Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Back in Time!

Hey Bloggies,

I've been such a slacker in the blogging department but life has been pretty busy and aunt flo's visit this month has got me down for the count..literally! It's come to the point that I'm going to see my ND because I can't take it anymore. I was so emotional this past week that I fought with Ry, cried, was constantly on edge, and repeated many times over..not fun! I also don't want to be taking pain relievers every time she comes for a visit either. I think I should get some blood testing to make sure I'm not really low on my vitamins, minerals or if something else is out of wack! If any of your ladies have found a natural solution to combat aunt flo, I'm all eyes!

Moving on, I've decided to go back and share some of my life that I haven't had a chance to share with you. This is going back to the good 'ole Nelson days. Can you believe its been nearly 3 weeks already. It already feels like our time there is a distant memory. I do have to admit that I really miss it there. I miss the vibe, the relaxed people, the walking everywhere, and the no rush hour! I was so used to having mountains literally stare at me in the face when I went outside and now I feel like I'm living in the flatlands. For those of you living in BC or have been here you know it is NOT flatlands and there are tons of mountains, its just different in Nelson. Yet, my backyard reminds me of Nelson for some reason and so I'm loving it!

Nelson Backyard!! It's nice to know we have friends up there so we can go and visit anytime!

My backyard! Not quite as big but it'll do:) I immediately feel at peace when I go out here!

I also knew I wouldn't be finding a replacement for Oso coffee here so I literally stocked up for a year lol. This is another excuse to go back up to Nelson. Yes, I'm saying I would drive 8 hours to go get! I don't even drink the stuff all the time but gosh damn it's good!

The coffee shelf in the freezer lol! It smells so good when you open the door:)

This "Prince of Darkness" roast...delish! I love their label too!

Yep they roast their own coffee beans like 5 minutes away from the cafe! Oh and its made with love too so you know its gotta be AMAZING!

Here's the little story behind the name. LOVE IT! I wish more companies had this philosophy and would give people choices to not be so "culturally removed."

I didnt talk about The Preserved Seed at all when we were in Nelson because we only went there near the end of our stay there. It is run by a group called The Twelve Tribes. I don't know much about them but they remind me of Mormons or Huterites as they live together in the same communities and work together. Super nice people and doing some great things in their cafe and bakery.

The cafe is located in an old house and its super cozy inside. I forgot to take pictures but its so nice for a afternoon tea or lunch! They grow a lot of the food served in the cafe which I really love and everything is homemade.

Love the wreath! Their main beverage served here is yerba mate. I grew up with this drink so I was very excited to try it here! I would call yerba a much stronger green tea? I love it and holy the buzz you get off the stuff is crazy..haha!

We moved up to Nelson so the hubby could attend school there (in case you didn't know the story:). Every year once the program is finished they hold an open house in the local gallery so the public can see (and even purchase) their completed works. So, this time had come and I finally got to see Ry's two big pieces in their finished form. I had heard him talk about his projects for 6 months but I never saw the final product so it was an exciting time! A lot of Ryan's family and friends had come up for the event (and to help us move the next day) so it was a great celebration. It was also a sad time because it was going to be the last time he and I would see his classmates. Hopefully we can keep in touch as they all are amazing and so talented!

I love this gallery and we would check it out all the time when we would be strolling downtown. It features great, local artists with everything from jewellery and scarves to pottery and lamps.

Ta Da..the hubby's liquor cabinet! Well it's kind of an everything cabinet but he placed the shelves at a certain hight so 40 pounders can fit in! Like we ever will have those in there but oh well..maybe some fine china one day! We got to the gallery at 7:30 and someone already was asking if it was for sale. We weren't planning on selling it but we did have a price in mind in case we were in that situation. Oh well, now we get to enjoy it in our new house:)

For some reason I don't have a picture of the finished table at the show but here it is nearly's gorgeous and fits in perfectly with the house.

This was one of their first projects at school. It's such a funky box that you could use for so many things. His Dad was the lucky receiver of this piece!

