Friday, December 17, 2010

Liquid Gold

Happy Friday all,

            Wahoo the weekend is here! Can you believe Christmas is a week away? I'm so not ready in all areas - baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating etc etc! I plan on doing some serious time in the kitchie this weekend so hopefully my baking to-do list will have a few big check marks on it. what is on my baking list, you ask? Well I'll give you some hints.

1. This dish was created by a lady in a Vancouver Island town.

2. These treats bring together the two most amazing ingredients: chocolate and.....

3. Something traditional that Lori wants to make too

4. Something you have to make with a mold

It's going to be a delicious weekend:)

Tonight is also my work Christmas dinner. We are headed downtown ( in a limo wahoo!!) to a dinner comedy theatre which should be a lot of fun. Sometimes you even get pulled on stage and they dress you in some crazy costume:)

The receptionist has even made some festive jello shooters.
Maybe my ambitious Saturday should be moved to Sunday lol!

I'm finally feeling the end is near with this cold. I've been juicing a lot, especially with ginger!

It even has it's own glass with a black bat on it! Cool! No, there was no extra cheer in my juice:)

The other day I got home at 8pm so it was a packaged dinner. Ya i know it's shunned upon not the greatest to eat food from a bag but I think in this case my choice wasn't too shocking.

This was okay. I would have liked more beans and veggies in there (duh). Isn't that always the case with food from a package? That's why it's only in desperate situations that I eat it.

Do you guys have your go-to packaged food if you are desperate?

I've been thinking about ways to jazz up my salad and then Torri mentioned Averie's taco meat.  I actually had everything on hand to make it. Love it when that happens.

I used 1/2 cup almonds, 1/4 cup cashews, and 1/4 cup sunflower seeds. I wanted to see what kind of consistency this combo would give. It tasted amazing but it didn't really stick together. I don't really care if it sticks together or not as long as it brings a good flavour to the dish...and it did:)

I used it on my salad last night..along with musclun salad mix, broccoli, kohlrabi, pickled beets, and nooch. Weird combo, yes, but a delicious one at that!! I topped the veggies with a healthy serving of miso-ginger dressing. Simply add equal parts tahini and miso, grate in some ginger, add in some fresh lemon juice, sprinkle in some S&P, and voila a delish dressing.

My favorite!

This was an awesome dinner! Lot's of flavors and textures which surprisingly melded well together.  I'm repeating this for lunch today.

Switching gears for a second..Let's talk hair.

My hair can handle most shampoos. I try to stick to the organic brands but if I'm away I will use whatever is available.

But that has changed...

I bought a different, expensive shampoo and my hair looked like I just rubbed oil through it. Horrible!
I had to get a different brand because I couldn't handle it again.

Could the chemistry of my hair change? Have you ever had this happen before? I'm stumped.

I was desperate and looking for any shampoo, chemicals and all, then I found this...

Look actually says vegan formula on the FRONT text. How cool is that? 
You do indeed vote with your dollar..and this company is listening!

And it actually works with my hair!! Hallelujah!!! I'm excited that some of the regular shampoo companies are providing healthier versions that still work.

I'm off to eat lunch and prepare for the Christmas party...stories coming Monday:) Have a great weekend!!


Kris | said...

OMG, I must try this shampoo!!! I love the natural lines, don't you?

I can't wait to hear about all your stories from the good ol crazy christmas party!! I love christmas parties!

Mmmm this salad looks killer!


Anonymous said...

Weird, I was JUST looking a bottle of conditioner of this last night. It's a bottle I bought a while back and can't use. It smells awesome, unfortunately, was way too heavy for my hair. Too bad you didn't live closer I could give it to you!

Hey, glad you tried out the taco "meat". Isn't it so satisfying? there's another recipe Averie has on there for un-chicky pate or something, I'm going to make that next.

griffen said...

your salad looks so friggen awesome. oh my, i want some pickled beets!

griffen said...

your salad looks so friggen awesome. oh my, i want some pickled beets!

Lori said...

True story: I started eating raw and 3 months later my hair started to get curly- from STICK straight to curly. Weird stuff. I totally think nutrition can effect EVERYTHING.

Your salad and dressing look DELICIOUS!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Hope you had a fun weekend and got all your prep for the holidays done. I can't believe its almost here!

And I agree - packaged stuff is sometimes a necessity, but never near as good. Love Amy's products the best out of that stuff though.

Melissa said...

Hey Kris - I totally forgot to share about the Christmas party in my post..I'll have to give it it's own I guess lol! The natural line is AWESOME!!

Hey Torri - Rats about the frustrating!! Yes,we should have a swap one time over coffee:) Yes, the taco meat was awesome!!!

Hey Griffen - Pickled beets rock :)

Hey Lori - OMG that's crazy about your hair!!! Definitely I think nutrition is involved:)

Hey Tina - Thanks for stopping by!! The prep went pretty all the amazing goodies are sitting in my fridge lol! Can I have a cheat week?? ha!