Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a dash of this, a dash of that

Happy Wednesday!

        Happy Thanksgiving eve to all my American friends. All the delicious posts that are popping up around the sphere are making me drool! As we have already celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada, I'm looking forward to using some of those recipes at Christmas time.

So, are you guys loving my erratic blogging these days? Me neither. I'm up to my ears with paperwork and such for my school application and it requires my utmost attention so the blog is lower on the priority list right now. I've almost got everything together and thanks to a great friend (you know who you are!!!), I'm feeling confident with my entry. I've been on the phone everyday making sure all the paperwork is going to get to the school on time. Seriously, this has been such a thorn in my side. Who knew it would take so much effort to get your grades from university. Lesson learned.

Now that it's getting colder out, much colder, it's time to winterize the garden. I haven't done a lot but I need to get on it soon before it really gets to be winter around here. They are calling for one of the worst winters in 55 years in my neck of the woods!! Considering we have already had snow, they may be right! I harvested some broad beans and dried out the seeds so I can plant them next season. 

 Beautiful color!

 Even the cat's were intrigued. Nemo from afar..

 Oddie from up close:)

Do you harvest seeds for next years crop? 
I harvested these beans,cilantro seeds, and some butternut squash seeds.

Are you excited for citrus season? I love all citrus so I am pretty excited to dig in.

 Mmm so juicy and sweet!

 itty bitty!

 I saw organic mandarins last year but they were so expensive. This year they are almost the same price as the regular mandarins!! Love that!

Now for some breakie. I am toast girl. I LOVE my sprouted Silver Hills bread with almond butter but I know variety is important. So, I used a different base for my nut butter topping.

 Apples and dates!

Toppings! Shredded coconut, chia seeds, and almond butter. So, so good!

What have you changed around in your breakie lately?

Now for something warming! It's crazy cold in my house right now as we need to get the gas fireplace fixed...still! Of course we decide to switch fireplaces during the coldest winter. Good plan! That also means fireplace companies are booked for days in advance and so we have to wait until Friday to have a guy come out and look at it. Let's hope for the best!

I was drooling at Angela' blog on her Thanksgiving ideas post and saw a soup recipe that I wanted to try. Holiday Soup For The Soul sounded like the perfect soup to unthaw to.

 I was out of quinoa so I used a wild rice blend

That's a whale of a zucchini, hey? It's from my uncles garden and I'll be eating from it for a year:)
The greens I used were collards as I didn't have spinach on hand.

Mmm..thick and chunky!! Perfecto!

I am handing my application in on Friday and then I'm getting immersed in all things Christmas!! So excited!!

Are you getting ready for the holiday season already or is it still too early to be bringing out the tinsel and lights? 

Have a wonderful night everyone!!


Angela (the diet book junkie) said...

egads, don't talk about the snow! i'm visiting Canada for the whole month of december and i'm not sure how i'm gonna survive. (it was +27 in Sydney today!!)

at least we'll have mandarin oranges. those things are the best! :)

bitt said...

That's awesome you grew your own beans! The kitties are so interested. Foucault loves beans too. And bugs.

I am excited for citrus season. We got some satsumas and valencias yesterday and they were delicious.

HiHoRosie said...

You got some good eats there girlie! Yum! And yes, we do harvest seeds for next year. And we're getting the same prediction about winter here too (well, we are only 3 hours apart...). The first snow was fun so I hope it snows again. :) Love seeing your furbabies - so cute!

Melissa said...

Hey Angela - Oh my that will be quite the change. Enjoy your time here! YAY for mandarins!

Hey Aimee - I need to try those satsuma's. It's crazy how many different kinds of oranges there are. I'm game:)

Hey Heidi- Seed saving is great hey? What a great cost saving too! Ya now that it's raining out, I miss the white stuff!