Friday, August 27, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered!

Happy Friday everyone!!

Hope you are having a rockin' day! Besides the rain, I'm feeling a bit better today. I was having a major self-sabotaging day yesterday! Not good! I'm in the midst of getting my ND school applications completed and let that little voice inside that said "you're no good, you are not going to make it"take over and drag me really down! I didn't even want to talk about it with the hubby and he was feeling at a loss! Finally, I let it all out to him at 6:20 in the morning and it felt super good to recognize it and release it! Applying to get into naturopathic school is more scary for me right now than exciting because I'm following my doubt, rather than the passion and belief in myself. I've done this my entire life..but I plan to stop that NOW! It's time I realize I can do this and anything else I want to do in this short life. So....


I feel better already! Aren't uplifting messages better in a rainbow of colors? LOL!
I was just checking out my weekly email from Kris at Crazy Sexy life and on her love list was a site called The Daily Love. The site sends you a love message each cool is that? You can never get enough love!

I mentioned I was off to see my naturopath this week. My doctor rocks! Ryan and I have gone to see him for over two years now and I have learned a LOT. I'm always picking his brain and asking questions (ND in training over here!). Besically I'm always asking the "why" questions. And he graciously answers them:) He knows that I want to go to naturopathic school too so he shares a lot of his insight with me and I'm very grateful for that.

Usually I'm in the office for prolo or PRP for my knees but they have been strong (YAY!!) and so I finally decided to tackle my aunt flo problems. He tested me in many different areas and discovered that I have too much xenoestrogen in my system and my liver doesn't recognize this estrogen mimicker. Yes, these suckers can bind specifically to estrogen receptors and cause a whole heap of disasters with the reproductive system and much more.

Xenoestrogens are, according to natural news, are foreign or not-made-in- nature estrogens that are found in pesticides, many plastics, dairy products, meats, and scented products such as laundry soaps.


The doc and I had a talk and he was telling me just how bad xeno's are! One of the main xenoestrogen he was chit chatting about was phthalates which are also called plasticizers.
Then he got onto the topic of cling-wrap. Yes, I do use it from time to time and I also have plastic lunch containers. Because it's so think and pliable..lots of chemicals in there! Plus if it at all gets warm this is when it releases all the bad demons into the food it is touching.

This was a huge wake up call for me and the plastics around my house! They are just no good even if they don't get warm! I'm planning on placing an order for some better options.

What do you use for lunches and on-the-go containers?

As for the doc, he placed me on a protocol of some natural goodies to get my hormones back on track and to help my liver rid itself of the toxins it is holding onto.

Evening primrose oil, Unda #10 (female reproductive system), Unda #1000 (thyroid and parathyroid degeneration), and Unda # 243 (hepatic conditions).

The goodies in Unda # 243 for hepatic (liver) function

Sarge said that I might notice a difference on my first cycle or, if I'm pretty toxic, it may take 2-3 cycles. I'll keep you posted! PS This is my protocol after the doc did a bunch of testing on me so please don't start taking these if aunt flo is driving you nuts. Check with your physician/ND first!

Have an awesome weekend! I actually have very few plans and I'm A-ok with that! I'm doing my final blueberry picking tomorrow (this time I am actually going to freeze some!) and on Sunday we might go to Grouse Mountain, other than that I am just going to enjoy being at home for once:) Maybe get a little crazy in the kitchie??? Well, of course!! XOXO


Laury@The Fitness Dish said...

I have heard of xeno's bad stuff!!! Thats so cool that you are going to be a naturopath!! I look forward to all your awesome info :-)

Master your Metabolism gets into the topics of plastics a lot!! Theres a safe list of cling wrap and toxic list....forget which was on what, but it was because of the natural estrogen and other toxic chemicals.

I usually use my pyrex glass to-go containers!

Kris | said...

Hey Doll!!

First off congrats on getting everything off your chest and back onto your passion! You can do anything and you are helping us all with your inspiration and spirit!

ok.....this is so interesting what you found out at your appt!!!

My naturopath uses the same unda's and products!
Hmmm I have a major issue with "that time" and my skin because of the hormones! Hmmmm might be the plastic! WTF, who knew?!


HiHoRosie said...

Love that flower pic - gorgeous! And great attitude! You can do anything and your deserve it! Good for you for getting your health in tip-top shape. And agree that plastic is bad bad news. We still have plastic around here but have reduced quite a bit of it over the last couple of years. And you are going to be rockin' ND! So happy for you!

Maggie said...

Melissa you are awesome, confident and beautiful! Just had to put it out there :) I'm glad you are going for your ND, rather than doubting yourself. What school on the mainland teaches it?

Very interesting stuff you learned at your naturopath, thanks for sharing it. My sis has lots of problems with her cycle, maybe I'll recommend she goes and see's one, since her GP does nothing for her.

Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

bitt said...

plastic and melting--ick! i use stainless steel for most to-go meals. and glass at home. sometimes the top is plastic but it doesn't touch the food.

i hope the treatments help you.

evergreen said...

The beginning of your post brought this quote to mind:

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right."
— Henry Ford

Glad that you have a great ND to help and inspire you:)

For my almost daily to-go meals I love my stainless steel tiffins:)

Melissa said...

Hey Laury!!- thanks for your info and the book you talked about, I definitely need to check it out:)
thanks for the pyrex recommendation too!

Hey Kris!! - Thank you hun for the support and love...appreciate it:) Yes, the plastic affecting my "time" was a huge slap in the totally woke me up and got me out of the mentality of "that won't happen to me" And yay for Unda!!!

Hey Heidi - thank you for cheering me on!! It really helps a lot as I navigate this crazy path!! That's awesome that you have reduced your plastics! I'm doing a major overhaul soon...and I'm super excited:)

Maggie - you brought me tears girl:) thank you for such kind words. The school I'm applying to is Boucher in New Westminster.
Your sister should totally go see an ND! My MD simply wanted to put me on the made me craZY!! So I dropped it. I love working with my body in natural ways so I'm really excited to give this treatment a shot.

Hey Aimee - I know..the plastic melting...AHHH! Scary!!!

Hey Angela - I LOVE that quote and it puts so much in perspective!! thank you doll!
I'm off to check out tiffins..thank you:)