Monday, January 31, 2011

The beach

Hey Folks!!

         How was your weekend? I had a pretty mellow weekend. This seems to be the theme of my weekends in January. Although I did....

 Get a great visit in with my grandma (she's doing a lot better:),
 lock my keys in the car at the Seniors home (begged my cousin to drive me home)
 had lunch with a bunch of my aunts and cousin (bought said cousin lunch for driving me home)
 Bake muffins
 Walk on  the beach
 Went out for Indian Food with my in-laws and SIL
 Let Jillian kick my but again
 Juice a lot
 Discover a love for Americano's with a splash of soy milk
 Begrudgingly worked on O-chem which I still don't understand..grr
Watch Notorious even though I'm not a rap fan. Westside, Yo!!

Now that I listed my weekend I did more than I thought. I love lists:)

And now for the pictures to prove, there are no more post-Jillian pictures. You're welcome:)

This was fantastic! I don't normally add apple to my juices. I stick mainly with veggie-only but this was a nice, refreshing change.

This was the above juice without the apple but with ginger and cucumber added in! I made it last night and took it to work this morning. It was so awesome to have juice at work!
I think I will be making this a Sunday night habit.

Now for the beach...

Oh why not start the walk with a piece of heaven.
 This Dark Almond Brittle from Roger's Chocolates was awesome!

Welcome to White Rock!!

There is actually a large (painted) white rock..cheesy, yes! Cool? You bet!

It was beautiful out. Lots of sun but it was still really chilly on the pier!

Mt. Baker just barely visible but still stunning:)

I love the look of this old girl!

Have a great day everyone!!! I'm off to think about what to make for din din.

For the rest of the week I'm making a list of recipes and shopping accordingly. Does this work for you?



Hayley said...

So glad to hear your grandma is doing better :) That must be a really hard situation for you to deal with, but I'm happy that there is improvement.
And that you are keeping busy and doing lots of fun activities. I'm so jealous of your juice! I want a juicer :) It looks so good.
Your pics are beautiful as always, and so are you! xox

bitt said...

Glad grandma is better. I bet she loves that you can come visit.

Your pictures are great. Makes me want to come for a visit.

griffen said...

I'm glad your grandma is doing better.

I love apple in my juices by the way, but I do mainly stick with only veggie as well. I love the white rock so funny.

Nelly said...

so happy to hear that your granny is doing better...

i always seem to leave/lock my keys somewhere i'm not suppose to...

and wow, you're so lucky to live where you beautiful and sunny...i wish! i'm bracing myself for this huge snow storm that is suppose to hit us today and tomorrow...wish me luck!

ahhhh! almost forgot! i received the jillian 30 day shred yesterday, will most likely let her kick my butt tonight!

hope you had an amazing din din!!!

Olivia said...

Your carrot juice looks Soo good! And I'm so glad I found your blog;) Your photography skills are truly stunning!

(what runs) Lori said...

Oh wow! What amazing pictures of the beach- and you. It's so beautiful!

And that carrot juice just made me really thirsty for some green juice lovin'!

Melissa said...

Hey HAyley - What a sweet comment. Thank you hun. With my Grandma its day by day and so you just have to cherish the good ones:)

Hey Bitt - Yes, my grandma had a huge smile on her face which was nice to see:) Yes, you definitely need to come for a visit:)

Hey Griffen - Great minds juice alike lol!! Yes, the white rock is too funny but the tourists love it:)

Hey Nelly - Hope everything is okay over there!! Hopefully it lead to a snow day:) Wahoo!! congrats on getting the DVD's let me know how it goes:)

Hey Olivia - Welcome!! Thank you for the photo love. I'm just starting out and playing around A LOT. Love doing it though:)

Hey Lori - Thanks girl!! I'm so into juicing (versus smoothies) right now and I'm loving it!!

Kayla (Little Miss Healthify) said...

Such gorgeous photos! The juice looks amazing, apples and carrots must be so tasty in juice!