Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday all!!

       How was your weekend? Anyone do some Black Friday shopping? As you know I'm in Canada, so we don't get the crazy deals like my American friends. Yet, every store here on the weekend was having some sort of Black Friday rivalry sale. I did take part but only for some winter boots, nothing too picture worthy there.
Besides shopping, I got so much stuff done this weekend and it felt good to be so efficient.

Application in -check


Homework- a half a check

Clean bachelor suite- check

Garden clean-up - check

Drop off clothes/housewares to charity - check

Hubby fix oil leak in my car- big check:)

Spend some quality time laughing with friends because of this - check

Make two soups - check

Phew!! Lots going on and some big things checked off my to-do list. I like getting things done now so that I can move on and have fun later. Don't you agree? 

Moving on from my brag fest, what do you think about the new look? I think it looks a lot "cleaner" and brighter! I didn't change it sooner because I thought it was going to be a lot of work but it actually wasn't too bad. I had to google for a tutorial but all went smoothly so I'm happy:) Let me know what you think!

The other day at the grocery store I sort of went a little crazy in the tea aisle. I was set on trying
some new flavors as my tea stash was getting really low.
First up, Candy Cane Lane tea. I saw this crazy tea flavor featured on Katie's blog and thought I would give it a shot. Even though I was quite skeptical. Verdict? It's AWESOME!
 If you aren't in the Christmas spirit yet, one sip of this tea will transform you!

Mmm..ginger peach, chocolaty chai, and jasmine green tea!
 I like them all but the ginger peach has to be my fave.

    Good timing too as Thursday I woke up to this.....

A winter wonderland in my backyard!

Oddie's first experience with snow. It was pretty hilarious watching him play around and even roll in the snow

As I ended up working from home for half the day, it was the perfect time to make spaghetti sauce! I roughly based my sauce on Kathy's recipe and adjusted the spices to taste.
Why on earth is there romaine in my pasta bowl? Well I had a salad before I got to the pasta, and I had a few pieces of lettuce left in my bowl and decided to try it with the pasta and sauce on top. It actually was pretty good. Lots of different textures. You can say weird here if you like:) That slim piece of bread WAS a piece of garlic toast. Yum!! Just take a piece of friend bread, slather on some vegan spread, sprinkle on some garlic powder, and your favorite cheese. Broil for a couple minutes. Delish!
I like to always have some sort of salad with a meal. Here it is romaine, mushrooms, and collards in a balsamic dressing.

The hubby's version with goat cheese feta and sunflower seeds

That's all for today folks!!! Have a great rest of your Monday.I'll be back soon to share with you some great soups and whatever else I concoct in the Kitchie. Until then, Oddie says hi.....


Lauren said...

Hey Melissa! So good to hear from you...and I really love your new layout! The white is so pretty. And I love the bigger pictures and the nice.
It's great that you had such a productive weekend- I also spent a lot of time cleaning and donating old things. I'm in the middle of a massive apartment purge right now and I'm not quite done yet, but it feels so good to just do it, doesn't it?
Love that last picture of Oddie. It looks like it belongs in an advertisement for something. Such a little cutie!

Melissa said...

Hey Lauren - Hello doll!! So happy to have you around the sphere again:) Aren't purge's the best? I love getting rid of stuff that I don't need! Thanks for the Oddie love..he does look very handsome in that picture:)

Katie said...

I love the new layout! You are definitely right about it looking cleaner and more crisp. I have no idea how to do stuff like this...I want to change mine, but laziness and lack of inertia stop me.

Dang, you got some stuff done!! That tea is so good.

Chocolate chai sounds like it would be my cup of...ahem..tea. :)

bitt said...

I am craving spaghetti now. :-)

Love the new look! I like white or lighter backgrounds on blogs. And bigger pictures are always a plus. Specially if they are of cute kitties. Oddie in the snow is super cute.

Nelly said...

damn i wanna snuggle with mister oddie!!!

i'm i love me bowls of spaghetti...yummers!!!

and i always have salad with every's a must...


Anonymous said...

I like the layout! It's funny how you guys can get so much snow and downtown we have nothing!


Laury@TheFitnessDish said...

I am absolutely AWWWWWWWWWWWing over here from that kitty picture...and in the snow, OMG--HOW CUTE!!!!!!!

That candy cane tea looks so good! And it's decaff so I can have it!!! Yey!!!

Love the new look on your blog!! Have been so busy trying to catch up on my reading now! Looks so great and clean!!!!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh- LOVE the new look! A lot!
And, I LOVE that peppermint "candy cane" tea! I went through the first box in 1 week... yum.

Your kitty is absolutely adorable! And damn, that's a lot of snow... already.

Melissa said...

Hey Katie - You can totally change your look if you is your friend! The chai chocolate is pretty good..I think it would be better with almond milk though

Hey Aimee - There is nothing quite like pasta and tomato sauce..cooked or raw!
Thanks for the blog and oddie love too:)

Hey Nelly - There is a little rebel behind that smile lol! But he is quite the sweetheart.
Yes salad with every meal is such a great habit!

Hey Torri - You got no snow..too funny!! It's your turn next time:)

Hey Laury - Te he..Oddie loves attention..and rolling in snow apparently:)
You MUST try that will love it!
Thanks for catching up...I know it's hard to do:)

Hey Lori - Thanks for the blog love:) As for the tea..I know have my lab assistant addicted too!
Yes, the snow was crazy but it was gone by morning...welcome to the west coast!

HiHoRosie said...

Oh my gosh! That last pic of Oddie is just too adorable! His little fuzz face is so sweet! And hey, there's nothing wrong with mixing leftover romaine/salad with spaghetti. ;) You picked up some lovely teas. Sounds cozy right now. And you got more snow?! So pretty but we missed out on that down here.

HiHoRosie said...

PS Love the new look! Love it love it! And I keep staring at Oddie....