Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gentle Barn

Good Morning everyone!!

  How are we doing this fine Thursday?  I'm pretty good. I finally caught up on some sleep last night. I was dozing off at 7pm last night..albeit to my chemistry text..but still! I went to bed at 9 versus 11 and was even able to get up earlier than normal too!

I try to get to work an hour early a couple times a week so that I can get some studying done. This way if something comes up more interesting than studying changing diapers, scrubbing the tub, pushups...then at least I've done some work already:)

I'm on the last assignment for my organic chem class (hallelujah) but then I have to re-do a first year chemistry class that I apparently did horribly on. All this time I thought the organic chem grade was the problem...well there goes a LARGE chunk of change down the toilet. Yet, knowledge is power, right? Ughh

It's very strange to go back and re-do a class. I seriously don't remember ANYTHING from organic chem. Everything I learned was so foreign. Strange how the brain rids itself of that useless  info but where does it go? Any Psychology majors in the audience?

I'm going back even further to first year chemistry for this next class so I pretty much will be learning it AGAIN for the first time. Good fun!

Speaking of changing diapers, Ry and I babysat on Tuesday night! We gave our good friends a Christmas gift that I thought any parent would enjoy - date night. We babysat while they enjoyed a night out at the movies!

There were lots of laughs! Our godson loves when we visit, especially Ryan. He goes crazy and has to show Ry EVERYTHING new since our last visit. His dad told him we were coming and said that Ry would give him his bath.  So what does he do the minute Ryan walks through the door? He drags him upstairs and starts the water. So cute!!! He even asked me to come sit next to him so we could eat our salads together:)

They are great kids and we didn't have any issues putting them to bed. Their parents have done a great job with scheduling and being consistent..and it shows! Tina was even talking about this the other day.


Now to change topics a little bit...I saw a tear-jerker on youtube this morning. My friend Paula posted it to her facebook page. Paula is awesome! She has rescued so many animals and so she's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rescue organizations, pet care, and animal welfare! I emailed her when Mr. Oddie was so sick and she helped me out a lot and provided lots of support:)

Now look at him:

Don't let that peaceful face fool you...he's a typical teenager lol!

Keeping a watchful eye! Oddie likes to play pounce-on-Nemo...a lot!

 Where was I? Oh right, the video. Well, it was from Gentle Barn an amazing non-profit organization that rescues farm and domestic animals. They don't stop there! They also have programs to help at-risk youth, special needs, and school children develop higher self esteem and learn from a more positive example. The animals are the teachers! I think that animals are amazing teachers and healers. Just look at the pet therapy programs in seniors homes or even dog rehabilitation programs in prisons. They are huge successes! In BC we have a program in women's prisons where they help to rehabilitate troubled dogs! In fact, after finding out the nursing home where my grandma resides does not have visits from therapy animals, I'm considering taking Nemo to a consulation with Pets and Friends. They train pets and owners so they can take part in pet visistation at various institutions! How amazing would that be?

Back to the video...The video that Paula posted featured a cow that was rescued and was crying for her new-born calf....and lets just say there is a happy ending:) check it out here. Sorry they wouldn't let me embed the video!

I had tears welling up big time!! It gives a little taste of what it must be like to mother cows who are seperated so quickly from their calf in many dairy operations. I have this wish that one day we will live on an acreage and can be the forever home to rescued farm animals:) 

Have a great day everyone. Thanks for listening to me ramble on today:)

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Paula said...

I'm glad you liked the happy ending video, Melissa! It's nice to see that, especially knowing how rare it must be for mom and baby to get to stay together. The Gentle Barn is great! I know what you mean about wanting an acreage to fill with homeless animals....that's our dream too :) Someday!
Oddie is seriously cute - lucky for him that makes up for all the trouble teenage kitties can cause! Kittens are adorable, but it's nice when they settle down as adults too, eh?

Kris | said...

Hi Beautiful!! I wanted to come by and tell you how freaking wonderful I think you are :)

I love reading your passion come through in your posts and in the stuff you have been learning lately. You are an inspiration to us all!!


Tori @ said...

OMG I LOVE that 2nd pic!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I take a TON of pics (and post them) of my dog....probably too many, but he's my kid! :) for now....

Melissa said...

Hey Paula - Yes that video was awesome!! Just watching the mamma cow call out..amazing! Yay!! I can't wait to have acreage..something to dream about:)
Oh yes, Mr. Oddie definitely melts you even after all the crazy things he does lol!

Hey Kris - Wow you just made my day!! Thank you so much!!

Hey Tori - Thank you for visiting:) thank you for the picture love!! They are totally my children too lol!

Erica L. Robinson said...

Hi!! I discovered your blog through Richard Mountain's, (Discovering Naturopathy), yay and congrats on becoming an ND in the future! I am currently in first year. Look forward to reading your journey!

HiHoRosie said...

Aww Oddie and Nemo - two of my favorite kitties! Love the pics!

And that video. ACK! I bawled - yeah, I know you warned me but I glad you said it had a happy ending too or I wouldn't have been able to handle it.