Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Big Day

Hello All,

    Happy New Year!! I took a little break from writing as the hubby had some days off and I wanted to take full advantage of them as I know we will be back to our busy schedules soon enough:)

Now for some exciting news...Ry and I have decided to expand our little family to include one more:) No, we are not planning on having babies just yet. But we are getting a dog, most likely a puppy:) I'm so excited. Ryan says I ask him every week if we can get a dog. I don't remember if this is the case, but I don't doubt it lol.

We have been researching breeds and searching the SPCA and for our future pup. I also had a good conversation with some shelter workers yesterday as to what types of dogs would suit our lifestyle. We are looking for a larger breed to take hiking, running,and camping with us. The pup will also need to love the boys as they rule the roost!!!

The shelter workers said the best bet for us would be to get a puppy (any breed ) and socialize it really well with other animals, people, children etc. Ryan and I both agreed to this logic but we are still going to look at all ages of dogs in our local shelters.

The shelter I went to didn't have any dogs that would be suitable for us. Yet I wanted to take all of them home:( I also visited the cat room and was happy to see that they were not overcrowded. I talked to a shelter volunteer in there for quite awhile and she got me interested in volunteering again. I applied online today and hopefully can start soon. Yay for tackling a New Years goal already:)

We have found a puppy that we are very interested in but it's located on Vancouver Island so we haven't decided if we should go or wait. I'll keep you posted:)

Besides the excitement of getting a new furry friend (eek so excited, you have no idea!!), it's a big day for me tomorrow.

 It's my interview for ND school.

It's finally here and I'm surprisingly not wanting to throw-up or come up with a fake illness to get out of going. This is huge for me!!! Such a change from previous years when I would panic and over think everything to the point of talking myself out of things. My mom asked me today if Ryan would be driving me to the school (about an hour away) and I said no..  She then went on to say how she wouldn't be able to drive as she would be so nervous. So you see, I've come a long way:)

I'm not going to lie, I'm still a bit nervous, but I also feel at peace with who I am and what I have to bring to the school as a student and future ND. And that's enough to keep my mind and body at ease. I also know a little how the interview process works and who will be involved. Ladies (and gents) I'm telling you that if school is in your future, go visit the campus and introduce yourself you learn a lot of insider information that can make the application process a lot less intimidating. I failed to do this so many times in the past but I got through my insecurity and began introducing myself to the people at Boucher who essentially hold the key to my future dream career.

In the meantime, please pray, send positive waves, and peaceful thoughts my way for tomorrow.

Sometimes it takes a tiny bit of discomfort to discover the greater comfort of becoming our true selves. ~ Tama Kieves

I'm experimenting with my diet a little bit this month and once I have a little more experience with it I'll share how it works and what my thoughts are on it. It's nothing too crazy!!

Sorry for the lack of picts, I haven't been taking many lately. The Nikon needed a breather:)
I find January a little hard as everything goes back to normal and there are no long weekends lol! Although I find it's the perfect month to do something you've always wanted to do like take a class, learn to knit, cook more, read a book etc. Because before you know it spring will be here and the garden will be calling your name:)

Have a great day everyone!!!



bitt said...

Are you kidding? That is the most awesome pic EVER!

Will your doggie be orange to match? If your insurance allows it (some don't) please consider getting a pit bull or mix. They are the first to be killed usually but they are BEST dogs. But heck, any rescued dog is awesome. i just have to put a plug in for PBs. Sienna made me do it.

SO HAPPY YOU GOT AN INTERVIEW! I know you will do great. You are so passionate I know it will show through.

Nicole said...

Adorable photo!! Congrats on the new addition to your family. Coincidentally, my husband and I just added another kitten to our family. We got him from Toronto Cat Rescue and we love him.

Good luck on the interview!

(what runs) Lori said...

So much awesome stuff already happening in your life!! A puppy! And I must say, those kitties of yours are adorable. I want a pet so bad!

Congrats and good luck with your RD stuffs! I can't wait to see what happens with this!

Melissa said...

Hey Bit - Isn't that the sweetest picture:)They slept like that all the time! We will definitely consider all breeds. I feel for the pitbulls as they are such great dogs. Around my neck of the woods lots of drug dealers have them and teach them to be aggressive and then they end up at sad. Thanks Sienna for your suggestion!!!
Thank you for the interview love!!

Hi Nicole!! - Congrats on your new kitten:) I feel bad for cats as they get shafted (in my opinion). I never was a cat person until Nemo came along..he melted me and showed me a whole different side to the felines.

Melissa said...

Hey Lori - January is a rollin' lol! Yes, I love my animals and can't wait to add a canine to the mix! If I could walk Nemo I would be happy without a dog but he doesn't fit any halters LOL!! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow:)

Laury @The FitnessDish said...

Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! How exciting!!!

I have to admit, when I first started reading this I thought you were going to say baby...but a puppy is GREAT!!! Hopefully the kitties embrace him/her. They seem like sweeties, so I am sure they will all be friends!

Good luck with everything..can't wait to hear more!!!

griffen said...

Yay for rescued animals. I hope that your new family member finds you. Best of luck =)

bitt said...

posted this post on twitter for the orange kitty pic. many liked it. who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

wow, that's exciting news about the puppy!

Also, you'll have to tell us how your interview goes!! You're probably not nervous because your heart and soul know that this is the path you should take, and nobody can convince you otherwise :-)


HiHoRosie said...

As you can tell, I'm playing catch up here but have to say that furry photo so stinkin adorable!!!!

Paula said...

That's so awesome that you guys are getting a rescue dog! It's good you're doing your homework instead of just taking home the first one that's cute (unlike us...oops!). It's hard to decide between dogs and puppies sometimes, but both are great so it's a win-win, really :)
I'm glad your kitties are getting along so well. Ours tolerate eachother but rarely cuddle like that.
Are you looking at all the different rescues around there, not just the SPCA? I've heard some pretty negative things about the SPCA lately, but there are lots of other options: A Better Life Dog Rescue, Dhana Metta, Turtle Gardens, etc. I'm sure you'll find the right fit soon!

Melissa said...

Hey Laury - Thanks hun for the support..and sorry to disappoint with the babies line lol!

Hey Torri - Your comment ROCKS thank you so much and I think you are bang on:)

Hey Griffen - Thank you and I can't wait to get a new member in the family!!

Hey Heidi - Glad you liked the photo..cute beyond words!!

Hey Paula - Thanks for all the great tips. I've been searching Petfinder and a lot of the organizations you mentioned are in there so that's nice! I'll do a google search for Dhana Metta because that one is new to me. I'm looking everyday so I hope to find the new guy/girl soon:)