Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend swag and goals!

Hello all!!

        Hope you have had a great week so far! I'm smokin' busy this time of year as this is when we experience our big orders at work. Days are flying by which is nice:)

But I wanted to share with you the experience and swag I received at The Wellness Show on Sunday. I was quite impressed by the show! Lots of great vendors and even better, lots of samples! I didn't take any photos. It was super busy and I was focused...on sampling lol!

Some of my faves were :
Larabar, Choices Market, Vega, Mumm's sprouting Seeds, Manitoba Harvest, Denman Island Chocolate, Salba Seed, and Hemp Bliss. 

Some interesting products/companies were: 
Grounding technology, naturopathic spa company, vibrating fitness equipment, and chia seed oil

Do you like attending big tradeshows with a bunch of vendors under one roof? I love seeing the public exposed to plant-based foods and natural products that they would not likely buy on their own. Products that can really help people become healthier!!

So what did I pick up? sprouting seeds and chocolate:)
 I learned from the mumm's representative that I was soaking my broccoli sprouts for too long and that's why I wasn't getting the full growth out of them. 4 hours max for those little guys!! Want some more info on broccoli sprouts and sprouting in general? Check out an older post here. I LOVE sprouts.

Super easy, super cheap, super nutritious. What more could you ask for?

These are lentil sprouts that I'm "greening" on my window sill. When I say "greening" I mean exposing the sprouts to the sun which will help these little guys develop chlorophyll. It just means more nutrition for me:) Yipee!

Now it's chocolate time...

Denman Island Chocolate is amazing stuff. I've tried their chocolate before and really love it. Denman Island is one of the Gulf Islands located between the mainland and Vancouver Island. So, it's pretty local!! 

At the show we tried their raspberry and rosemary varieties. I thought the rosemary and chocolate combo  wasn't too bad. I think it's a flavor that would actually grow on me the more I tried it. The raspberry was awesome. We ended up buying a raspberry and a mint bar. I simply can't pass up a mint chocolate bar it is my weakness favorite.

What's the strangest chocolate flavor you have tried?

Some of the swag from the show!

Salba Seed, Sunbutter Sunflower seed butter, organic shampoo and conditioner. Products like the Old Dutch potato chips, chicken stock, and the Et Tu Caesar pack aren't really health foods in my books. Yet you can't be choosy with sway bags unfortunately!

All in all, I had a great time at the show.
I was able to sample some new products too which is always a great!
I feel it's really important for me to keep up on what's new and exciting in the field of health and wellness.
I will soon enough be emerged in the field and want to be able to pass along the info to my future patients:)
Goal for this week

I am setting mini-challenges for myself and this week's challenge is to complete one week of bodyrock.tv workouts and exercise challenges! I already goofed up and started on an exercise challenge day when it should have been a full workout day. Oops. Today was the Quantum of Sweat workout. Awesome!! This mini-challenges are not just challenges on their own, they are part of a bigger goal to see my abs by August! I think it's more fun and more motivating to break up a big goal into smaller "bites." This way you feel like you have achieved something amazing every week.

Anyone have a goal this week??

Have a great night!! I'm off to finish watching Biggest Loser. I know, great television, right?


HiHoRosie said...

Wow, lots of goodies! How fun! I'm curious about the chia seed oil.
And maybe one of these days I'll get into sprouting. :)

Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather said...

So much good stuff! I love getting free samples and going to trade shows. Bodyrock workouts rock! Keep it up girl :)

bitt said...

How fun you got those seeds. I haven't tried sprouting kale, I have had trouble with the broccoli seed but it could have been my source.

I like Biggest Loser too. I'm hooked although I have not really liked a lot of the contestants on the past few seasons as much.

kelli said...

woohoo, i've been sprouting fenugreek! i'm amazed at all the different seeds we can use for edible delicious sprouts!

Melissa said...

Hey Heidi - Ya, I really wanted to buy a bottle but as you might imagine it was pricey stuff!! Sprouting is addicting once you get going!!

Hey Heather - Welcome! Yay for tradeshows. Who are we kidding, tradeshows are for the free stuff lol! Thanks for the workout support. Bodyrock definitely is in it's own realm:)

Hey Bitt - I'll let you know how the kale sprouts. Ya, broccoli is tricky. I hope to master it one day:) BL is fun to watch and it makes me think how much more I could really push myself. If someone double my size can do it, why can't I?

Hey Kelli - Fenugreek is powerful stuff but I love it with sammies and a bunch of other veggies. Oh I know..the sprouting world is a vast one for sure. I love it:)