Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 years

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well:) I'm pretty good and keeping busy as I've taken on another person's job this week while they are away on vacation. I had a fun time on the weekend getting my last stash of blueberries picked. I ended up picking 36lbs of berries and I'm finally able to freeze some even though the blueberry monster (hubby) is catching up! Ry and I also had a fun time walking around down town looking at designs for our tattoes:) More to come on that later! On Saturday night I watched Sex and the City 2 as I hadn't seen it yet. I thought it was pretty good and more applicable to me as a married lady:)
Speaking of marriage...It was my (our) 2 year anniversary yesterday! 2 whole years we have been married and together for 5. WOW!! Where does the time go. I went to the mall after work hoping to find these jeans that the hubs has been wanting (he is pickier about clothes than me!). I was on the phone with my mom while I was getting out of the car and because it's habit, I locked the doors. Well, my keys were inside:( So, I had to wait around the mall for over 2 hours. Ps I don't like the mall haha! I bought Ryan some jeans (which I will be returning..told you he was picky lol!) ,picked up some bananas and raisins as I was out, then headed to Starbucks for tea. It actually was nice and relaxing plus I got to talk to Annette as she had called to wish us a happy anniversary. She is so awesome! After Ryan came and bailed me out, we went for din din and then I grabbed a rice milk ice cream on the way home (Ry got DQ). Dinner was ok but I wasn't too impressed by my pasta dish. I'm thinking I'm going to cook up a big meal this weekend to celebrate again because a Monday celebration isn't the same as a Saturday one (on a long weekend:).
I thought today I would share with you some photos of our wedding and such! Hope you don't mind:) I LOVE our photos as they capture who we are completely! My beautiful friend Erica did our photos and I'm so glad she did!

The vows! We each wrote our own vows. I was BLOWN away by Ryan's vows..so amazing!

My beautiful flowers that my bestie made! She is so talented:)

Yes, it takes this many ladies to do up a dress..the next picture will tell you why!

I really wanted a lace-up back...and I sure got it:)
tie lesson!

This is "the truck"- Ryan's first love lol!

One of my favorite pictures!

These handsome guys are my second cousins and they did a fantastic job greeting everyone walking into the garden!

Another second cousin! This little cutie was my ring bearer. I think it's so awesome that we used a piece of wood to hold our rings because it's a very profound piece of of our lives.

Did I tell you I was a crier?

My grandma and my mom:)

The rings!

The Kiss!

The hubby's family

My family!

This was right before we were to enter for dinner! Nearly forgot to take photos with my mom!!

The lanterns the guys put up! The drapery that I found in a thrift shop!

The yummy cake!
The first dance! I was telling Ry to move around the dance floor but I should have just let it be because now I only remember bossing him around lol!

What an amazing two years! Albeit with many bumbs along the way, yet I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here's to never stopping to dream! Love ya babe!


Maggie said...

OOOh that was so sweet. Your friend Erica is so talented because those pics almost brought me to tears. I'm a crier too! :) You both look so beautiful and happy. Happy Anniversary to you both! Have fun celebrating again on Saturday :D

Laury @The FitnessDish said...

36 lbs of Bloobs!! Woah!!

Happy Anniversary!!! You looked STUNNING on your wedding day!! I adore the dress!! Our 2 year was last May!! 2008 was a great year :-)

Katie said...

Wow. Those are beautiful photos!!

I love the truck especially, and the cake and lanterns and your dress and the bridesmaid dresses...okay, I love the whole thing. :)


HiHoRosie said...

Such a gorgeous bride! Ry scored! ;) Beautiful wedding and you have a very large family! lol!

Happy anniversary! May you continue to grow in love with each other.

bitt said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for sharing some pics.

Nelly said...

awww...i think i cried throughout the entire blog!!! wow! amazing pics...and both you and ry are hotties...hands down!!!

thanks for sharing your beautiful day with us...

curious...what was your wedding song?

Cosmic said...

Congrats to you both, you look beautiful(Really lovely photos:)!


Cosmic said...

Truly, madly, deeply by Savage Garden!


evergreen said...

So beautiful...you were(and still are) radiant! **sniff**, I always cry tears of happiness at weddings:) Happy Anniversary, and wishing you many, many more!

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I've never been one to day dream of my wedding but never get tired of looking at other people's wedding photos (is that weird?). Beeee you tee ful.

Melissa said...

Maggie,Laury,Katie,Heidi,Aimee, Nelly, cosmic, Angela, and Meghan..thank you so much for all your AMAZING comments! You are all so awesome:)