I love the little cut-out in the front and the dove tails look pretty funky too!

This was the kids chair he made! So cute and love the legs on it! Our little godson proudly has this chair in his room:)

It was very packed in the gallery so I didn't snap too many photos besides Ry's work! What can I say, I was a proud wife:) This piece was Ry's favorite and I love it as well. I would so sit at that desk and blog away! To the right of this table was a beautiful tea cabinet. I really wanted this! Cute little drawers for all the tea and room for some nice tea cups too!
I think this is all the writing I can do for now but maybe I'll sneak in another post later on today! We shall see.
Talk to you soon!


Nelly said...

nelson is such a beautiful place...but your backyard is beautiful too...may not have the mountainous view, but it's still quite lush and green...and you have a garden!!! =)

sorry about aunt flo...i know her wrath! hope your ND can help and make things better! it could also be the stress of the move and having such a long commute and the car incident. stress is huge when it comes to effecting aunt flo and what you experience. just so you're not worried. just know that what you've been through in the last 3 weeks is pretty BIG and could have a lot to do with what you've been experiencing.

i would be proud of ry too! he has created such beautiful pieces!!! i'm totally impressed and proud! haha!!!

hope you feel better girl.

evergreen said...

I can see why you feel at peace in your yard, it is beautiful:)

Thanks for sharing the photos of Ry's furniture, he is an awesome craftsman!

I do hope you can get some relief from your monthly visitor, it sounds like you had a rough time. {{{hugs}}}

bitt of raw said...

i love your pics, you always make me want to visit BC. i love woodworking too. nothing like the smell of fresh wood. nice pieces, you are right to show them off!

as for aunt flo, i have had issues off and on but less since i've been eating raw. i think the soy was messing with me. i have had acupuncture help me and chinese herbs. hope the ND helps. when I am low on iron i feel wasted and the period makes it worse. so you can get that checked. hope you feel better soon!

Melissa said...

Hey Nelly- Isn't Nelson gorgeous? Yep,total mountain town! But with all the rain here my backyard is a freakin' rainforest lol! I totally agree that with all the moving and flying and driving..its been a pretty stressful time. Its just that it happens all the time and I want to find a solution...or at least a little relief:)
Thank you so much for your sweet words about Ry's pieces!! I love that you are cute lady!

Hey Angela - Thank you for your kind comments about the yard and Ry's pieces. I really appreciate it:)I hope I can find some relief too!

Hey Bitt - BC would love to have you:)Oh man I love the smell of freshly cut wood too..ahh! Thank you for your sweet comment about Ry's pieces, appreciate it:)
Thanks for the recommendations for aunt flo relief. I will definitely get my iron tested!

aletheia said...

Melissa!! I absolutely ADORE your husband's craftsmanship!!! Wow. I'm truly in awe!

I also really really want to try Oso coffee now...well I don't drink coffee but my Mom does. And I only want the best for Mom. :D If we ever make it to the West again, we're soooo hitting up Nelson--just for the coffee! Ha!

Lots of luuuv,
Aletheia xo

nutellacube said...

oh wow, that's some really beautiful woodwork. i remember taking shop in grade six (back in bc!). like others said, i do love the smell of freshly cut wood. you made me crave that smell for a second!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about aunt flo...had a very similar experience recently..mostly with unbearable pain but I didn't want to take any medication and didn't know what to do. I tried hot water bottles on the painful areas and it helped somewhat, have you ever tried that? Also, I got acupuncture which helps after a few sessions. I hope your ND comes up with some good suggestions for you..I know how awful it is to feel that way and I really hope it gets better for you.

Your husband's work is very lovely. I love the kid's chair- so adorable! And the liquor cabinet...everything looks great. Thanks for sharing the pictures! <3

kelli said...

i too suffer miserably when aunt flo makes her rounds. the only thing that helps is ibuprofen. hope you're feeling better now!

wow, ry is very talented!!! his pieces are beautiful. lucky wifey!=)