Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas through pictures!

Hello Everyone!!

           How was your Christmas? Mine was filled with laughter, great conversation, amazing food, and lots of love. Christmas eve my mom came over and we exchanged gifts as the morning on my side is so busy! Christmas day was split between our families. One day Christmas will be at our house...one day:)

Was Christmas at your house this year or did you have to make the rounds?

I have tons to share with you so here it goes!!

Christmas Eve gift opening!

The loot:)

Holly's Christmas Crack and Averie's Rice Krispie treats with chocolate peanut butter coconut oil frosting. Both were a huge hit!! There are also a few chocolate covered almond butter dates on there too.

Mmm...chocolate craving is returning:)

Christmas morning with my family!

 Gorgeous little ones!

 Some major cuteness!

Oh so much!!

 Jam packed rooms!!

Has had enough of the paparazzi:)

 There was cribbage!!

 There were smiles that caused my heart to nearly burst:)

There were sing-a-longs!!

Gifts a plenty!

**Intermission** Drive, Drive, Drive...time for Christmas #2!!

 A huge feast!! My sis-in-law can't wait!!

A beautiful salad with pears, walnuts, and pomegranates

 There were glares...Ha!

 There were smiles

There were fun hats!

My box of goodies! A mandolin, a set of glass bowls, mini-Tabasco's, candles, crystal nail fail, and the HUGE How To Cook Everything Vegetarian:)
 Can you tell the hubby and I are different...he's excited over his massive wet/dry vac!

 Delicious goodies!

 Some good laughs!!

Posing as per our photographer's orders...it went something like this:  Shoulders out, chin over the fence, and pretend you have a pencil in between your teeth. Ha!! A little too much grit on that pencil Ry!!

After the festivities we went over to my sis-in-laws house and played Super Mario on the Wii. Oh man did that bring back memories!! Such a blast:)

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!! Can you believe 2011 is just around the corner?  


Anonymous said...

awww, those pictures were great, thanks for sharing!! Did you make that pear salad?

bitt said...

merry christmas! cute little kids and looks like a fun time. enjoy that mandolin!

kelli said...

great photos! you and ry are so funny (and you two cuties look alike - i think i mentioned that before=). glad you had a nice time. xoxo

Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

What beautiful pictures doll!! I love looking at all the pictures from Christmas and seeing how everyone spent their days :)

What a beautiful family you have :)


Melissa said...

Hey Torri - Thanks hun!! No, I didn't make that salad, Ryan's great aunt did:)

Hey Aimee -Thanks for the picture love!

Hey Kelli - Ha..we try:)

Hey Kris - Thanks hun. It is fun to share in other's days isn't it:)

lori said...

How fun!!! What a great time you had! At least it looks like it. ;)

Yummy food too!

Melissa said...

Hey Lori - Yes, it was a lot of fun!!

HiHoRosie said...

Fun update! Looks like it was busy and oh so fun! Love the fun hats! :)