Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kitchie Adventures Part 2

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm going to admit I'm feeling pretty low today. There area a bunch of things on my mind that are dragging me down and I'm failing at pulling myself out of the rut. I feel like I need a good ole crying session...or is that just self pity? Anyways, I'll get through it and life always works itself out. I just need to have more faith! Another bummer was that I didn't place in the contest. Thank you all who voted and cheered me on. You rock! It's okay though as I gained a whole ton of knowledge and self confidence that I lacked before. And guess what? I'm going to join in on the next contest and rock it again because the experience is awesome!

Okay I just walked away from my desk for a second and I was thinking about the kombucha I had growing on my counter and it hit me...I forgot to add the sugar!! Oh man, what a scatter brain I am lately. What do I do now? The scoby has nothing to use to ferment with so I guess I need to start all over? BLAHH! I noticed that one jar was already growing a baby. So..should I add some sugar to it or start all over? Any suggestions would be awesome..thanks:)

Speaking of kombucha, I did actually some the right way LOL! And it is AWESOME stuff!

Mmmm fizzy fizz fizz! Getting ready to go into my uber cool beer bottles!

Ready for a second fermentation! I sat these bottles out on the counter for another 24 hours to increase the effervescence (cool word, hey?)

My split up scobies and newly bottled bouch!! Ready for round 2!

I'm really excited to experiment with different flavors. I read that you can use rooibos tea for a herbal kombucha tea! I also want to try a flavor that I heard is amazing- ginger peach!

What's your favorite tea to use when brewing kombucha?

What's your favorite flavor?

Now time for a little choc-o-late!

Have you ever seen so many spoons? Ha!

Some key players in my chocolate - chia seeds, bee pollen, and flax seeds!

The ground up version! And yes, that is my coffee grinder:)

The ooey gooey goodness for the chocolates which includes the above mixtures with some almond butter, sea salt, and honey. To see further info on this recipe check out my previous post.

I used my plastic ice cube tray (I know, I know I need to get something better!) filled the trays half full with coconut oil chocolate which I then placed in the freezer. Once it was set, I added as much ooey gooey filling as would allow. Then I placed more coconut oil chocolate on top and put them back in the freezer to set.

The lone Ranger! As you can see they almost all disappeared before I could snap a pict.
Mmmm so good and provides amazing nutrition for a chocolate bar!
So, there you have it, my latest kitchie adventures:) Hope you are having fun in the kitchen and creating some amazing, healthy eats! Up visit to the naturopath and why I'm throwing away my cling-wrap!
PS What are your favorite non-plastic containers to use for lunches and such?
PPS Tell me your favorite places to visit in Florida and California...there is a possible vacation trip coming up:)
Have a great day everyone!! I'm grateful for you all:)


Maggie said...

I'm sorry your having a bummer day for all those reasons you mentioned and the one's you didn't mention :( *hugs*

I use these small glass bowl containers that have lids...I have about 5 of them and they sit inside each other when storing them. The biggest one could hold a good meal for 4 people and the smallest one could hold a handful of seeds/nuts. :)

Ps Your chocolate looks delicious! And dont' worry about using ice cream trays, sometimes I used the bottom of muffin tins for cute round shapes :)

Laury @The FitnessDish said...

I'm sorry sunshine..I hope you feel a little better soon!!! I hate to see you down :(

I loved all the flavors of Kombucha...I am so interested in how you brew is and flavor it????

I miss that stuff

evergreen said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling low today. I say go for the cry...we need to do that sometimes! A good cry, and some yummy choccies like you made!

As far as the booch, certainly I am new at it myself, buy you could try to dissolve sugar in some boiled water and let it cool, then add it to the container with the scoby since there is already tea in it.

Glad some of it was tasty, it's fun to experiment with flavors. I know the tea should have caffeine, so I did try a couple of rooibos teabags along with mostly green and black and it was really good. My favorite flavor so far is cherry:)

HiHoRosie said...

Aw, sorry to hear you're down. {hugs} for you! Maybe it's the weather change (if it's like in Seattle - sunny and warm yesterday, cloudy and cold today).

My hubby makes the 'booch around here but think he usually uses white peony. Just a light sweet floral taste. Yummy. It would be fun to experiement with some other flavors like ginger peach. Or an orange of some sort.

Those treats you made look yummy!

I'm bummed you didn't place in the contest too but we love you all the same! You're awesome and look so great! You worked hard and it shows!

More hugs!!!

Mary @ Bites and Bliss said...

Sorry you had a bad day! Hopefully today's going much better for you. :)

I've never tried Kombucha but it looks interesting! And the chocolate bars look ammaazing :)

bitt said...

chocolate looks GOOOOD. gimme some.

we use tiffins for a light weight travel food container. you can see them on my last blog post.

our rooibos kombucha experience was a major fail. but it might work for you. let me know if it does.

as for flavors, i have tried ginger and vanilla. both were great!