Friday, December 24, 2010

It's chocolate time!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

          Anyone still out there? I hope you are almost off work or are spending some quality time with your family.

My mom arrived yesterday so we got together for some shopping and we also visited my grandma. She was recently put in a care home so it was a bittersweet visit. Leaving your loved ones in the care of strangers is a very difficult thing to do but it was the right decision. My grandma has Alzheimer's disease but she is still pretty witty. With this progressive disease, she no longer speaks English, it's all low German.  As my mom is fluent it was helpful that she was there and it was a happy, laugh filled visit. Although very difficult to leaver her there:( We talked to the staff and they said that we were allowed to bring pets into her room for a visit so her dog Goldie is heading there today. I plan on bringing Oddie there as well in the near future. She actually asked me about him during our visit, referring to him as my baby:)

Going back in time a little bit. I forgot to share with you about my Christmas party at work. It was a blast!! We had a limo bus to a place called Giggle Dam. Its a comedy dinner theatre. I was a little nervous as they pick people from the crowd to take part in certain skits but luckily I just got to enjoy the show:)

I was laughing the entire time! The serving staff are awesome and they remembered your name from the minute you walk through the doors. Here are some pictures so get what I'm talking about...

The grandma in the above picture did an Elvis tribute at the end of the show. He picked an older lady from the crowd and they danced on stage together. Oh man, so hilarious!!

 Now for some chocolate!!

Some mishaped vegan peanut butter cups!! These are mighty addicting..mmm! I followed Angela's recipe and used some of my homemade graham crackers:)

Creepy Santa Claus chocolates were made. I simply melted some chocolate bars and poured it into the mold. Simple! The green Santa was white chocolate with some food coloring added. 

No words!!! These vegan Nanaimo bars are so awesome!! You will never miss the dairy-filled version!! 
Thank you Angela for allowing me to devour my all time favorite dessert:)

Toffee Cappuccino Bark inspired by the recipe in Chatelaine Magazine. This stuff is SO good. I gave some to my assistant and she raved about it! So easy to make too. So, if you are in a pinch and need to bring something to Christmas dinner..make these!

The underside!! White and dark chocolate swirls:) Reminds me I need to make more for tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!! I'm cleaning the house and about to go grab some groceries for dinner tonight with my mom. Talk about last minute Larry over here ha! 
I'll be back tonight with some holiday wishes!!

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HiHoRosie said... want chocolate! :) And I remember seeing those nanaimo on Angela's blog - hers and yours looks yummers! I'll have to try them soon. That dinner theater looks like a hoot! Glad you had a good time (I would've been paranoid that they would pick me too). Merry Christmas, Melissa!