Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Howdy folks!!

          How are you all doing? I'm okay but rather humble today. More on that later in the post. But let's get started, shall we?


You remember this...

My backyard a couple weeks ago!

Well, it was beautiful but crazy cold too! When I say crazy cold...I'm talking -15 Celsius. Yes, that's cold for us. Let me have my moment please:). Anyways, I had my beautiful squash that I got from here...


and they ALL froze in my shed. My Turks turban, kubocha, acorn, and one butternut squash are now feeding the microbes in my compost bin:( The cats and I had a brief second of mourning each time I tossed a squash in the bin. I picked up some more squash at the store the other day but it definitely is not the same.
Oh well, lesson learned.


I missed the fight with this hunk....

Oh Mr. St. Pierre!! How I missed thee. Now I'm not a huge MMA/UFC fan but I like watching GSP fight. Do I need to explain why? LOL. I missed this fight because I'm still battling this cold. It's transitioning right now from a head cold to a!!

Since Ryan went to watch the fight and I was alone for the was chick flick time! I don't know if I've told you but I grew up with one of those old school record players. The big boxy ones that has a tape player and a tuner in it too. I've told my mom to never get rid of it and if she runs out of space, I'll take it. Records are cool, my friends. The one record that I listened to a TON of was Abba. To this day I still love their songs. So it was rather sad that I had yet to see the movie/musical featuring only Abba songs...Mamma Mia.

The movie was a lot of fun and took my attention away from the fact that I have to breathe with my mouth open.

Have you seen this movie? Are you a musical movie fan?

I'm way more in love with musicals since watching Glee. I know that sounds cheesy but it's true.
PS did you know the guy that plays Puck is a classically trained pianist? Don't ask me how I know that.

FAIL # 3

  I made the amazing leek and potato soup from Laury of  The Fitness Dish. So,so good! Thanks for sharing Laury!! I was planning on having it for dinner last night and so I began heating it up in a pot. Well, the hubby decided on an impromptu movie night and so we were in a mad dash out the door and guess what I left on?  So after came home from watching the new Harry Potter (really great, by the way!) the house was full of smoke! Initially we thought it was the Christmas tree..but alas, the rest of the soup and my pot are toast and my house now smells like burnt popcorn. It was so bad that we slept with all the windows and the even the sliding door in our bedroom open. Yes, we thought about burglars but having the stench leave the house was more important. Besides,we do have a crowbar and two guard cats just in case:)

It could have been much worse if we were gone for longer so I'm very thankful for that. Now, I think I'm going to have to bake batches of cookies to make the house smell like a home again.

Anyone have any experience dealing with burnt popcorn smell?

But my day sure is better than this guys! So things are looking up!
Have a great day everyone!!!


Lori said...

Oh my gosh- sounds like things did NOT go well for you... at all. lol
I'm most sad about the lack of squash!

Melissa said...

Hey Lori -'s been interesting around here lol! Yes, the squash deaths are still impacting me quite a bit:(

Katie said...

The squash (tears, tears).

At least you saw the movie, but that sounds like something I'd do! Definitely make cookies to cover up the smell.

Nelly said...

wowsa poor thing...

i love mama mia..."i have a dream...a song to help me through anything...i believe in angels...lalala"...ahhhhh! love that movie...

i have been having some pretty bad fail days too...last night i was playing ball with jacks...and stupid careless me decided to throw a ball right in front of a tree...and didn't my poor boy go smashing right into it...ugh! my heart sank...after a little bit a squeal session and him wanting me to pick him heart breaks everytime i think of that moment...he was fine and running around again...but i worry a i was watching him like a hawk hoping and praying he didn't have a i was trying to play ball with him in the apartment and make john's lunch for the next day...i sliced my finger...that was it...i fell to the floor and just cried my heart out...admitting to complete and utter defeat...i was a basket case and poor jacks ended up taking care of his sucky mom...BAH!

cheers to bad days!

love ya...hope you feel better!

Nelly said...

oh. my. god. how could i forget mr. st. beautiful is he? cheers to canadian boys!


Melissa said...

Hey Katie - Yes, definitely a lump in my throat every time I threw one away:( Yes, the movie was awesome!! It's funny watching the three main characters grow up more as each movie comes out:)

Hey Nelly - I knew you loved Mamma Mia..and I remember you saw the movie a bunch of times and that was what came to me on Saturday:)
Oh my poor glad he is alright!! I'm sorry about your finger and the utter defeat:( Sometimes I feel better once I stop resisting life's bumps and bruises...and then I laugh about it! Hope everything gets better and yes,the house does smell slightly less than a burnt bag of popcorn lol!
YAY for (beautiful) Canadian boys..woot woot!!! HAHA my little crush drives Ryan bonkers te he!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog layout, sweet Melz. :-)

Your winter totally looks like ours over here in Ontario! Canada is great, isn't it? Snow and cold and all. All except for the freezing kabocha part. :-P

Lots of love to you. Don't let life get constipated on you, mmk?! :-P

xoxo Aletheia

griffen said...

generally it snows in colorado by now, it still hasn't!!! crazy. just freezing. i've totally left soup on the stove before. no buen!