Thursday, November 11, 2010


Happy Thursday!!

             How are you all doing? I'm still not feeling my best but I'm almost there! I am on the last hour of an intermittent fast and could not sleep past 5:30 so here I am writing to you fine folks:) Why does this always happen on my days off? I better plan more strategically next time.

Today is a very special day in our's Remembrance Day!  

Past and present many men and women have dedicated their lives to creating peace for our world and I wish I could thank every one of them. I'm not just talking Canadian soldiers either! Just because it's remembrance day here doesn't mean we don't honor all soldiers around the world!

To those loved ones who have lost, I pray for peace in your heart

To children who have lost a mother or a farther, they really were true superheros!

To wives/husbands who have spouses out in battle, I pray for a safe homecoming!

To veterans thank you for your sacrifice and for facing so many atrocities so that we may live in peace . I never will forget you!

To those soldiers facing the battles of the world today, I pray for your safety! You make my world a better place and I am forever grateful!

Do you have a relative who is currently in battle or one who battled a past war?

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