been given a second chance to make it right! He is now down 2 lives!! I'm coming to think that the saying, cats have 9 lives, is true.

This pict was taken in my office as he had to come with me to work before going to see the doc!

 On Sunday morning I went for a run and took down all the posters I had put up in the hood. One guy I talked to said that he was looking out for him but he was concerned because there have been quite a few coyotes in the neighborhood recently. Eeeek!

Question for all you pet owners out there. Do you vaccinate according to what the vet suggests or do you have your own schedule? The vet is requesting Nemo and Oddie get over $100 worth of shots each and I'm a little skeptical if they need that much. Also, I'm getting Oddie tattooed but Nemo has a chip. My logic tells me that people are more apt to bring an animal to a shelter if they see a tattoo. Since they cannot see the chip, they might just think it's a stray and keep them:( What are your thoughts.

Also Nemo and Oddie LOVE to be outside and so I don't think I could ever deny them that. Some people said to keep them indoors from now on but I just don't think it's fair to them especially since they are used to being indoors AND outdoors. They are inside when we are at work or on big outings but in the morning and afternoon when I get home they make their rounds. Oddie usually following Nemo which is good because Nemo stays close by.

Moving onto blog related stuff, I just wanted to thank you for reading and commenting as I know my posts have been pretty erratic and the content not too exciting. Love you all!! Lately tons of ideas for posts have been popping up in my mind so I'm going to pumping out some good reads soon. These will include, but are not limited to, new fitness ideas, gardening, crafts, juicing, running, travel, races etc etc! Of course food is going to be a topic I'll never stop talking about:)  I'm very excited!

Have a great rest of your V-day and don't forget to do something for yourself today! You deserve it:)

Coming up tomorrow: Hawaiian treats and V-day re-cap:)


HiHoRosie said...

Yayyayayayayayayayayayayay! Oddie's home safe and sound! I'm not a current pet owner but I'm all for modified vax schedules anyway. They're so little so to put them thru all that at the same time does seem a bit much. Good luck with it all and the little snip snip for Oddie. I'm going to call him Naughty Oddie. Silly kitty. My kitty did that a couple of times and it stressed us out to no end!

kelli said...

oh thank goodness!!!

(what runs) Lori said...

I'm SO GLAD your cat came back!! I'd be so upset... and then very happy. :)
Great timing for Valentine's Day?

We don't do much either, since it kinda sucks for those working at restaurants during Vday. And usually we enjoy making our own food- and it tastes better- so yeah. Save the money and go hiking is our motto! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day, Love!

Antony said...

How fabulous!!! WELCOME HOME ODDIE :-)

bitt said...

So thrilled he is back! I was thinking of him just this morning right around 6 or so, odd that he showed up then!

I would say for sure don't vaccinate at the same time as the surgery if possible. I've talked at length with vets about vaccines because one of my cats got cancer from a vaccine. Really after the initial few shots they shouldn't need any more, but the law requires it. I keep up on the rabies because someone could say your animal hurt them and the only way to prove if they have rabies is to kill the animal. So keeping up on the shot is worth doing. For the other ones, you can do a titer test which is to check their immunity to see if the vaccine worked. But it's quite a bit more expensive than the vaccine. I usually just end up trying to stretch the vaccines out longer for the cats (2 years instead of every year), and then stop doing them once the animal is older. Sorry such a long answer!

Stephanie said...

Yay! So glad Oddie is ok!! Can't wait to see what you've got brewin over there for fun ideas! :)

Laury@The Fitness Dish said...

I never even heard of tattoos on kitties??? Munchkin has a chip. Now I am thinking he needs a tattoo.

Poor Oddie :( Glad he's OK though!!!!

I vaccinate on the vets schedule. It's not every year though, think it's ever 2 he needs stuff? He didn't get any this year, he is due next time.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

We just did the snuggle thing too. It was so nice!